I ♥ citizen journalism

One thing about following this election is that there’s almost too much out there to get your mind across, and so sometimes you only spot interesting stuff late in the piece. I hadn’t noticed before that Crikey has a blog page with reports from citizen journos across quite a few marginals. Might be worth checking out if it’s your seat, or a key seat, that they’re talking about.

In related news, The Poll Bludger has semi-relocated to Crikey for the duration of the campaign.

It’s all free content.

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2 comments on “I ♥ citizen journalism
  1. I’ve actually moved back for the time being.

  2. tigtog says:

    There seems to be a silly bug with WordPress at the moment where the first comment isn’t counted on these threads – I knew Bludger’s comment was above only because I approved it from the mod queue. Oh, well: beggars can’t be choosers until we get LP proper sorted with a new server!

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