Lazy Sunday!

Since we don’t live by politix alone (I sincerely hope), what did people get up to this weekend? Join in, share some tales, regulars and lurkers all!

I’m still not feeling 100% recovered from the cold turning into virus thingy that was plaguing me, so have been largely eschewing outings. But I did make it down to the IMA on Thursday to listen to a talk by Brisbane artist Luke Roberts, who’s perhaps better known in his other incarnation as Pope Alice. Unfortunately I was too knackered to blog properly about what he had to say – which was quite fascinating – but I did take some pics. Links over the fold. As always, click on “full view” when you get through to the gallery. I’ve also uploaded some which have a tangential connection to the others – in that both have something of a relationship to urban history/sociology.

Luke Roberts talking at the IMA

Art takes to the street by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Art takes to the street II by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Brisbane art appreciation XVII by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Art lovers by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Art takes to the street III by *phenomenologist on deviantART

A is for Alpha by *phenomenologist on deviantART

The Rivoli by *phenomenologist on deviantART

New Farm night by *phenomenologist on deviantART

A is for Avalon by *phenomenologist on deviantART

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21 comments on “Lazy Sunday!
  1. Mine was a lazy Sunday. I spent three Beethoven symphonies (6, 7, 8) producing a tonal drawing of me self as someone the police are seeking to help them with their inquiries. Then a piano concerto (no 4) producing an ink drawing of myself as the terrorist villain of a detective comic. Finished off with another tonal drawing, half complete.

  2. Just for the record – that last symphony was number 8 – I don’t know of any composers who’ve produced a 8) th symphony.

  3. Comparing Perth’s mouldy “Cultural Centre” opened by Brian Burke with Melbourne’s naff Fed Square. Also pondering Concrete aborigines and not knowing why they existed.

  4. Zarquon says:

    It’s bound to be one of P. D. Q. Bach’s.

  5. My favourite Sunday habit, cutting branches and chopping the bigger ones up into firewood, I live in an industrial estate, which turns into a ghost town on weekends, so I can get up to all sorts of things, heh heh hehe…

  6. CK says:

    Live in Melbourne? Think you’re a fantastic cultural centre? No fecking way. Teh West has it sewn up:

  7. gummotrotsky says:

    Yeah right. Enough with the WA vs Victoria snark already.

    Federation Square is a hell of an improvement on this.

  8. Angharad says:

    Mark – thanks for that. I’d forgotten Pope Alice. It’s people like Luke Roberts that I miss about Brisbane.

    My weekend has been all about cajoling people into helping out on election day, a couple of hours letterboxing early in the morning and having a weekend to myself so I don’t have to apologise to anyone else for singlemindedness.

    I got to reflecting during my letterboxing that I think people don’t experience their letterboxes from the side of delivering mail, otherwise they would get better letter delivery systems. Round where I live there’s lots of the slots in the front door type arrangements where you have to open the gate, use one hand to push open the spring loaded cover and then the other hand to place the leaflet /envelope. I feel sorry for the posties.

  9. Paul Burns says:

    Saturday morning begun lazily enough, reading ‘Tom Paine and Revolutionary America’ by Eric Foner..Had Aboriginal kids from next door back and forth making phone calls.Blogged. Particularly enjoyed thread on the History Prize.Reading Foner.Ordinary day.Watched 5 o’clock news,etc.ABC News,New Tricks, The Bill.
    Watched White Masai on DVD.Blogged til early hours of the morning.Much fun pretending I was PM.

    Watched Insiders. It was particularly objectionable today for some reason – maybe Cassidy’s jilted lover performance with Gillard -beside him Bolt looked reasonable.
    Checked Google news. A disgusting article from WA. Blogged. Much enjoyed thread on History Prize, and again playing out being PM. Hope noboy took me too seriously.Watched news, (hope Rudd really plays up this UN Climnate catastrophe report all this week -Howard will have nowhere to run if he doess -Captain Cook, last episode of Rainshadow.Compass. Some of these Xtans are really scary. I guess it had to happen that one of them finally saw climate change eschatologically.

