How exactly should we go for growth?

Fred Argy has a new paper on economic policy myths published for the Centre for Policy Development. Given the “me too-ism” that surrounds fiscal policy in this campaign, I think there’s been a significant missed opportunity for Labor to engage in some policy creativity, and I’ve related that to some of Argy’s arguments in a post at PollieGraph.

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3 comments on “How exactly should we go for growth?
  1. gandhi says:

    My interpretation of “Go For Growth” here.

  2. Sam Clifford says:

    A friend of mine printed this out and left it on my desk for me. Will have a read, talk to economics students and aim to get the student opinion up on PP at some point.

    Upon first glance, it’s an interesting idea that Argy refer’s to the Coalition’s policy (which Labor has co-opted) as a straight-jacket. It’s a very apt analogy given that a commitment to budget surpluses brings with it a lack of flexibility on emergent crises which require large amounts of spending such as the fight against climate change. How Rudd is going to combat climate change while handing out tax cuts and running a budget surplus is beyond me. I certainly don’t envy Wayne Swan’s position.

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