I remember the first time I heard John Coltrane

Trevor Hart fans will get the reference.

Following on from Mark’s Valley Jazz Festival post last night, two bands worth seeing tonight are The Sarah Collyer Trio at the Bank Vault (corner Ann St & the Brunswick St Mall) at 6pm and Dancing About Architecture at the Fringe Bar on the corner of Ann and Constance Sts at 7pm.

To get into the mood, over the fold is John Coltrane playing the sublime ‘Alabama’ on tv in 1963.

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4 comments on “I remember the first time I heard John Coltrane
  1. Tex Lumbago says:


    Well maybe no one else can, but I do.

    I was in a flat on the corner of Acland and Barkly and it was a usual sat afternoon of beer and bongs and then we put on Love Supreme and i got it.

  2. A Gnome Named Grimble Grumble says:

    “the first time i heard john coltrane”:

    “Blue Train” and “Crescent,”
    And crazy mind-bend-tricks
    (Besides, without “Blue Train,”
    You couldn’t have Hendrix),
    Elvin and Tyner and Garrison’s strings,
    These are, a, few of,
    My fa-vour-ite blurhphffgh ghrwlgj tjksopwkdnv…

  3. The Rime of the Ancient Digger says:

    Aye, lads, when we were in the trenches back at Trafalgar, strapping on our greaves and cuirasses and waxing our halberds, gearing up to face Rommel’s janissaries, there was a little Welsh piper-boy in our corps could play all of “Lonnie’s Lament” on the tin-whistle, he could. That little whelp could do a pretty good version of “Chasin’ the Trane” on the ould triangle, too, I’ll be blasted. First time I ever heard Coltrane, and it was way back in 1823.

    And that little Welsh drummer-boy, boys and girls, who nobody thought would ever amount to anything, grew up to be none other than Russ Kunkel. The End.

  4. Kim says:

    then we put on Love Supreme and i got it.

    I hate to sound all Jack Kerouac, but Love Supreme is it!

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