Holidays and unfinished blog business!

I’m going to be away from Brissie for about a week – visiting a friend who lives outside Toowoomba (and expecting to freeze!) – so won’t be around the intertubes though I’ll be scheduling the Saturday Salon post before I go to be published later in the week. But I wanted to remind people that we still need more comments on my FGM donation post so that Dr Cat and I can give four hundred bucks to an NGO promoting practical action to eliminate FGM within communities affected by this evil practice. In the meantime, happy blogging and stay warm, people!

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4 comments on “Holidays and unfinished blog business!
  1. lesleym says:

    It’s expected to drop to -1deg, and will be only the second frost in town this year according to my number one son. BTW, my Brisbane wireless provider now offers dialup just about anywhere -fine, just so long as you stay within the local call zone!

  2. Kim says:

    Yikes! Thanks for the heads up! Much mulled wine will be in order!

    My friend lives outside town and doesn’t have intertubes and I’m kinda thinking I don’t want to go to the trouble of organising WiFi and disconnect myself to feel more holiday-ish! Might check in from a net cafe in town – there’s one on James St if I remember correctly and another up near the bus station?

  3. sublime cowgirl says:

    Do it~! Stay off the net for the weekend and enjoy the time out. And keep warm babe.

  4. Tim says:

    Have a good trip Kim and thanx for setting up Sat saloon for us kids.

    And humbly I’ll ask to you as a femanist activist to remember that female people are half the people of the world, but not the only people. Lol.

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