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An open thread for discussing any election stuff that doesn’t have a post specifically addressing the issue, or any comment on the last few elections posts at LP that you’ve been wanting to discuss.

Mark: Watching the poll watchers
Suz: 11 long years
Mark: Newish Labor?
Kim: It’s time to go… culture warriors!
Mark: Week 3 in review


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34 comments on “General election thread
  1. mick says:

    Mark’s “Watching the poll watchers” was a cracker of a post. My only gripe with it was the following line,

    “It’s striking, incidentally, how many Australian bloggers are PhD students and academics – from disciplines as disparate as political science, sociology, economics, law and literary studies.”

    Not to diss your point because it’s all class, but Mark, at least 1 present and 1 past LP collective members have PhD’s in physics. Don’t the natural sciences get any love in ozplogistan?

  2. Paul Burns says:

    Re Week Three in Review.
    Price and Company are keeping this Garrett thing alive because it is, repeat, is doing damage to Labor. Fortunately not many people watch Skynews, I suspect, so unless the swhow is rebroadcast in MSM this particular prigramme won’t get far. I can’t understand How Garrett could be so stupid in the first place.

  3. Liam Hogan says:

    Well, political science, sociology and economics as a social science are all very well, but when was the last time you saw Mark or Kim actually make predictions based on sound scientific assumptions? Did they predict the Great Narrowing, the Great Labor Swing to the Dry Side, or the Rather Interesting Bouncing In 2PP Trends Over Immeasurably Small Time Periods? No.
    They’d prefer to cite Derrida probably in vain attempts to push the Wet Agenda. Or Baudrillard, or Maurice Merlot-Chevalier, or somebody else who I haven’t read.
    The only way any science can be validated, after all, is when you say something will happen, and it does, and then you skite about it, because it happened, and you said it would. This kind of quadrennial electoral predictivity is the basis for all testable knowledge.
    I hereby demand that Mark and Kim make a prediction on the winner and placers of Race 7 at Flemington today, or else remain forever silent on everything while I boast about my own spectacular phenomenological puissance.

  4. Paul Burns says:

    A rather nasty turn of events appears to be happening in Camden, NSW. An application has been made to build an Islamic school there, and there has been a 1000-2000 strong public meeting. Not a protest against, but strangely enough most of the people at the meeting were against the building of the school and had got a text meeting encouraging them to come. Shades of the Cronulla riots. The logic of the protest was that the locals didn’t want Camden becoming “a dirty little village like Lakemba.” A decision doesn’t have to be made on any of this til after the election. All this was of course being gleefully supported by the local Coalition [?] member. Nobody in the party seems to have told JWH about it yet, BUT if it looks like a Tampa, feels like a Tampa and smells like a Tampa it is a Tampa. Any bets we’re going to have a sudden outbreak of Islamophobia in the MSM, the Coalition and the “Me-too” ALP?
    Or am I just a suspicious old leftie?

  5. Paul Burns says:

    Meant text message not text meeting.

  6. Seamus says:

    In other, much more trivial, considerations, how are people going with developing drinking games for entertainment on the evening of the 24th? Will break out the good champagne (well, a lovely bottle of Janz vintage anyway) if Bennelong goes to McKew.

    Heck, if things get really silly there could even be a nudie run through the streets of [location withheld by poster], akin to that considered after Australia won through to the World Cup over Uruguay.

  7. Liam Hogan says:

    Paul, the member for Macarthur is the Liberals’ Pat Farmer. Even in a pretty overwhelming Labor landslide he’s likely to keep his seat, although my sources tell me that the ALP is putting in a lot of effort there.
    And yes, you’re a suspicious old leftie. It’d have to be a full-size replica of the Sacred Mosque in Mecca to be anything but a local planning issue.

  8. silkworm says:

    I don’t think the Islamic schools issue has anywhere near the significance of Tampa, though the issue is still interesting. I saw on the ABC one of the speakers talking about Bankstown, where there is a large Muslim presence. The speaker said that anyone living in Bankstown feels threatened by them. As a resident of Bankstown, and an atheist, I can say that this comment was insulting. I am not threatened by women wearing burqas (a lovely Scrabble word, BTW. What would us Scrabblers do without Arabic words?). I only feel sorry for these women who “choose” to wear this oppressive clothing. Sure there are lots of ignorant people – at least 1,000 in Camden – who confuse wearing burqas with terrorism, but Austraklians are too immunized against the race card for these sorts of protests to have any affect at ba level beyond the local level. If Howard tried to invoke the race or the religious bigot card, it would work against him big time.

