Hometown Baghdad, four years on

Via Crooks and Liars, here’s a link to an excellent series of videos made and uploaded by young Iraqis on YouTube – Hometown Baghdad. Snippets of real life and perceptions from the ground are always very useful correctives to the insane propaganda which colours far too much of the debate over the Iraq War, which is now effectively four years old – Baghdad having fallen in early April 2003. It’s not so easy as some would claim to date the end of the regime change phase, and the beginning of the occupation, as you can see from the Wikipedia timeline. What is easy to say is that during that time, despite the ludicrous claims that Iraq is now characterised by joyous freedom of speech, we’ve heard far too little from Iraqis themselves, and far too much from the pro-war noise machine.

For a bit of context on the “security situation” in contemporary Bagdhad, here’s the latest on the progress of the “surge”.

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3 comments on “Hometown Baghdad, four years on
  1. aj says:

    You know to call them extremists when you are considered an infidel for eating a salad. Obviously the educated and professional Iraqi’s are doing alot better food and housing wise, than the lower income Iraqi’s.

  2. philip travers says:

    Yes. Those in the videos have better housing than me, but I suspect all that is a disequivalent to Australians, in that these houses may include generational support. And their diet is something that I would aspire to,except for the soft drink, but jealousy and his mate the enforcer are also in the makeup of anyone in comparison, when we …ourselves are not doing too well. They are light-hearted about the threat to themselves and that to me is a strange familiarity.

  3. Thanks for this, it is very interesting.

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