Great Aussie achievements

This story made the front page of The Guardian online today. It didn’t rate the front page of The Australian or The Sydney Morning Herald/Age websites. (Yes it did make the papers yesterday, but the news cycle has apparently moved on.)

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14 comments on “Great Aussie achievements
  1. FDB says:

    Shorter Costa:

    “It’s not that we’re inefficient, it’s that we use shitloads of electricity all the time. And anyway, it’s Victoria and Queensland’s fault. Also, global warming isn’t a problem”.

  2. jinmaro says:

    Doncha just love climate change denialists, like NSW Treasurer Mick Costa, who pick up on errors of process and the like while ignoring the far larger more significant facts!

    Costa, who is also the Member for the Hunter, told the State Parliament this analysis didn’t tell the full story because it only measured emissions, not efficiency.

    “What it seeks to do is very crudely take the largest power stations and claim that they are the largest producers of greenhouse [gas].The appropriate measure, of course, is per megawatt of hour of electricity. If they had have done that, they would have realised that the least efficient plants are outside of NSW. They are in Victoria and they are in Queensland.”

    Thanks for that, mate. We can all rest easy now.

    He also claimed the Greens were trivialising the Holocaust by using the word denialist in relation to climate change because, he reckons, most people associate the word with that.

    He’s a lateral thinker that one. Thick as two planks. Should be in the National Party.

  3. FDB says:

    Hey, this time machine works great!

    How the blazes did my response to Jinmaro end up above her comment?

  4. Bingo Bango Boingo says:

    You’re right that Costa’s Holocaust claim is a massive stretch, jinmaro. But his comments raise the usual issues about language within public debate. Presumably we can agree that the word ‘denialist’ is used in this context because it carries with it the notion that skepticism cannot possibly be genuine, since climate change is self-evident truth. It’s a great word for shutting down debate.

    Taking a leaf from the green book, perhaps we ought to be calling the more committed sections of Teh Left economics denialists. I don’t think it will stick, but hope springs eternal (as you know).


  5. Anna Winter says:

    How the blazes did my response to Jinmaro end up above her comment?

    Because daylight savings truly is the work of the devil?

  6. FDB says:

    BBB – don’t be disingenuous (I hope for your sake that you are).

    “Denialist” used correctly refers to someone who, EXACTLY like holocaust denialists, trawls through mountains of historical evidence or scientific data to find the flimsy shreds that support their predetermined conclusion. Utterly uncritical of any such EVIDENCE!!!, while happy to publically sully the good name of anyone putting the opposing view in their peer-reviewed and meticulous research.

    Climate skeptics arguing in good faith do exist, although they’re on the endangered species list, and these people are unfairly tagged denialists.

  7. jinmaro says:

    What’s an “economics denialist” BBB? And what sections of the Left adhere to it?

  8. wilful says:

    Climate change is going to kill more than 5.2 million people of lots of ethnic groupings. Yeah of course denialism is ‘framing’, but it’s also accurate. There never was a real debate about climate change, it was always propaganda bullshit by the same people who brought us “smoking is good for you” versus tens of thousands of expert scientists.

  9. Paul Burns says:

    Re reporting. Would you believe it got in the very early news of Ch. 9 Today Show, once. Like to see what the other side are doing. And I wouldn’t miss the Friday 7.10 Gillard/Abbott stoush for quids.

  10. Tim Hollo says:

    To be fair, ABC ran it hard as well, linked in nicely with the Greenpeace coal power station protest.

    Re “denialist”, BBB, every word carries connotations, and “sceptic” carries positive connotations of treating evidence appropriately and coming to an informed decision. That’s not what this is. This is deliberately misconstruing evidence and paying people to generate contrary ‘evidence’. Making stuff up.

    As a Jew who has many many relatives lost to the holocaust, I am happy to call it denialism.

  11. Foucault A Go Go says:


    Hi suzoz. I don’t know you from a bar of soup, so if you think I am being inappropriately vitriolic, please accept my apologies.

    Your whole mindset is being driven by “cultural cringe.” ‘The English media has arrested, tried, and convicted Australia!!! Oh, when I must I start self-harming!!?? How will we ever be able to leave the house again?’

    I mean really…

    “if emissions are calculated from the output of the country’s power stations”

    What if “emissions” are calculated from Paul Weller’s cappuccino making making machine? Or Margaret Thatcher’s hair dye? Or John Waters’ post-enchilada ablutions?

    The reason Australia emits so much CO2 is that we package it all for the rest of the world that can’t get enough of our CO2-tainted produce.

    Blame our trading partners, not Yourself.

  12. suzeoz says:

    FAGG, you really have the wrong end of the stick. The report which shows that Australians are the world’s biggest carbon producers per head was compiled by an American group, so if anyone has “arrested, tried and convicted Australia, it’s the USA. The Guardian was merely reporting that news. My point is that they gave this news an appropriate leading place on their front page, unlike in Australia itself, where our media have dropped it after one day.
    I certainly don’t blame Myself. I certainly do blame the Howard government for inaction on greenhouse issues.

  13. Graham Bell says:

    FDB [6]:
    Your point on the loose use of the term “denialist” is well made but what then do you call people who deny a mountain of hard evidence? “Wilfully deluded”?

    Scepticism is fine but sometimes – like in the current human-caused global heating issue – it is misdirected at the evidence rather than at the hystericals who misuse that evidence to further their own crazy cults [and money-spinning rackets].

  14. pablo says:

    You have to feel for Macquarie Generation the corporatised managers of Bayswater and Liddell power stations. They get asked to do their master’s dirty work. If burning black coal weren’t bad enough they were lumbered with all the old treated timber from government oyster leases a couple of years ago. Then there were all the chooks that succumbed to Newcastle disease that had to be incinerated…management baulked at that request. Fully privatised, MacGen might be able to drop down the Guardian’s shit list.

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