  9. mbahnisch says:

    Liam, I wish I’d seen your Strocchi-ism earlier today. I could have given you my social-scientific prediction that Purple Moon and Mahler would place. Pity about my failed prediction on Blue Monday, but that’s what you get when you cast aside empiricism and go with cool names for horses!

    Should I “go for growth” by re-investing the 130 bucks I won on the Melbourne Cup on betting on marginal seats? Nice price for Ross Daniels in Ryan!

  10. Dinsdale Piranha says:

    Do I get royalties?

  11. David Rubie says:

    Seamus wrote:

    Heck, if things get really silly there could even be a nudie run

    If Maxine McKew wins Bennelong, hell yes there will be a nudie run (sadly, I’ve got form on this peculiar Australian art form). Only once around the block mind you, not in quite as good a shape as when I did the first one.

  12. mbahnisch says:

    Do I get royalties?

    It’s a gift economy, dude!

  13. mbahnisch says:

    David, that reminds me – I’ll have to finally finish my piece on “Are Gen X more nude than Gen Y” after the election…

  14. Kevin Rennie says:

    If you missed the 4 Corners program last night on NT intervention, please go to “Labor View from Broome” for details of the replay and online version. While you’re there please watch two aboriginal ‘Broome Voices’ about the election: Neil Gower and Carol Martin. After the election there will be a lot of unfinished business.

  15. joe2 says:

    mbahnisch, maybe you could turn your “piece” into a book.

    It is interesting to note that The Confest is still running after all these years. Jim Cairns and Junie Morosi started that baby and it still has a clothes optional festival policy. It would be interesting to know whether the mob that turns up are the children of the original group or newbies. Note that the age groups are quite mixed and it is not strictly a music festival but still draws a fair crowd.

  16. mbahnisch says:

    mbahnisch, maybe you could turn your “piece” into a book.


  17. David Rubie says:

    The book needs photo proof of chunky Gen-Xers hooting nude down the streets of your town on election night. Otherwise, it’s just empty postulation, innit? Since my last nudie run was preserved for eternity on security cameras in a particular australian banking institution, it would be a shame not to record this one.

    I’m not into organised nudity though – too creepy. Spontaneous nudity, now that’s the ticket (about once a decade, at night, after too many beers)

  18. mbahnisch says:

    Well, we used to have a tradition in student politics of a nude run around the Great Court after the union changeover dinner. Back in the day, the V-C used to join us for it. In 87, when I was the incoming Treasurer, it was a really hot night and we went for a skinny dip in the uni pool instead. Skinnydipping in the VC’s pool was also a big tradition at UQ. A friend of mine and I were talking about this to her younger brother a couple of years ago, and went off on a segue about how many people used to nude it up at parties and he was thoroughly shocked. Hence the totally anecdotally derived conclusion that Gen X are more nude than Gen Y!

  19. joe2 says:


    Why not? The Spencer Turnick monopoly needs to be laid bare.

  20. mbahnisch says:

    Heh! Unfortunately we’re not as lithe and pretty as we were once. But I guess Spencer isn’t either when he strips off…

  21. grace pettigrew says:

    So Howard’s phrase for the week, to be repeated ad nauseum, is “economic management”. Not exactly inspiring. “We are the best at economic management, they are hopeless at economic management. The most important issue today is economic management”. Has that Crosby/Textor focus group ring to it. Derivative and dull.

    Brings to mind little grey men in suits diligently doing the book-keeping, squaring the accounts, and holding the treasury keys on behalf of a rapacious business class living high and fast on the hog – while for we complacent suckers, wages are driven down, public services are withdrawn, emeritus institutions are white-anted, our land is rooted, and executive secrecy and corruption slouches through the corridors of power.

    And interest rates will be going up tomorrow.

    Meanwhile, some big bad union boss from WA has today spoken out with more sanity and clarity than I have heard in the past three weeks of bullshit and more bullshit from our ministerial candidates. This is the voice of one of the elected representatives of Australia’s “working families” defending a mate from public crucifixion at the hands of both major political parties, big business, and the corporate media (see SBS at 8.30 tonight). Good on him.

    You can almost hear the collective intake of breath in party headquarters, as they gear themselves up for tomorrow’s assault on our intelligence.

    At the exact mid-point (?) of the election campaign it seems that the worst nightmares of both major parties (interest rates and union bosses) are about to collide in tomorrow’s news cycle (not forgetting Mahler’s run). Looking forward to much wailing, gnashing of teeth and renting of veils.

