Wild, Wild West

The last 9 days of the election look set to be quite the grab-bag of issues here in WA.

The “AARRGH! SCARY UNIONS WILL DESTROY STUFF THE COUNTRY” meme has been dealt a bit of a blow now that two of the main stars of the Libs’ TV ad are no longer members of the party.

Apparently Labor is “soft on crime”, unlike Liberal MPs and candidates who regularly patrol the streets in their spare hours, hunting hoons and bringing evildoers to justice. Brian Loughnane should be commended for having the guts to put up seat-specific versions of the ad that suggest that the Member for Stirling, a former real estate agent and ministerial staffer, is tougher on crime than the guy who fought in Iraq and Afghanistan. Does this mean that in its next term, the Howard Government will begin a federal takeover of the prison system?

There is also a small campaign gearing up to punish federal Labor candidates in protest at the prostitution legislation making its way through State Parliament. It’s doing really well so far:


It’s likely that nuclear power plants will be banned in WA, in a pre-emptive strike against a fifth-term Howard Government.

Also, Ben Cousins is still newsworthy.


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29 comments on “Wild, Wild West
  1. Who will best protect our coke supply from Ben Cousins?

  2. anthony says:

    We will fight them on the beaches No

  3. anthony says:

    Where’d that ‘No’ come from?

  4. David says:

    Tough on crime is so 2003.

  5. Frank Calabrese says:


    And the irony of all this is that Anthony Fels refuses to quit and Omodei and Birney are fighting 🙂

  6. Frank Calabrese says:

    Oh and I forgot to add, one of the people whose Govt Car was impunded under the Hoon Legislation was Shadow tourism spokesperson Katie Hodgson-Thomas (Her 25 yr old son was the driver at the time).

  7. Well if you input “Perth brothel” you’ll find that The Worst of Perth blog comes in at an incredible no.4 in a google search, out pointing most of the “legitimate” knock shops of the city! And for “worst brothels”, we totally dominate the stats. Put in any Perth brothel search and The Worst of Perth is never lower than 9th. Whatever you do, don’t search for Perth’s worst an*l. That’s us. That’s how wild the west is – satire can outpoint sex.

  8. anthony says:

    I think that asterix has just made it worse, Worst of Perth.

  9. smokey says:

    Saw that about the hoons there on the telly. Here in Sydney they’ve done the same hoon thing that evidently all anyone anywhere is worried about is a speeding car in their local streets, in this case hoons in westerns Sydney. That was the other week. Laughed at it when the Lib guy was on in Perth saying when he talks to people that’s the concern; hoons. Yeah right. The Labor candidate got it more on the mark citing WC’s etc.

  10. mbahnisch says:

    Yep, hoons feature in Brisbane too – they’re such a big problem in the inner city apparently!

    Anyway, on that, while in the rest of the country Libs are vowing to stamp out hoon-ism, Howard goes to Townsville and:

    For his part, Howard matched Labor funding for a V8 supercar race – a popular local initative…


  11. philiptravers says:

    A fair bit of ageist oppurtunism is involved in both the government side and the hoons themselves, we as a nation may need more than legislative and advertising methods, but real events for hoons who like real challenges that are community respected.The State Libs in N.S.W. thinking wrecking a hoons car in an advertisement is a bad idea.I think it will serve a limited purpose..I need a car .. why dont they give me one,or a decent young person,already obviously affected by road fatalities and simply isnt going to be a fool! Hooning also is a great introduction to mechanics..approaching self-respecting hoons might mean they take their part-time interests to mechanics and engineering generally. They are risk-takers,in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong reasons and wrong attitudes,anything recoverable in that!? Heaps!

  12. gandhi says:

    Ummm, not wanting to go off-topic and blog whore, but is anybody else watching Tony Abbot’s head explode this morning?


