Moving home progress report

We were hoping that we’d be shifting back to LP-proper later on today, but it looks like there are a few remaining bugs to be ironed out. The site is successfully running on the new server, but there are a few gremlins caused, I think, by the WP upgrade. We’ll keep you informed of progress!

Donation button problems rectified.

Thanks very much to everyone who was kind enough to make a donation, and if you’re still inclined to, it’s been pointed out to me that there’s a problem with the link on the new site as the “pages” on the sidebar don’t seem to have transferred across with the rest of the database, so you can do so via this link I’ve just created. Please let us know if it doesn’t work, but I’ve just tried it and it seems fine.

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8 comments on “Moving home progress report
  1. Jack Robertson says:

    Yes, works fine now, ta.

  2. mbahnisch says:

    Thanks very much Jack! (And to all others who’ve donated…)

  3. goodtobewithyou says:

    Not wishing to be picky, but…

    Text “donate..” link works for me, but not so the button,

    which seems to be linking to

    And, as if you haven’t enough on your plate already:

    Would you expect comments to be working on proper site yet, as in, has any old hand, who unlike moi can remember their log in details, tried to comment there?
    Or is LP moving with the times, going “comment for cash” as a way of lifting professionalism of blogosphere, and only donatees can log in to comment? Excellent idea, after all, what price vanity? If it was good enough for Lawsie and Jonesie…

    Cheers, Danny

  4. mbahnisch says:

    We won’t be turning comments on over at the LP proper site until we’ve fixed all the bugs, including the fact that the pages failed to migrate with the rest of the database (hence the problems with the donation button). I’ve crossposted the archive of what I’ve put up here so when we decide to move back across we can close off comments on any threads still going and redirect them there.

    I hope that all makes sense!

    The shorter answer is that comments on LP proper will be enabled again when we are confident it’s all working properly.

  5. gandhi says:

    So, um, what was the root cause of all this? An LP insider cruising too many porn sites? I know you guys wouldn’t want to make pre-election accusations without some proof, but the timing seems more than a little odd.

    You know me, Conspiracy Theories just seem to be working out more logically than the alternatives over the past few years….

  6. Zarquon says:

    So are you going to be back at the Purple Palace for the election?

  7. mbahnisch says:

    We’re thinking of sticking around here til after it’s over. Could get a bit confusing either having convos going at both places at once or redirecting them all!

  8. mbahnisch says:

    So, um, what was the root cause of all this?

    Too much spam, inadequate server resources, massive database. That’s all!

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