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Voters get the election campaigns they deserve and this time around the campaigns of both sides have been more than usually dull, although the coverage seems to carry on regardless of interest. Every day there are pages upon pages of material in each paper devoted to what the leaders promised, or what they did not promise, or to gaffes by this senior member of either side, or to apparent inconsistencies in what they leaders are saying.

(Mark S. Lawson at On Line Opinion)

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3 comments on “Snob Watch
  1. Be much better is the election wasn’t covered by the media?

  2. anthony says:

    By writing this story and using photo of himself looking like he could bore auditors to death at 50 paces, Mark S. Lawson has proven himself a comic talent to look out for.

  3. boredinHK says:

    I like this suggestion.. “One way to make life more interesting would be for us to plunge our nation into the sort of crisis that is now engulfing Pakistan – but that is going too far. ”

    No , not far enough ! Wing nuts on all sides can grab their guns and put up or shut up. And all lawyers must wear the regulation colour tie.

    This style of article is an early acceptance that the government will change in 12 days.
    ‘Things will just be the same ‘, ‘Howard has already trapped Rudd in an economic plan so the new governement won’t be able to make significant changes ‘, ‘Most people don’t care and are too ignorant to notice anyway ‘ blah blah blah.

    The convergence in many policies is real but more challenging questions to Rudd and Co in the media about this would be a good place to start examining the new governments longer term aims.

    If inflation does get to 4% which areas of government spending are already lined up for cuts ?

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