movember.jpgI’ve vaguely been thinking “good on ’em” but not much more about it with regards to the whole Movember movement – grow a moustache during November to raise funds for men’s health. It’s good to see the joint effort with Beyond Blue, for example, with respect to targeting male depression and especially suicide.

So I was intrigued today to receive a link to the first ever news report on Movember, from Channel Seven in 1999 [YouTube]. The change in broadcasting styles in 8 years is notable.

Movember started in Adelaide, and originally raised money for the RSPCA. The idea quickly spread interstate and across the Tasman, with some enthusiasm expressed internationally due to web notoriety, and soon changed to focus on mens’ health issues, particularly prostate cancer. This year Movember expanded to Canada, Spain, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

So, I’m more impressed now with the growth of the idea. Bloody good on ’em! Anyone participating?


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8 comments on “Movember
  1. mick says:

    I’m seriously contemplating it. A bunch of my mates back home are doing it. Do you think it’s a good idea?

    If I do it I think I’d have to include pics on LP somehow…

  2. skribeforti says:

    I am. My number is 71709 if you’d like to sponsor me. If you want to join up, it’s still not too late. Drop me a line at my gmail address: skribeproductions and I’ll send you an invite to the AllStars =)

  3. Already got a mo and a beard to go with it. I think that pretty much rules me out.

  4. But as a long standing and experienced beard and mo owner, a two word tip for mo newbies: Pomade Hongrois. From Pinaud.

    It’s well worth tracking down.

    And to give the centre of a moustache good definition, hold the hair scissors at right angles to the face and snip upwards starting from the centre of the upper lip. Stop a little short of the nasal septum.

  5. dylwah says:

    Certainly are, tho i havn’t registered proper yet, i was inspired by some of the growths on display in the “Its Time” clip.

  6. Mindy says:

    The boys at the office here are all growing mo’s. They are currently at the ‘looks a bit funny stage’ but the month is young.

  7. FDB says:

    I’m in Gummo’s boat. A few years back I cut my mo off (i.e. the Abe Lincoln) and called it Nomovember.

    None of these well-meaning stunts seem to work for me. I’ve been buzzcutting my hair for 16 years, so when my cousin got diagnosed with breast cancer I had to grow mine long for sponsorship while my sisters went bald.

  8. wilful says:

    My one is really rather awful. I think it will be shaved off by the wife at about 12.01 on December 1st. I’m seeking sponsorship as well: 147530

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