It’s the oil, stupids

To sum up, then: it was about the oil and it’s still about the oil.

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  1. nasking says:

    Well that’s our Corporate American allies for you.

    Make up reasons to invade a Nation you’ve manipulated for years…kill as many of their soldiers as possible, make the rest unemployed in order to build up stress & resentment, bring in the addictive brand goods in order to keep the profits coming in, then kill as many so called ‘Sunni Terrorists’ as possible ’cause they are the Saddam sympathisers…use the Brits & others to train the Shia & provide them w/ weapons under the guise of training an army & police force…use the Corporate news outlets as propaganda to divide the religious sects further whilst providing motivation for them to kill each other by paying billions of tax payer’s greenbacks to ‘death’ militias , whilst you fund others by the backdoor to blow up mosques…

    then start shifting your focus to the Shias by farting on about their relationship to Iran so you can start providing Sunnis w/ training & weapons so they can kill more Shia…& whilst this lot play the ‘death spiral’, semi-civil war game, and become diverted from their original plan of RESISTING YOU AS A UNIFIED SECULAR FORCE, you merrily go about constructing a super city in the Kurdish region…

    & build mega-bases for your troops…whilst your biggest companies make stacks of dosh w/in these safe areas, business as usual…

    in turn you use the chaos elsewhere & your well funded Speculators (thnx to Bushevik tax cuts) to drive up the price of oil to earn further bucks from the ‘dumbed down’ citizenry of the World…then ramp up the ‘threat to America & regional war possibilities’ rhetoric in order to drive those other countries you compete with (China, Russia, Venezuela, France, Japan, Germany) to build more weapons & spend less on social harmony measures…then you point the finger at them over civil rights/Human rights etc….or make them your ally in a FIASCO and motivate them via selected puppet leaders to do your bidding…just as you (America) make the oil deals in Iraq of a lifetime…

    and…having put away heaps of tangible assets by way of raking in the most obscene profits in history…by way of screwin’ both your own & overseas citizens via a constructed HOUSING BOOM & CRASH…you then plunge the World economy into a spiral, having used your influence in overseas nations to PRIVATISE & OUT SOURCE public assets & services…& diminished Union power…& cut taxes for the wealthy…& raised interest rates in the Nations you can use as safe harbors for your money…& replaced &/or purchased those Nations companies w/ your own & ensured your allies or own American citizens are running those companies so they can manipulate the price & worth & use your products…

    & this is easily achieved because you’ve introduced an unbalanced media across much of the Globe (w/ a little help from your friends, Packer, Berlusconi, Murdoch, and other Israeli & super profit loving megalomaniac friends) to support your puppet friends in overseas governments…& to sell your Corporate American story & BS to the masses – to try & make you look like the ‘good guys’ & providers of all things worthy (lucky you had the Leaders on your side & a bunch of dumber than usual families on handouts ‘cause the blogs kinda stuffed up elements of the “I luv America” campaign)…

    & having taken control of those Nations funds by managing their Govts assets (think the ‘Future Fund’)…and their governments…& introduced private equity groups to suck out the value & destabalise the foundations of these overseas corporations…whilst introducing your own cheap goods (made in China ‘cause you don’t want to spend too much on your own manufacturing base) which will go down really well when things get financially tough for the overseas citizens you’ve just screwed…

    YOU (Ameri-Corp) watch the other Nations gradually be sucked into a social Hellclone as your mates in the Corporate media & on Wall street (think of the man in NY who used to be an Aussie) use the ‘credit crunch’ & carefully constructed war & social turmoil (think Pakistan, Turkey, Iran etc) to bring about the desired global recession …

    and then later YOU use your gullible patriotic citizens as ‘the cavalry’ during the inevitable (cough, cough) expansion of the War on Terrorism, to pick up the pieces & in turn grab further tangible assets as they march across the Planet (Catch 22 & a certain Spielberg produced WW2 war series anyone?) all fueled by Iraqi & Texan etc. oil…liberating the masses from the oppression you contributed to…all in the name of freedom, Democracy, a Christian God…& profits.

    Nice guys.

    Lucky for us John Howard had a front seat at the beginning of the show eh?

  2. Cody says:

    Whoa, don’t lump all us Americans in with the gullible jingoistic ones, nasking. Some of us are smart enough to have come to the realization that what suzeoz says is very, very true. Unfortunately, we’re still the minority, so I have a feeling our elections next year won’t change a thing…aside from the president and vice president, I suppose, which is pretty good in itself (trigger-happy VPs are never good).

