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That speech!

Perhaps we’re giving it too much attention (given that it was a pile of negative dross and dire warnings that if Labor does anything about global warming YOUR JOB WILL DISAPPEAR and anyway, union bosses will soon drag us back

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Megan Washington @ the Valley Jazz Festival

The Valley Jazz Festival started on Tuesday night, back this year bigger and better with an infusion of promo and artist dosh from some dedicated fund raising from the folks at Jazz Queensland. I haven’t been down the road to

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Things to Come: Collected Writings

I’ve just been looking over the web-site of the Right Honourable Mr John Howard, Prime Minister of Australia, in particular, the speeches in the Media Centre section. One striking thing is the orotundity of some of the titles, which are

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A watery neighbour round a friendly local red dwarf

I remember, as a kid, when the first planets outside our solar system were discovered. But these strange new worlds, inferred largely through watching the gravitationally-induced wobble in “nearby” stars (where “nearby” means stars whose light only took decades or

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Money Meets Mouth

Brian of Backseat driving has made a real bet on global warming – as opposed to those vague publicity stunts from BetUS.

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The real moral challenge of our century

John Howard says that he won’t sacrifice Australia’s great economy on the altar of climate change. Our Dear Leader is shining a torch towards a future where we can all be at ease. But, but, has he considered the most

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Foundationalist myths

Military glory – that attractive rainbow, that rises in showers of blood – that serpent’s eye, that charms to destroy… ~Abraham Lincoln Jessica Lynch has been testifying to Congress. “The bottom line is the American people are capable of determining

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Lest We Forget

They shall not grow old, As we that are left grow old. Age shall not weary them, Nor the years condemn. At the going down of the sun, And in the morning, We will remember them. We will remember them.

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About that Speech

According to John Howard’s opening to his major speech on “Australia Risingâ€? yesterday, Queensland is the down-under equivalent of California. Sorry, I’m digressing already – not a promising start. Let’s move on to substance of the speech, which begins where

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A new study, whose findings were released today, provides further evidence to suggest that there is no link between induced abortion and breast cancer. A 2003 international expert panel convened by the National Cancer Institute reviewed and assessed research regarding

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I'm a dedicated black one piece fan

…But that’s my business really. Women are either hussies or oppressed. Either way, we’re objects for a lot of folks. Go read all about the incredible tale of a Muslim woman who was reduced to a symbol of teh Islamic

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Cyber choice activism for Australian-Americans

Yes, we do exist! 🙂 Tigtog wrote last week about the reactionary Supreme Court decision in Gonzales v. Carhart. If you’re an American citizen, and are concerned, you should urge your Senator and Congressperson to co-sponsor and support Barbara Boxer

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At least you can get a free bowl of chili on the Death Star

No, this isn’t a post about the McCain Walnuts! cabin on the Death Star, but Rupe’s corner of the dark side of the force. (Though, over the fold, you can see something of the cyber-savviness of McCain’s campaign wonks who

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QUT farewells the "old" humanities?

I’ve always been perplexed, and annoyed, by the tone of much of the conservative criticism of university education in the humanities and social sciences (I deliberately omit the words “logic” and “argument”). Either pundits, pollies and culture warriors extrapolate from

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Moral Panic Monday!

I couldn’t bring myself to watch more than five minutes of Difference of Opinion tonight (not for the first time). Let me just say that bullying existed before cyber bullying, pron existed before the intertubes, teenagers were writing angsty poetry

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