Riverbend bids Baghdad farewell

Riverbend, the author of Baghdad Burning, whose blog has become well known around the world, is finally packing up and leaving Iraq. Two million Iraqis have already done so.

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13 comments on “Riverbend bids Baghdad farewell
  1. Peter Kemp says:

    I for one will miss her “on site” reporting. One can only hope she continues blogging from afar, if only to document the trials of a refugee family but a reminder of the follies of neocon-ism.

    (Pity they can’t send the relocation bill to Messrs Chimpco, Bliar and HoWARd.)

  2. John Greenfield says:

    The Iraq refugee problem is just abominable (as opposed to any other refugee problem, I guess 😦 ). One of the unsung victims here are Palestinians. After 1948 many of the middle-class, particularly tertiary educated engineers – moved to the oil producing states like Iraq and Kuwait. Saddam privileged the Palestinians in access to housing, employemnt promotions and so on. This led to growing resentment, both from Shia and their fellow Sunnis.

    Of course, the Palestinians provided Saddam with much propaganda fodder in his bid to triumph as the modern day Saladin. Arafat foolishly threw his hat in with Saddam during Gulf War 1. 1000s of Palestinians were slaughtered by the Kuwaitis.

    In the current Iraq horror-disaster, Iraq’s Sunnis AND Shia have been exacting their revenge on the Palestinians. Recently, Australia and Canada accepted a couple of hundred of Palestinian Iraqi (geez, these people must have identity issues!!).

    And blow me down the Palestinian “Foreign Minister” accused Australia of “racism” and “attempted genocide” as all Palestinian refugees must be admitted to “Palestine.” (which of course does not exist and therefore is not a signatory to the Refugee Conventions being used here).

    His only concern? That if these selected refugees come to Australia their “right of return” will be jeopordized (never mind that no such “right” has ever existed anyway.

    Yet again, the poor old Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

  3. Rob says:

    There’s always Iraq the Model, Peter.

  4. Rob says:

    Your last comment is spot on, JG. The Palestinians have some kind of collective death wish.

  5. Leinad says:

    Yet again, the poor old Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity.

    …and no one ever misses the opportunity to trot out that cliche whenever the issue comes up. Give it a rest fellas, ’tis a tired old mule.

  6. Dr Pangloss says:

    Does my old heart damn good to see some still realise there is a bright side to all this.

    A Baghdad dentist can now easily distingush between outgoing, incoming and IEDs by sound alone while a particular bunch of feral Ay-rabs are likely gonna kill all themselves and save us the bother.

    Yee and hah!

  7. John Greenfield says:


    Don’t shoot the messenger

  8. Dr Pangloss says:

    Don’t shoot the messenger

    Oh so yes, never dismiss any bearer of bad news for the course you epouse. Any day now you may hear good news. Any day now.

  9. philip travers says:

    Some Glib comments here.As a non marathon runner carrying no coded message,I think the term death wish is a highly selected abuse of the right to air an opinion.Maybe the the days of the rest of my life will be testing the value of the death wish concept versus the role of nature and nurture in its present form.It seems death wish is sort of Freudian and is penis envy dressed up as changing ones balls and such to the power of the distant blog.Have a jog, you might run over a bus.

  10. Dr Pangloss says:

    Come friends and join me in admiring the good.

    I venture to propose that now be an opportune time to recreate that much lamented “Good News From Iraq” electronic flyer. I am sure there is so much new and good to report from the cradle of civilisation.

    For example schools are being repainted and the flypaper theory is is now finally working.

    Happy happy joy joy!

  11. Katz says:

    Baghdad can’t be too bad.

    Many Americans are journeying there at the present moment.

    And they seem to enjoy shooting messengers.

  12. The post by Riverbend is a really interesting as-it-happens insight into someone becoming a refugee. All situations are different of course, but her post gives an idea of the competing judgements and conflicting feelings involved – in this case a ‘choice’ to become a refugee, although it is barely a choice at all compared with the alternative.

    The complexities and difficulties of what is involved, yet boiled down to a brutal, single point. The sort of situation and person who could just as easily end up in a boat on the way to Australia in two years time and who we will be told is a queue jumping stealing the places of real refugees – just the same as the many who fled Iraq were in 1999, 2000, 2001.

    Of course, the refugee problem in/around Iraq is far worse now than it ever was back then, when Mr Ruddock warned that “whole villages” were packing up with a plan to come to Australia.

  13. Candide says:

    Why are you in politics Mr Bartlett? You seem too nice and well informed for such a gruesome trade.

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