Is the plan:

  1. Every Australian three-year-old to know the Kevin Rudd hand movements for Incy Wincy Spider by 2010?
  2. By 2011, every Australian Child to understand the important role of Capitalisation for the Future of this Nation?
  3. A secret deal to transition to a George Newhouse leadership sometime in the third, fourth or fifth Rudd term?
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  1. Phil says:

    Not three that’s for sure especially since Newhouse blew his political brains out tonight by dodging the candidates meeting. What a knob.

  2. Leinad says:

    Yes, Newhouse isn’t scoring many goals in the other side’s end at the moment.

    4. Have every Australian of high school age on Rudd’s myspace/facebook friends list by 2009, with aspirational targets of 40% of the 21-36 agre group by 2012?

  3. Liam Hogan says:

    5. Sack Lucas Neill, retire Harry Kewell, arrange for Ufuk Talay to take the country’s set shots at goal, and have put Milligan in defence. And that young woman whose head we can see from behind can coach, by the time we’re ready to play in the World Cup again.
    Now *that’s* a plan for the country.

  4. suzeoz says:

    Phil, as far as I know, that was a forum hosted by the conservative Anglican church in Paddington and I don’t think it’s too terrible that he didn’t go to that.

  5. gandhi says:

    How about:

    1. We move Janet Albrechsten from the ABC board to tea lady.

    2. We send Miranda Devine to Iraq – permanently.

    3. We give Caroline Overington’s mobile phone number to Shane Warne.

  6. Sam Clifford says:

    The plan is to allow public servants to run while still public servants. After all, they know all about the inner workings of government.

  7. or 4. All policy will be announced using Auslan

  8. jo says:

    1. excellent tilt, george, lots of colour – but on nov 25, you will be working 24/7 with Tony to find every last one of those buggers who had the key thrown away. i want ruddock and andrews answering questions until i fcuking decide it’s time to stop…..um, we’re ready….incy wincy spider climbed up the water spout….

  9. Looks to me like Kevin is holding the wool and is looking for someone to do the knitting.

  10. […] Somewhere in there I received another copy of Rudd’s plan for the future. […]

  11. jinmaro says:

    Gandhi wrote:

    “3. We give Caroline Overington’s mobile phone number to Shane Warne.”

    And here I am thinking you were a nice guy. Sheesh.

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