Reds under the bed

My thoughts on today’s Coalition campaign launch have been posted over at PollieGraph.

Update: Some campaign launch reaction and analysis from the folks at Crikey.

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2 comments on “Reds under the bed
  1. jinmaro says:

    I watched a bit of this. Dunno, maybe partly because I rarely watch tv news or current affairs and have deliberately tuned out for years when Howard speaks on tv or radio, listening to his speech made me cry a bit. I mean real tears, at work, listening with headphones + visuals, for about 15 mins.

    I was reminded of some words that Keating spoke a few years back in the culture wars debate. He said one of the cruellest things for us all, and which diminishes us all, (and I’d add, diminishes even those buffed Liberals applauding Howard at this campaign launch) is that Howard’s story is simply not big enough for Australia. That his view of us is tiny. Based based on limited faith. It’s a product of a profound failure of imagination and of confidence, he said.

    I think both parties share this imaginative failure, this tiny, narrow, terribly insulting, and ultimately crippling view of us.

    Education is not about revolution, Howard thundered. It’s about people learning to read, write, spell and add up. That’s it? So no need for even secondary school then? An interesting implication. Unless he really thinks it takes 12 yearss to be able to do these things.

    I agree. Secondary school education isn’t needed for most people to live and work in Howard’s Australia. What he/they want is to breed the sort of mentally crippled, limited, timid, unquestioning adult wage slaves they obviously think we mostly are and forever will and should be.

    Unutterably sad.

  2. Paul Burns says:

    Strangely enough we once again got a very clear vision of Howard’s Australia. An Australia where the welfare state is destroyed, the poor, the disabled, the sick, the old, the not very business-like all go to the wall. Oh, the orgasms that man must get from his dreams of rampant capitalism. But it was Costello who surprised me. The man has a guilty conscience, his Protestant Xanity is catching up with him, that niggling little conscience. He knows there’s something evil under the bed and its economic conservatism.
    And only Mark Vaile could be thick enough to mistake Rudd for any kind of revolutionary.
    Jinmaro, you are so right about the tragedy of JWH. Let’s hope the ALP does not follow suit. But I’m not an optimist.

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