  13. Paul Burns says:

    Watched Abbott’s head explode. Watched Gillard call the rural rorts CORRUPTION.Further comments on General election thread.
    Re WA. So 50-50 in the polls is a problem when its 46-54 everywhere else. This time I’m an optimist.

  14. John Ryan says:

    Well I listened to radio Red Neck yesterday and the morning Lib and friends were taking the piss out of the Labour Launch,mind you in the interests of balance not a word about the Liberal launch.
    I have not read the Worst yet(god help me)but in Perth or RRN it Fong, Ben and now Kevin Reynolds,its getting worse than the GG.
    Still I suppose small things amuse small minds and little pants fit little behinds,still waiting for anything on Howards fiddling of the grants.

  15. Mark says:

    50-50 is still a 5% swing. I’m tipping Kalgoorlie as a possible bolter.

  16. Liam Hogan says:

    A question for West Australian laborites.
    Is there anyone actually left holding a Party membership card or has everyone been forced to resign? And is the State *that* small that everybody seems to be close mates with Brian Burke?

  17. FDB says:

    “And is the State *that* small that everybody seems to be close mates with Brian Burke?”

    No, some are close mates with Noel Crichton-Brown. 😉

  18. Frank Calabrese says:

    [A question for West Australian laborites.
    Is there anyone actually left holding a Party membership card or has everyone been forced to resign? And is the State *that* small that everybody seems to be close mates with Brian Burke?]

    I’ve still got my ALP Membership card 🙂

    btw, Heavie Kevvie is threatening to “release Dirt Files” on Rudd & Gillard once Labor is elected, according to 6PR News.

  19. gandhi says:

    Watched Abbott’s head explode… Further comments on General election thread….

    Which would be um…. where?

  20. The Bilbo 5
    Speaking of The West Australian Neswpaper, They Have this headline today.
    Bilbo five ‘deliberately killed’: Coronor

    Findings ‘a sham’ claims Sauron

  21. AND they spelt coroner wrong!

  22. Paul Burns says:

    next page, at bottom.

  23. John Ryan says:

    Well i went to school with Brian Burke if thats any help, also his brother Terry was at Marist Bros Subiaco as well.
    I was a member of the Labour Party till I moved east,only been home a few years still thinking about rejoining,you have to remember Perth is a very small(minded) town.

  24. Frank Calabrese says:

    And speaking of THe West, From Crikey Tips & rumours.

    [Talk down at the Swamp (The West’s HQ) is that the Editor is once again sitting on some polling data. The Federal Westpoll has yet to be published despite having been with him for over a week now. Readers might recall that the editor has previously forgotten to publish Westpoll results that showed the ALP doing well. Journo’s believe the failure to publish the Westpoll means the Editor doesn’t like the results – could be bad news for the Liberals in WA.]

  25. The West have fixed the Bilbo 5 howler, but The Worst of Perth fortunately saved it.

  26. gandhi says:

    next page, at bottom.

    Tres funny, avec le je ne sais quoi intact.

    May I suggest that a post-Howard, post-exile version of LP might want to include some sort of Kos-style reader diary, whereby readers can initiate their own threads???

    Seems to me that nothing of this sort is currently available in Ozblogistan, and surely it’s the way forward.

  27. Ambigulous says:

    Balibo, Bilbo, Beau Burke, how’s things out in the booming West?

    Comme est-ce pour le cousin Benjamin?, now that his charges were all dropped, will he becoming ‘ow-you-say, “cause celebre” comme le docteur Haneef? Or will someone shout “Fetchez la vache!” from atop battlements, and he disappear in puff of white powder, comme ‘zut alors!’

    Is M Crichton le Brun, he still pulling strings of Liberals, comme M Burke pour l’Association des Travailleurs d’Australie?

    au ‘voir mes amis d’Occident

  28. Ambigulous says:

    Comment est-ce pour le cousin…

    sorry, Westies

  29. wpd says:

    “Does this mean that in its next term, the Howard Government will begin a federal takeover of the prison system?”

    Yes! We always look after our own.

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