Wolves at our door…

8 days left, Mr Howard. Plenty of time to whip up something similar.

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12 comments on “Wolves at our door…
  1. philiptravers says:

    The endangered dingo party, The Liberals warn Australians that they are now only feeding on platypus and echidnas because the quolls have been taken over by the chookhouse Labor Party,preferring flying feathers, than dingo breath.

  2. shishkin says:

    only a federal coalition government can assure the fearing public that the ho will stay in xmas

  3. Paul Burns says:

    Kevin Rudd is an alien and has a secret plot to take over the world. He is being helped by Barack Obama who some time ago had the temerity to tell Howard to keep out of American domestic politics. Obama is also an alien. Howard is a species of homo erectus.
    Seriously, though, should we be dropping hints on how he should run his campaign. I’m sure there are enough unprincioled neocon American Republicans putting this kind of paranoid garbage up to him already.

  4. silkworm says:

    The wolves scene seemed to be straight out of the Chronicles of Narnia. What a vomity film that was, most especially because of this menacing scene which really alarmed the six-year-olds who saw it.

  5. joe2 says:

    It’s simple really. Just paste faces of union thugs on the wolves heads and change the dialogue a little.

    Then add Johny roun’ the fireside, at The Billi, for the last little bit. Maybe protectin’ his daughters little baby or something.

  6. alan says:

    Ratty does not have an image problem, he has a reality problem: 55% of the Australian people have worked out that he is a mendacious poltroon, and no advertising campaign will change that.

  7. silkworm says:

    Here’s a bit of progressive political advertising against a seldom considered piece of pork-barreling.

  8. silkworm says:

    The Liberal ad that was turned down

  9. silkworm says:

    What is Howard Hiding this time?

  10. Graham Bell says:

    Anna Winter:
    [[couldn’t get that link of yours to work]]

    I have said several times that I expect some sort of stunt or vague threat to occur so as to delay or hinder or twist the election and if that did not happen I would gladly eat Humble Pie on Election Night…. Well, the table is laid and the pie is ready for the oven …. however, with all the trends and polls looking so bad for the failed Howard regime and its mythical “economic prosperity”, the risk of such a stunt or nebulous horror being trotted out has gone way up; they are desperate enough and they have form …. and there are still 169 hours to go.

    Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? If the “Liberal” Party does implode after the election [should the election actually occur], are the LDP or the Australian Democrats ready to join up hordes of politically homeless former Liberals?.

  11. Ambigulous says:

    Her Majesty’s Vessel Menzies
    Orders of the day: Sunday 18th November

    Capt Howard was put ashore this morn twenty minutes before dawn on Point Bennelong with Official Party under cover of sea mist. Launch bump’d and tipped native canoe and took piccaninnies aboard but apology not necessary.

    Viscount Turnbull put ashore for luncheon with Wm Chas Wentworth Esq. and his Party.

    Foretold tsunami not yet observed.

    Admiral Nelson had boy up mast on lookout for any leaking boats full to gun’les with starving Musselmen but no luck as yet. No signals from Batavia re same.

    Crew reminded: rituals of cleansing and penance will be led by Midshipman Abbott on the morrow.

    Crew member who scrawled “Marie Celeste” on bow to report to Bo’sun Barbnaby for bollocking. As the name appears French, Lt Ruddock is examining lists of all men who disembarked at Nu’mea and Pa’pe’ete on last voyages.

    Stand firm, men. Your country expects much.

  12. Graham Bell says:

    Ambigulous [18]
    You have already been warned …. the unauthorized publication of highly classified documents as you have done here is harmful to [identity withheld on security grounds] and a clear breach of Sections [withheld] and [withheld] of the [withheld] Act 2006; in view of the seriousness of this breach and the aid it gives to [names of terrrorists withheld] you will be subjected immediately to the severest punishments as specified in the [title of regulations withheld]. God save Prime Minister Howard!

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