Friday Funnies

Mixing up some material from two posts at Hoyden:

Via For Battle!, Lego animations of Eddie Izzard routines on YouTube from Thorn2200. DV prefers the Death Star Canteen, but I can’t go past Cake or Death.

And via Club Troppo, Nick Gruen has discovered that “the poet laureate of our bullshit drenched world”, John Clarke, has a website stuffed with classic material, hurrah!

Can you beat my nerd score?

I am nerdier than 95% of all people. Are you a nerd? Click here to find out! says I'm a Kinda Dorky Nerd God.  What are you?  Click here!


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22 comments on “Friday Funnies

  1. Should I shed tears of rage and frustration or tears of joy and relief?

  2. tigtog says:

    Oops, I’ve stolen your series title, haven’t I? I can change it.

    Oh, actually I see you were trying to paste in your results badge in the comment. This blog won’t let even the collective do that, sorry. You’ll have to summarise them in text.

  3. I am but a lowly Nerd King, unfit to bend my knee at your altar, o mighty Nerd God.

  4. PS – no hassles about the series title – good to see a Friday Funnies up again.

  5. David Rubie says:

    I’m 90% nerd but I nerd for a living, so I think it’s broken. I feel like I’m some kind of nerd backslider as I don’t own a telescope or a graphing calculator.

    Tell you what though – it’s better being an old nerd than being a young student. I sat an exam yesterday and Oh! The Humanity! of these kids today – they’re exactly like I was at 18 (read: stupid, but still so filled with the boundless promise of tomorrow). How long does it take to get ground into the dirt by your first proper job again? I can’t even remember it happening.

  6. tigtog says:

    I think a few of the questions, such as the two you highlight, may perhaps be unduly weighted. For example, I think what pushed me into such a high score on the dumb/dork/awkward line was the one about caring whether your socks have holes – holes somewhere they won’t give me blisters? Don’t care. I do care about whether they are clean however, which they didn’t ask.

    They also had bad design on a few questions – one of the options for the one about Jeopardy! was “never seen it” but then the next (compulsory) question was about how well one does about answering the Jeopardy! questions – tcch.

    That and I do own a lightsabre. And if they’d asked, a Harry Potter cloak.

  7. tigtog says:

    Of course, immediately starting to analyse how we got the scores we did is very nerdy indeed, David.

  8. Zarquon says:

    It’s also how you have to be TV-centric to be a science-fiction nerd. What about the nerds with the 10,000 book SF collection?

  9. tigtog says:

    Indeed Zarquon. They really should have asked whether people could distinguish between Clarke’s First, Second and Third Laws. (Arthur C., obviously, not John)

    And I’ve yet to meet a nerd who can’t quote large slabs of Monty Python. On the count of 3, Philosopher’s Song! 1 – 2 – 3

  10. David Rubie says:

    Well then tigtog, I think you’re right: analysing your own test score is the true identifier of a nerd. No lightsabers or harry potter cloaks here (although my daughter has both). I do have a very nifty Lost In Space robot on my shelf, although it was a gift. I will now have to trawl the genome databases in search of a QTL for the “Nerd Gene” 🙂

  11. mick says:

    Err, I’m a mega-dorky nerd God. I may have been trying to get the highest score I could though.

    What’s wrong with owning “Battlestar Galactica”, “Buffy”, “Firefly” and “Serenity” dvds?

    I liked the integrals, would have been cooler if it was a surface integral though.

  12. Kymbos says:

    Forgive me if this has been posted on LP before, but it’s the funniest thing i’ve seen in weeks:

  13. Su says:

    Cool High Nerd. They didn’t rumble my Darth Vader helmet. And when tigtog mentioned Hardy on Hoyden my mind immediately drifted to this;

  14. Klaus K says:

    Yay! I’m ‘Cool High Nerd’ (which I don’t quite understand), but more importantly I scored 98% on History/Literature, which probably means I’m in the right profession. Although I’m not sure why I need to have that validated by an internet nerd test.

  15. tigtog says:

    Kymbos, love the Conchords. Thanks for that.

    Nobody has any love for Eddie? The whole Cake or Death thing reminds me of one of the favorite jokes of an Anglican lay preacher we knew a few years back:

    Q: How many Anglicans does it take to change a light bulb?
    A: (horrified expression and Lady Bracknell voice) CHAAAANNNGGGE?!?!?

    Although it really is hard to top “Death by tray it shall be!”

    Did anyone else catch John Clarke’s Sounds of Aus on Auntie last night?

    Also, Mick:

    Err, I’m a mega-dorky nerd God.

    We. Are. Not. Worthy. !.

  16. mick says:

    Yea, well I faked a bit of it, but I think you get extra points if you took time to think about the algorithm calculating the scores and then tried to optimize according to your guess…

  17. tigtog says:

    Back to the comedy (I think all the nerdery has scared other people away!).

    Via Helen of the Cast Iron Balcony, I got a good giggle from The Bible in LOLcat.

  18. dylwah says:

    Yea the kinda dorky Nerd gods rule, tho i think tthat i got extra ’cause i was wearing my periodic table tshirt, the one with the glow in the dark radioactive elements. i think also that it was wheighted against hedonistic nerds.

    I will take cake as i recline on the comfy chair.

  19. mick says:

    dylwah – where did you get that shirt? That sounds truly awesome!

  20. dylwah says:

    I got it from the caltech bookstore

    in 02, they still sell periodic table tshirts, tho the design has changed and i don’t know if they still glow in the dark. they are not that pricy, tho the postage is a killer.

  21. mick says:

    Sweet! I might be there in a few weeks so I may be able to pick one up.

  22. Ambigulous says:

    Statistics T-shirt:

    “Would you like to see my collection of random numbers?”

    swotting goof likes maths and James Clerk Maxwell, seeks ……. [nuh, youse don’t need to know]

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