Lazy Sunday!

Since we don’t live by politix alone (I sincerely hope), what did people get up to this weekend? Join in, share some tales, regulars and lurkers all!

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  1. TimT says:

    Yesterday I bought two books of poetry by Walter de la Mare from an excellent little second hand bookshop in Camberwell, and saw ‘Across the Universe’, a musical based on Beatles Songs, at the Rivoli Cinema, a remade art-deco style cinema across the road from same bookshop. I also bought Kung Fu Hustle from Readings.

    Today, I watched Kung Fu Hustle, made some meatballs from which I made myself a great hamburger for lunch, made some hedgehog with crushed Arrowroot biscuit base, and covered it in icing, then did the vacuuming!

    All in all a productive weekend, though there’s more I should have done. Writing, f’rinstance.

  2. Chopping down trees & cutting them up into firewood.

  3. Ken Lovell says:

    I will rather miss ‘LP in exile’ … it’s got hints of Alexandre Dumas and The Prince over the Water and Emile Zola and the Bourbons and sundry other stories of romantic Olde Europe.

    Still it will be nice to be able to link again without having to learn html.

  4. Katz says:

    I took in “Across the Universe” too.

    Nice visuals. Passable renditions of some of the songs.

    Clunky, lazy narrative.

  5. Shaun says:

    Haircut. Rock up for the first day at new job tomorrow so want to look all nice and tidy.

  6. mick says:

    Well, so far this Sunday I’ve eaten breakfast. Unfortunately it doesn’t look as though it’s going to get any more interesting than that as I have a fair bit of work to get through this weekend.

    Still, it’s cold and cloudy here in Brizzle (what the locals call Bristol) so maybe hanging out indoors isn’t such a bad thing!

  7. Alex on a Bus says:

    For the first time in a long time, we actually had beautiful weather on a Sunday in Melbourne (as opposed to that dry-yet-not-really-fine dross that the drought has bestowed us). After the Walk Against Warming, there was nothing better than kicking back on a patch of grass by the Yarra with a pot of beer in hand – albeit in breach of the bar’s licence by all of one metre.

  8. philiptravers says:

    Its 11.03 time to put my Spoons to bed.Uri Geller hasnt done a thing for me yet.And it rained Saturday,and, Sunday s closing hour, was like others today.Putting off sleeping,because that seems the only thing to do.Good night,all you undergrown Gladiolis.

  9. Guido says:

    Went to see Melbourne Victory vs Sydney FC at Telstra Dome with my son. We had a good time. No goals but plenty of chances!

  10. Graham Bell says:

    Very busy – fixing things. Took time out though to go to the Armistice Day ceremony in a regional town. Thankfully, the speech-making was short and apt …. and free from all the nauseating jingoism and mock patriotism that has muddied the lead-up to this federal election.

  11. tigtog says:

    Had an extended family celebration day for three birthdays on Saturday, very pleasant. Took in the Glenbrook spring festival as part of it, and watched all the political parties handing out balloons.

    Yesterday missed out on the Walk against Warming due to crook kids, which was a pity. Quiet day, watched a DVD and read books.

  12. Chas Dean says:

    Saturday was a big day. Spiffy new haircuts for Madam and I, an expedition to Bunnings, then off to a ball for dinner and dancing.

    Sunday was much quieter, with pottering around the house and several failed attempts at writing.

  13. Paul Burns says:

    Reasonably early Saturday morning, checked e-mails. Kids from next door came in to make some phone calls. One of them displayed worrying firebug tendencies with my lighter. Must tell her mother when I see her.Blogged on LP in Exile a bit. Spent most of the day re-reading Gary Nash’s Red, White and Black. The Peoples of Early North America. Took a few notes. Enjoying the book much more this time. Nash generally has an intriguing left wing perspective on Colonial and Revolutionary North America.
    Sunday, watched Minchin on Meet the Press (Not a good thing to do on Sunday mornings before breakfast- Minchin is vomitous always). Then Insiders. Blogged a bit on LP. Apent most of the day reading Nash. 5 pm watch News on Ch.10, Sunday programme, usual Sunday night TV. Is Rain Shadow going to end with a whimper, or is that just me, brainwashed by too many action movies and 18/19C novels? Watched Operation Valkyrie. Now we know where Cruise is stealing the idea for the movie on Stauffenberg from.

  14. Helen says:

    Rode bike into local groovy part of suburb to see Waitress. Quite funny, but not really worth the $ to see in cinema. Started the Howard Pinata (one layer of papier mache now drying).

  15. David Rubie says:

    I played the poop game. To play, you need 1 dog, 1 squeaky dog toy, 1 baby, 1 lawnmower, a backyard, 1 nappy (full), 1 nappy (empty), 1 plastic bag, 1 hand shovel.

    Rules: Player must pick up dog poop before mowing lawn, while keeping dog amused with squeaky toy. Like multi-ball pinball, baby will poop just as soon as you accidentally step in dog poop.

    Points: 1 point for dog each time dog successfully gets you to throw dog toy.
    20 points for neatly mowed lawn.
    1 point for dad for each poop successfully bagged (dog or baby).
    100 points for baby for successful poop.
    400 points for baby if baby gets poop outside of nappy onto clothes.

    The games: I started well, bagging 2 poops for each throw of the toy, until dog got smart and layed a fresh one back at the start of the course. Mower not started yet. Three quarters of the way through the game, arm got tired and squeaky toy did not go far enough. Score at half time with yard ostensibly cleared of poop: Dog 20, Dave 15, Baby 0.

    Half time started well. Mower roared into life but I trod on a hidden poop in a clump of grass. Dog started to tire somewhat but was still retrieving squeaky toy at a rate of knots, with 5 points scored just while I tried to scrape poop. Baby then pooped, and it was my turn to change the nappy. Abandoned mower and boots, got to baby too late as poop oozed out of side of nappy. Baby on 500 points.

    Finished lawn but my heart wasn’t in it. Final score: Baby 500, dog 61, dave 60. Tribunal is now reviewing point scoring system.

  16. Pavlov's Cat says:

    That was hysterical.

  17. Amanda says:

    Spent Sunday morning at the Cairo Museum of Antiquities — jaw dropping annd jaw droppingly poorly labelled! You’d think they could enploy some Egyptian egyptology students to go through and stick labels on things. Anyhow, great.

    Then a lazy afternoon, had Kosheri for lunch — delicious, Turkish coffee and many rounds of the classic game, “try and cross Cairo steets without being run over.”

  18. mbahnisch says:

    Wow, Amanda, a much better place to spend a Sunday than dreary election land here in Oz!

  19. tigtog says:

    David, I second Pav. Biggest smile I’ve had all day.

    Amanda, I am so jealous, except that unlike you I wouldn’t be able to identify half the antiquities without proper labels. I’d still be thrilled just walking around them though – I have to go back to the British Museum without kids next time so I can just gaze and gaze.

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