The shadow debate

I didn’t get to see the environment debate live, but there are plenty of lengthy excerpts available on the ABC’s news site. For entertainment value, I would have loved to see Turnbull’s face on the several occasions Garrett mentioned “25 nuclear reactors” – whatever Turnbull thinks of nuclear on its face, given the fact he didn’t even bother to respond he must know the politics have been shocking for the government.

More broadly, the trouble with the whole setup, of course, is that Garrett shouldn’t have been debating Turnbull at all. Given that climate change policy has effectively been run by the clique who get their scientific information from The Weekly Standard – Minchin, Vaille, Downer, and Howard himself – the fact that Turnbull appears to be a relatively sane conservative on this issue is neither here nor there. Sure, Garrett’s personal positions on the environment are undoubtedly on the fringes of his own party’s spectrum of opinion. But – occasional moments of candour/gaffes aside – the positions he’s taken publicly since becoming a minister are pretty much Labor orthodoxy. Turnbull, however, has spent the last couple of years arguing for positions that are completely contradictory to the well-known views of half the Cabinet he is a member of, let alone the broader party.

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3 comments on “The shadow debate
  1. mbahnisch says:

    I saw the beginning on ABC last night before I went to bed. Garrett impressed me with his passion. The only other passion I saw last night was when K07 was talking about public service reform! Turnbull was very smooth but only superficially convincing.

  2. goonie1976 says:

    One thing that has occurred to me is that despite the leader-oriented campaign slogan, the election campaign really has exposed some other key members of the Labor frontbench. And, you know what? They seem reasonably competent as far as pollies go.

  3. tigtog says:

    Indeed. We’re so used to the tics and evasions of the current front bench that the fresh faces are a relief, of course. However, they’ve all performed pretty well.

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