For “News” this sounds extremely like an op-ed

From The Bulletin:

Don’t expect an outbreak of peace and love in the streets of Sydney from this one. At least the NSW Government has stood up to the right ogres (the AHA lobby) but for the wrong reasons.

Someone who is remaining byline-less Adam Shand thinks it will all end in tears. (only just found the byline – geez their formatting sucks).


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5 comments on “For “News” this sounds extremely like an op-ed
  1. anthony says:

    I think it’s now been by-lined by Adam Shand(y)

    By starting with
    “the relaxation of liquor laws in NSW will lay the city siege to hordes of booze-fuelled yobs.”
    and then building up to a shrill post hoc crescendo, he hasn’t done himself any favours. You get the feeling that every new bar is another perilous trap for innocent youth – luring them in and spitting them out as monsters.

    I can assure him that Perth has had as a set strict liquor laws as you’ll find anywhere and its sole intention seems to get as many people to get drunk in as limited amount of time as far away from their home as possible.

  2. mick says:

    God lord.

    Yes, having small bars will be the end of the universe. Everyone knows that Europe has decended into the 7th layer of hell, or something.

  3. nasking says:

    “Yes, having small bars will be the end of the universe. Everyone knows that Europe has decended into the 7th layer of hell, or something.”

    Pretty well what i was gonna say. I luv the small bar approach in Europe, much better for socialising…& the wine bars in the UK are well worth a visit, my Dad was addicted to them…& he was no Yob…that’s just typical Corporate media hype, trying to manipulate politicians into defending their mates’ interests & grab readership simultaneously thru the ‘politics of fear’…it’s about time we moved beyond the boring Hotels, Pokies, Casinoes & Night Club approach.

  4. Shaun says:

    Shand makes the same mistake the AHA did with their arguments against the idea of small bars.

    Those likely to frequent the new establishments are those unlikely to drink till they puke or punch someone in the face.

  5. Nick says:

    “It’s no coincidence Melbourne’s city centre also has an ugly reputation for drunken violence amongst young men”

    What reputation? I’d feel safer in Melbourne City Centre than most country towns anywhere in Australia.

    While I can’t quote stats and may be wrong, I’d be suprised to discover Melbourne’s city centre and suburbs have greater problems of drunken violence than Sydney’s.

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