    Should take a couple of days to exhaust the necessary entrail reading at this collision of the stars, soon to be followed by the swiftboating of Rudd on Friday at the hands of the Daily Telegraph (according to Crikey’s rumour mill).

    I do miss cracker night.

  22. Ptobias says:

    I just saw the coverage of the Islamic school on the 7pm ABC news. If the crowd are representative of the area, I’d say the only way Pat Farmer could lose that seat is if Pauline or One Nation ran a candidate against him.

    “If I was wearing a hijab right now I could have an M16 under it and you wouldn’t know”?! I’ve written more about it elsewhere, but my main impression is that I can’t see it blowing up into a nation-wide issue – hopefully it’s one last, sad reflection of the attitudes that have been fostered by the Howard years.

  23. joe2 says:

    mbahnisch, do you mean there is a piccie of Spencer with the tunic off?

    Remember, everything is in the eye of the beholder. I have yet to see a naked body that is not in some way interesting, let alone beautiful.

  24. Frank Calabrese says:

    AS reported on Poll Bludger via Crikey Tips & Rumours.

    [Rupert Murdoch writes: The Daily Telegraph is sitting on a big story on Kevin Rudd that will make the Scores story seem irrelevant by comparison. The Tele will run with the story this Friday.]

  25. mbahnisch says:

    I agree, joe2. I was just being ironic. I’m pretty sure on his doco he had to strip at one point – on a nudist beach if memory serves.

  26. Ambigulous says:

    Nudes, nuddies, starkers….. forget it, lads: a warm inner glow and a few quiet ales will suffice on 24th.

    Mark, I think the reason that Aussie journalists haven’t twigged that UK Ne Labor is germane may be that it’s not…
    i) Rudd isn’t claiming Newness
    ii) He’s using the unions
    iii) we heard plenty of this stuff when Blair’s old mate was WA Premier

  27. Paul Burns says:

    Not pleasant, that Camden story. On TV it was even worse than it sounded in print. Might have something to do with Camden being the home of the Exclusives since the Second Fleet.
    Does anybody know the details of this story on Rudd? Is it an election loser or just a Liberal Party dirt file?
    More peculiar are the Howard Costello predictions of impending economic catastrophe that only they as pre3sumably Batmanand Robin or some characters on the dark side of X-Men are capable of dealing with. Tsunami Riders, are they? Hope they drown.

  28. joe2 says:

    Thanks mbahnisch for filling me in.

    Missed the doco and irony 101 coz me mum was sick.

  29. Peterc says:

    There is a climate change debate between senate candidates on in Hawthorn, Melbourne on Wed 7 November, 7:30pm


  30. mbahnisch says:

    Doco’s on dvd, I think…

  31. mbahnisch says:

    Not to diss your point because it’s all class, but Mark, at least 1 present and 1 past LP collective members have PhD’s in physics. Don’t the natural sciences get any love in ozplogistan?

    Aarrghhh!! Sorry, mick. Actually that would have strengthened my point. I plead writing at 1am.

  32. Futt Bucker says:

    For anyone that didn’t see Agenda today on Sky I think it will be safe to say David Marr won’t be allowed on the program again during this election campaign.

    He (and the ex-Liberal ACT Chief Minister) were getting stuck into Howard and the Libs a fair bit and it didn’t take a trained eye to see how ropable host David Speers was becoming (especially after being serenaded by Shanahan and his world exclusive of the unveiling of the latest Newspoll on last night’s show).

    Marr immediately mentioned the “shameless gall of Howard” to overnight go from declaring “Boom to Danger” in respect to the current economical climate.

    They’re clinging to that Newspoll like “shit to a blanket” (to quote PJK). Lebovic was also on there talking up the Coalition’s chances and the horrible week Labor had with TWO Garret gaffe’s (of course no mention of Abbott’s swandive into oblivion).

    I think they’re setting themselves up for one massive shock come Nov. 24 and like Marr said if in the unlikely event the Libs were to lose Wentworth the Liberal party would surely have to shut up shop then.

  33. kimberella says:

    I hope Brough loses his seat. I want to see whether he can maintain his facade of moral righteousness and self-importance when they cross to camera on election night.

    There’ll be a few heads exploding on the night of Nov. 24 I think.

  34. Futt Bucker says:

    and to quote Malcolm Farr “a few Liberal’s throwing themselves out of office windows”. 😉

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