Geraldine Doogue goes to Blair

I’ve written a fair bit about Blair during this campaign, a seat which encompasses Ipswich and takes in a slab of country heading up the Warrego Highway towards Toowoomba. It’s something of a bellwether seat for a number of reasons. In pure electoral terms, sitting on a 5.7% for the Libs, if Labor can win it comfortably, it’ll be a good indicator that they’re looking at a a swag of Queensland seats. Demographically, it also should give some indication of where things are going in “battler” territory. Both WorkChoices and infrastructure look set to be key issues – and this is typical of outer suburban and regional seats in this neck of the woods where incomes are fairly modest. Anyway, this is by way of introduction to a link to Geraldine Doogue’s Saturday Extra programme, which profiled the seat yesterday, and on which I had a chat to Geraldine about some of the issues and the background. I found both the way the major party candidates were tailoring their messages to the seat, and the comments of the first swinging voter interviewed, very interesting.

Follow the link and you can listen to the programme.

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  2. steve says:

    Newspoll is out 55/45 with Labor primary 48.

  3. mbahnisch says:

    Steve, can you please post something like that on an open thread? I’d really like to keep the topic specific ones on topic!

  4. kimberella says:

    Nice work, Mark!

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