Is this a good enough reason to support the WGA strike?

Like many, my interwebby viewing pleasure has been hit hard hard by the current screen writers’ strike in the US. I normally rely on my daily dose of The Daily Show and the Colbert Report to keep myself somewhat sane and without it the interwebs seem like a much less funny place.

Thankfully, The Daily Show’s writers even know how to bring the funny to their picket line, checkout over the fold for some viral YouTube goodness:


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3 comments on “Is this a good enough reason to support the WGA strike?
  1. Ed says:

    I’m sure thats how John Howard thinks.

  2. aidan says:

    That last bit was lame but.

    Channeling Python … badly.

  3. skribeforti says:

    As the video demonstrates the Hollywood execs have pretty much shot themselves in the foot. Let’s hope the guild doesn’t cave in like they did in 88.

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