  10. Helen says:

    Finally got stuck into the weedy garden, but it was soooooo hot.

    Put eyes, eyebrows, duck mouth and nose on the JH pinata. Added another layer.

    Tomorrow: the paint.

    (Contents: Ovalteenies in little packets, wizz fizzes, and caramel toffees.)

    Conversation with someone who I won’t name, to save them humiliation:

    Me: To think that this time next week, it’ll all be over.

    Them: You mean… Idol?

    Me: No!! The election!!!

  11. mbahnisch says:

    Angharad, I’m sure Pope Alice remembers you – she sees all!

  12. Paul Burns says:

    Less than a week to go and he’ll be gone. ha ha ha. What a delight!
    Sorry, I couldn’t resist that.

  13. adam says:

    spent the day teaching my 5 year old daughter about red teams and blue teams using the age (she is learning to read and loves to look at the paper), and why the red team was going to win the vote. she thought john howard looked nasty. as master yoda says, “Truly wonderful the mind of a child is”.


  14. mbahnisch says:

    (she is learning to read and loves to look at the paper)

    That’ll gladden the heart of newspaper editors everywhere, adam!

  15. Paul Burns says:

    I always sort of thought Howard was Yoda gone over to the dark side. Adam, your daughter is right. He does look nasty.Glad to see she knows which side to barrack for.

  16. David Rubie says:

    Lazy was the word. I’ve hurt my foot somehow, so got out of all sorts of jobs over the weekend. Took Bruno the Alfa out for a whizzy time on the highway after finally finishing it and getting it registered – the A/C is cactus and the windscreen is HUGE, making for a very warm drive but it felt good to have accomplished something and that V6 engine sings it’s CO2 producing song very seductively.
    Afternoon involved a fidgety baby who would not settle. Finally got her to sleep cuddling her on the couch and hello, the cricket is on. Desperately boring match, but what a perfect excuse to sit there and watch it without feeling guilty, baby snuggled into my chest, legs floppy and perfect little upturned face, well, perfect. I feel like Summer is here already with the cicadas going nuts outside. Miss seven spent the weekend collecting their old husks – she was fascinated they would crawl out of their old skin and turn into the incredibly pretty yellow/green bugs from the dirty brown ground dwelling incarnation. Miss eleven, just returned from a school camp to Canberra, plugged herself into the playstation with a friend, laughing. Her indoors, freed from baby duties, bustled.
    This family life thing is pretty nice – so much joy to surround yourself with.

  17. bilb says:

    Saturday night I attended a High School Reunion (40 years). On sunday we, as a group, revisited our old stomping ground, Katoomba High School, and I think that it is safe to say that the visit left us all immensely proud of what our old school has become. For Katoomba High School is a public jigh school that fully integrates special needs students in a most comprehensive way. With the aid of a specialised wing to assist wheel chair bound students, and many others with a broad range of capabilities, study side by side in a truly special and impressive learning environment. And all of this within several hundred metres of some of Australia’s most spectacular scenery. It is truly a credit to the New South Wales public education system and the dedicated staff of the school.

  18. Shaun says:

    Sunday was mainly spent 40,000 feet above the ground. So greetings from Singapore where I’ll be for rest of the week. Business alas so not much time it seems for any touristy activities.

    No news on the election here. Which is not a bad thing.

  19. anthony says:

    all work and no play

    (should be a compensatorially big one next weekend though)

  20. j_p_z says:

    Gummo: “I don’t know of any composers who’ve produced a 😎 symphony…”

    Then you haven’t been listening to any work by Glenn Branca, all of whose symphonies are 😎


  21. bilb says:

    A John Howard pinata!! What a good idea.

    At what time are you going to beat the crap out of it?

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