Gratuitous Paul Keating goodness

Lazy blogging afternoon! Via Crikey, it seems that PJK’s on YouTube.

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11 comments on “Gratuitous Paul Keating goodness
  1. Christine Keeler says:

    Get him on Rockwiz!

  2. Lang Mack says:

    I’d like to see Keating join the Chaser team….Imagine the look on the Rodents and others, shit I’d die happy :)…..

  3. wpd says:

    I suspect that there is a marketing opportunity here for ARALDITE.

    Keating could announce that Howard and Costello are a two-pack.

    Together they make a ePOXY mix.

  4. Christine Keeler says:

    I’d like to see Keating join the Chaser team

    Perhaps then it might be funny.

  5. Nabakov says:

    Yo folks and folkettes, just saw the opening night of the cuurent season of “Keating: The Musical” at the Comedy Theatre in Melbourne.

    Regardless of your political leanings, it’s worth a punt. The book, lyrics and music wickedly parodies classic musical, rock and pop riffs and themes, the band is v. tight yet loose, the staging is inventive (eg: brillant projected flash animation al la Terry Gulliam of Anthony Green and various pundits calling the ’93 election) and the performers are full of bounce, skill and gusto.

    And everyone gets a serve in it – from a sleazy Bob Hawke in his Australia Cup Drunken Bum Jacket opening the show (“Comfortable and relaxed? You should be. You’re 3000km away from meeting Brian Burke, heh, heh.”) to Gareth and Cheryl doing a Grease-style teen romance duet to Alexander Downer as Frank’n’Furter to John Howard trying on a range of blokey costumes to Keating doing a big Elvis adored in Vegas showstopper.

    My personal fave was Keating singing “I’m gonna do you slow” a la Barry White through the dry ice to a startled Feral Abacus.

    A beautiful set of numbers.

    For the curtain calls, they brought up the writer and composer, the director and then, yep the man himself, PJK, who had been quietly lurking in the audience. As he hit the stage, the band started up again and Paul showed he’s not too shabby at all at doing the mambo. He can still throw the switch to vaudeville. As he then pointed out, all pollies are hams at heart.

    Funny anecdote with non-gratitious breast reference time: We then kicked onto the aftershow party where Paul was occasionally signing autographs and posing for photos like an aging matinee idol. I dared my date to go up and ask him to sign her tit. And she did, the minx. He blushed, carefully ignored all the suddenly proffered pens and gave her a solid smacker on the cheek instead.

    And yes, since you ask, he was wearing an excellent suit. Too good to be Zegna. Not sure about the tie though.

    Incidentally, if you’re wondering what happened to Terry Serio, he’s playing Bob Hawke and John Howard in the show.

    Do yourself a favour etc.

  6. Aidan says:

    Nice bit of work there from rocsims, but take a look at the other vids they/he/she have (has) done.

    I loved this one:


  7. Aidan says:

    Even better!


  8. Rebekka says:

    I went to see Keating! last night also, and the man himself was there.

    He very kindly signed my ticket for me, and paid me a compliment.


  9. suz says:

    I heard this on Sydney ABC radio this afternoon and was wondering what they could possibly play to ensure political balance.

  10. Bor1s says:

    Were can I puchase the music from “Paul Keating the musical”?


  11. kevin brewer says:

    Red Symons is breakfast announcer on 3LO, ABC metropolitan radio in Melbourne, also guitarist for a rock band called Skyhooks. Remember them? He is a genius with this stuff. His latest is a theme recalling his squeaky front gate, now silent because of the rain.

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