The Jo Hos discuss the race card over afternoon tea

More John Howard Ladies’ Auxiliary goodness at Facebook.

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6 comments on “The Jo Hos discuss the race card over afternoon tea
  1. silkworm says:

    It’s a bit predictable, and badly acted, but, hey, it’s further evidence of the general vibe that Howard and his merry gang are a joke.

    I’ve been been fishing around youtube for all the funny political flicks, and I’ve collected about 40 of them. I’ve got a friend who is going to burn them to DVD, and we are going to show them next Saturday at a rock and roll party at Sydney Uni. I just hope Howard loses, otherwise we will look quite the fools when we play the DVD.

  2. mbahnisch says:

    It’s a bit predictable, and badly acted, but, hey, it’s further evidence of the general vibe that Howard and his merry gang are a joke.

    We must have a different aesthetic sense, because I think it’s fabulous…

  3. Nabakov says:

    Hafta say I’m generally with mulberry boy here in terms of idea vs execution. It’s an excellent concept but it needed better art direction and script editing to turn it into real satire with sharp teeth. There were some great set ups and zingers like “Oh, we don’t mind wealthy foreigners like Mr Murdoch”. But basically, it was pretty much preaching to the converted. Not unlike some anti-union ads by some certain political parties lately. Real satire makes its audience say “Fuck! That’s me! Do I really sound that ridiculous!”

    If I was directing that talent (and they did have good timing and acting chops), I’d have gone for the handheld fly on the stucco-bagged wall digicam at a Camberwell backyard barbie vibe and only have two of ’em in matching pink drag (designer outfits too, not daggy frocks) for some initial intra-cultural bitchiness (“Oh, I see you’re into “Me-Too” too”, “Ha! Ha!”) which could then easily segue into some of the class-enhanced snark they were aimed for. And also set up a final sting at end when it’s revealed the evesdropping footage was posted on You Tube by a rebellious teenage daughter with a room full of dolphin posters, using a camcorder bought as a birthday present by her Senior Mining Executive dad.

    Y’know, go for real stinging slice of life a la Betty Munson (click on the two You Tube links). “”A Doll’s House” played with humor for the video age”.

    And now I think about it, where’s the funny from the Coalition/RWDB webgang? The only person who’s really effectively skewered Rudd through viral vids so far is Hugh Atkin and even then he’s casually castrated Howard in passing. (That lad’s gonna go far. Many good ideas and superb comic timing. As long he doesn’t engage Vizard’s former accountant.)

    Now here’s a lazyweb viral vid idea.

    Open on a richly furnished lounge room. Steady pullback/Ken Burns effect through the window to show it’s a very tasty mansion with lovely views.

    Bank ad VO: For many Australians, the promise of living in a decent family house is slipping out of reach. But this Saturday, you have the opportunity to change that for at least one family.

    Camera reveal. It’s a montage of the Lodge and Kirribilli.

    VO: Vote Liberal. At least let the Howards live the Australia Dream even if you can’t.

    Now, unlike the Jo-Hos, that would really be pour encourager les autres.

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