  3. nasking says:

    “Whoa, don’t lump all us Americans in with the gullible jingoistic ones, nasking”

    Well aware there are empowered, decent Americans out there Cody. That’s why I refer to Ameri-Corp…those Corporations these days mostly benefitting from the Bushevik/Neo-Con “con job”. You’ll note, if you read carefully, that i mention the average American citizenry (manufacturing, tax payers etc.) is also gettin’ screwed.

    Keep up the good fight. Your minority will soon be a majority. Just keep spreading the word.

  4. wbb says:

    Jim Holt. Captain Obvious. Still nice to see an American journo wake up at last.

    (Makes me laugh when I see people expecting a Democrat Whitehouse to withdraw from Iraq.)

  5. blogreader says:

    According to the professor of economics at UCLA, Ed Leamer, oil is not the whole story.
    “….six of the last eight housing recessions have ended up in an economy-wide recession; and this housing recession will end up being
    more severe than all of the former eight ones.
    The only two exceptions of a housing recession not leading to economy-wide ones were those during the Korean War and the Vietnam war when a massive fiscal stimulus rescued the economy.
    What we spent – or waste – on Iraq is not sufficient to get that fiscal stimulus; we would need another equivalent of $200 billion fiscal stimulus to do the job.
    A war with Iran is such an option: but a war in Iran would lead to an overnight doubling of oil prices to $200 per barrel plus and would lead to a certain U.S. and global recession.”

  6. Katz says:

    Jim Holt got it right here:

    “Still, there is reason to be sceptical of the picture I have drawn: it implies that a secret and highly ambitious plan turned out just the way its devisers foresaw, and that almost never happens.”

    Some regimes are smart enough to execute clever conspiracies, wherein their intentions, and even their agency, is concealed. The history of Cold War espionage is full of such stories, and no doubt there are many that have not been discovered yet.

    The Bush Administration is not one of those regimes. For starters, Bush sidelined the CIA, the most professional conspiracy agency available to him. Instead, the entire operation was run through the Pentagon, and Rumsfeld’s Pentagon, to boot.

    It is doubtless that Bush, and Cheney through Bush, had big plans for Iraq and for the Middle East in general. In fact, they had a whole raft of contradictory plans all of which were based on the proposition that Iraqis would behave like docile Ohioans when offered the prize of a system of democratic representation. In this imaginary world, many things were supposed to happen. One of those things was an oil law that welcomed multinational oil majors and the many oil minors who were Cheney’s and Bush’s croneys. Another thing was a quick exit of the bulk of the US military.

    It is now notorious that these dreams did not come true. The Iraqi Parliament is now further away from passing an oil law acceptable to The Croneys than it ever was.

    And now the Bush Administration is conducting policy with the sole achievable aim of avoiding humiliation. Bush wants to avoid declaring, like Johnson did in 1968 over Vietnam, that his military adventure was a failure. Bush has an advantage in this because he merely needs to hang on to January 2009, when he dumps the problem into his successor’s lap. LBJ, on the other hand, was univerally expected to preside for another four years.

    Bush won’t get his oil law before he leaves office. On the other hand, he won’t leave office as a cut-and-dried failure like Johnson.

    Ever since the invasion, Bush Administration policy has oscillated between the impossible former and the unthinkable latter. And that is where Bush is trapped.

    As Holt implies therefore, what we see here is not a conspiracy but a series of evermore desperate manouevres, not a masterplan, but a stuff-up.

  7. wbb says:

    There have been major stuff ups, Katz. Nevertheless, Iraqi oil sits patiently beneath the sands. And the US ain’t fer shifting.

    The plan – or the large bit of it that concerns US energy security did not need to be and still doesn’t have to become – that complex or that smart.

    Maintain brute force over the site of future wells so that in the next couple of decades as Saudi oil wanes, the US has first dibs on the Iraqi replacement supply. Even Bush couldn’t stuff that much up. (This is not about the profits of US oil majors. This is about access at a national level contra les Chinoise.)

  8. Tony D says:

    It’s not really about Teh Oil, not directly anyway.

    The real issue is the disconnection of US foreign policy from US domestic policy.

    For example, many Americans wouldn’t make the connection between their personal desire to drive a Hummer and the US gov’s desire to control foreign oil reserves.

    “The American way of life is not negotiable” was how someone in the the Bush admin put it, I forget who. So therefore the government will support any aggressive foreign policy as long as it keeps the US public in their non-negotiable high energy usage lifestyles.

    Arrogance plays another part: “American values are universal” so says Condi in her 2000 paper, which is such a ridiculous statement you gotta laugh or you’ll cry.

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