Turnbull vs Garrett

If you turned to the Sydney Morning Herald site at the moment (5pm), you could be forgiven for thinking the Press Club debate of the environment ministers didn’t happen today. It’s not even alluded to on their Federal Election environment page.

The Oz takes the “no gaffes” angle, a typical politics-as-PR approach.

I haven’t listened to the entire debate, only the opening speeches on The Oz video. Turnbull went first and came across as a grey suit, I thought. I thought it was a big mistake to put water at the top of his list of important issues. Of course, water is an important issue, but needs to be contextualised before getting into the detail.

Garrett provided the context – the urgency of the need to address climate change. I thought he spoke with conviction and passion. I was impressed. I thought he clearly outshone Turnbull.

Your thoughts?

Added: There it is in breaking news at 5.04pm on the SMH.

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7 comments on “Turnbull vs Garrett
  1. jinmaro says:

    SMH writes:

    “Environment Minister Malcolm Turnbull says he has never had to compromise his principles in order to pursue his political career.

    His opposite number, Labor environment spokesman Peter Garrett, says he accepts the need to be a team player in politics while denying he has betrayed his previously strident left-wing views.”

    Poor bastards. Either they’re lying, and deserve our pity (feeling charitable), or they’re not and are shameless fakers or bonkers or both.

    Some choice.

  2. adrian says:

    Great- an article about the debate on the environment that doesn’t mention any of the policies discussed in the debate.
    Is it really too much to expect from these clowns quaintly referred to as journalists?

  3. naught101 says:

    Of course Garret won. Turnbull doesn’t give a crap about the environment. He was even sweating at one point, I’m sure.

    Not that that matters at all for the environment. They are both backwards. The average Australian wants more done about climate change than either of them will ever give in their current positions.

    The questions about whether we were seeing their true form were perceptive, but the answers were pretty predictable. I wonder if Garret really is as co-opted as he seems?

  4. Adrien says:

    It’s the sequel to Dumb and DumberUseless and Even More Useless. Hint: Turnball plays Useless.

  5. anthony says:

    A power tie!? Is that a subliminal joke by Turbull?

  6. adrian says:

    Speaking of dumb and dumber, it might help if you could spell Turnbull’s name adrien.

  7. Peterc says:

    I thought Garrett came out on top. But as a friend of mine pointed out – they were talking about topics that are over 6 months old. The severity of climate change and the discussion on GHG abatement measures have moved on past this sideshow. I was wondering if the Liberals believe their own BS about “taking action”, dirty “clean” coal etc. After hearing Scott Ryan in a senate candidate debate about climate change in Melbourne this week I now think they do. I think they will have an internal meltdown when the truth becomes apparent to them.

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