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Hello all. We’re trying to see if we can use this space as a back-up while we sort out problems with LP-proper. At the moment we are drowning in spam, and it is causing database outages.

We’ve been able to allow LP to be accessed by readers via turning off comments there, so here is a space where you can leave comments.

Addit: as an antispammer etc feature here (it’s only a matter of time, I’m sure) all first comments have to be approved by a moderator before they appear.  For our regulars, you’ll then be whitelisted and all your comments should appear without any problem (as long as they don’t trigger any other automated features, of course).


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27 comments on “Main blog broken
  1. mick says:

    Stupid spammers. At least this site is quick to load at the moment.

  2. jchester says:

    Club Troppo had the same problems for quite a while as some will recall – that’s why I guilted folk into stumping up donations for a shiny server before the election was due.

    Spam shits me off something chronic. A terrible waste of everyone’s resources.

  3. Helen says:

    Spammerss! We hatess them preciouss.

  4. tigtog says:

    Your foresight does you credit, Jacques.

    Kim mentioned in the linked post that LP would appreciate some donations to help cover the costs of porting the blog over to a new server and the higher monthly maintenance costs. Folks can donate here. [link]

  5. Paul Burns says:

    Thanks, LP. for getting up an alternative post. Much appreciated.

  6. joe2 says:

    They can’t keep a great blog down.
    Well done.

  7. Mindy says:

    I’m waiting to see how I go in the sweeps. I could be destitute by 3.30pm. Well not really, but certainly not cashed up.

  8. steve says:

    Off topic but found this article about Brisbane from the travel section of New York Times on simon Jackman’s blog.


  9. tigtog says:

    By the way, I chose a template over here on the run – I mainly wanted to be sure that it displayed author names and I could use a modified LP header. How are people finding it? Is the font in these comments too small, for instance?

  10. Rattus nonveritas says:

    Font is a little small, but it’s just good to have you back, so no complaints.

  11. joe2 says:

    tigtog, do not worry, it is perfect.

    It is a bit like going on summer holidays a little bit early.
    Just hope someone packed extra toilet paper on the ‘off chance’ that Howard creeps back.

  12. lauredhel says:

    Thanks for the backup blog. All seems to be working right now, but yes – I am finding the default font a little small.

  13. tigtog says:

    OK, I’m about to do a quick template change to allow for larger font in the comments threads. Won’t take long.

  14. mbahnisch says:

    It’s not purple anymore!

  15. tigtog says:

    Having the header totally purple looked really lurid with the green of the rest of this template, and most of the other standard templates on that go with purple don’t show multiple authors etc, which a group blog kinda needs.

    If you want lurid, you can have it, of course. I think the sense of mourning is rather appropriate though!

  16. jinmaro says:

    Look, if you wanted a hiatus from blogging, perfectly understandable, you should’ve just said so. We’d have understood. Sure we would.

    No need to go to such dramatic, theatrical lengths, folks.

  17. joe2 says:

    Hey tigtog, don’t wordpress do “mourning” with polka dots? You know 70’s…. brown and big spots.

    And chuck in some purple for f’s sake.

  18. mbahnisch says:

    Hey, we’ve always been a tad lurid, haven’t we?

  19. joe2 says:

    lp unplugged,nude

  20. tigtog says:

    all right then, lurid it is.

  21. mbahnisch says:


  22. kimberella says:

    I wish to point out that I am lurid.

  23. kimberella says:

    Just out of interest, how come the avatar I uploaded hasn’t appeared? It’s a pirate queen!

  24. mick says:

    I would be lurid but I’m at work.

  25. tigtog says:

    Kim, usually uploading the avatar is easy-peasy, so I can only suggest trying again.

    I deleted my first few dozen spam this morning. Less than a day.

  26. tigtog says:

    Kim, just a thought: were you logged in when you left your comment? Until they sort out their recent acquisition of Gravatar, the only way to have an avatar show on a comment is to be a registered user who is logged in when leaving comments.

  27. kimberella says:


    It’s showing up now next to the comments but not on the sidebar.

    New theme looks good. I can live without lurid!

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