Go for growth Trust us… please!

Peter Martin was the first to notice, I think, that the “go for growth” backdrop gave way to a flag at what by all accounts was an extraordinary press conference from the PM this morning. Why? Well, the Reserve are suggesting that going for growth is just what we don’t want to do so much of – well explained by Martin again in this post. Where does this leave both parties? Be interested in people’s thoughts. As Mark speculated at PollieGraph, maybe we’ll see Kevin07 flicking the switch to fiscal responsibility? Perhaps all the “me too-ism” on the promises was a cunning trap? If he stops doing it, what sort of look will it be for Howard to play true to form and try to spend, spend, spend his way to an unlikely victory?

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11 comments on “Go for growth Trust us… please!
  1. blogreader says:

    Ideally the system should keep up with demand for growth.
    For various reasons, we seem to want to restrain growth when the forces of history present it to us.
    We have been in a period of unprecedented growth for some years now and the pace is quickening
    This should not surprise us as much that is now perceived as wealth is digital.
    And we now know that there is no shortage of naughts and ones.
    Many big companies are now digitally based, google, microsoft, yahoo and so on.
    We have not come to grips with it.
    Maintaining the status quo, as govts. are wont to do often constrains growth and innovation.
    It works for a while until you get engulfed by history’s tide.
    We seem to be running a two tiered ecomomy at present so why not try and manage it like that.
    And lay off the cdo generating credit, try getting wages share of gdp up.

  2. blogreader says:

    Can we have a list something like this for our banks and other major financial institutions?

    “Here is the Level 3 assets to equity ratio summary:

    Citigroup 105%

    Goldman Sachs 185%

    Morgan Stanley 251%

    Bear Stearns 154%

    Lehman Brothers 159%

    Merrill Lynch 38%”


  3. mick says:

    Brilliant, on the GG website they have a photo of Rudd and Swan with the following caption:

    “Kevin Rudd and shadow Treasurer Wayne Smith at a press conference in Melbourne. Picture: Gary Ramage”

  4. Frank Calabrese says:

    And the Shamaham spins the Interest Rate rise as a positive for Howard.


  5. kimberella says:

    That guy is such an idiot. How are two surveys taken over the last two weeks supposed to prove anything about the impact of an interest rate rise that happened today?

    And does anyone really believe there was a 12% shift in the Labor primary vote in NSW in a short period of time? I suppose it takes in the wacky Newspoll with Labor on 59 2PP.

  6. John Ryan says:

    As the Election get closer and if the polls remain constant expect to see Shamahan and the NEWs line dancers get increasing more desperate,as with radio Red Neck in Perth Morning Liberal he and Bolta had a mutual love in the other day,but I digress.
    I just hope to god Labour win cause just watching there faces(is they get on TV) will do it for me,I have given up on the local version of FOX NEWs on Pay

  7. Paul Burns says:

    Oh, its not the MSM journos I want to watch. Its Howard, as it dawns on him he’s lost both Bennelong and the election, suddenly bursting with rage and abusing the Australian people for their stupidity. Because that’s the way he’ll go, being grabbed and taken off stage by his minders before we see the full melt-down. Finally, it will be Costello who has to concede defeat.Schedenfreude to the max. AAgh!
    See if I’m right.

  8. Guise says:

    I notice that the Smerald is running the story under a picture which has Howard against the flag backdrop – but only the Union Jack part of the flag.

    I suppose they couldn’t squeeze the Stars’n’Stripes into the picture, and thought this would do just as well.

  9. Stephen Bayne says:


    Ha ha! I don’t know if it will be that bad (though I certainly hope so!) but I fully expect one of the main talking points of the election night coverage to be Howard’s speech in which he acted like a petulant child.

  10. FDB says:

    Crikey! That’s some cold you’ve got there Stephen! 😉

  11. clarencegirl says:

    John Howard draping himself in the Australian flag to avoid close scrutiny – surprise, surprise. 🙂

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