Cyberbullies again

DeviousDiva, a pseudonymous British expat living and blogging in Greece, has been harassed by Greek nationalist bloggers, threatening to out her, for writing a series on the maltreatment of the Roma in Athens. Thankfully the major culprit blog has now decided to withdraw DD’s private details from the posts criticising her coverage of the issue, but the issue has drawn out more discussion of pseudonymity/anonymity/standing-by-your-words etc yet again.

Sheelzebub wrote on it at Pinko Feminist Hellcat and Pandagon, and there’s an amusing sidejourney into charges of hypocrisy from Vox Day well covered by Chris Clarke (also Pandagon).

Lindsay Beyerstein of Majikthise concludes:

So, thanks, racists, for calling attention to the plight of the Roma in Athens–something you were so scared the world would find out about that you tried to silence the young mother who blew the whistle.

Yep. DD was a small voice that gained some small attention. Now she’s gained a lot of attention from both traditional and new media. Will the international attention stick on the issue of the Roma? Maybe, maybe not. But thousands of people online now know about it who didn’t before because racists made threats. Jolly good own goal there, chaps.

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3 comments on “Cyberbullies again
  1. Gadget says:

    And LP’s very own horde of cyberpunks have this to say:-

  2. Leinad Yonderboy says:

    Gadget he not cutting simstim, maybe Leinad not pass on the next databrick for Toothless – read?

    Love you, Cat Mother

  3. Helen says:

    Now I’ve seen everything. Humans pretending to be spambots.

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