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I’m heading down to Sydney on Thursday morning. There are two events on over the weekend which LP people might find interesting. I’m speaking at a public forum on Friday night, along with Chris Nash and Rachel Hills, which is part of the UTS Australian Centre for Independent Journalism’s Public Right to Know conference. Details are here – it kicks off with drinks at 6.30pm.

On Saturday night, LP, along with New Matilda and 2SER, is holding an election watching/celebration party at the Bat & Ball, 495 Cleveland Street, Surry Hills, starting at 6pm. There’s bands and djs stuff, and you can read more about that here.

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11 comments on “Sydney stuff
  1. gandhi says:

    I went to Sydney Boys High School and The Bat and Ball Hotel (just across the road) is where I had my first real beer, on my very last day of high school.

    I skulled three schooners and thought I was very clever. Nobody else did, mind you.

    Mind you, back in those days we had a former international Rugby player for a headmaster. Now the school is dominated by Asian kids who swat up after school to gain entry into this prestigious selective High School. Sports results are down, but academic marks are through the roof.

    Funny that.

    BTW: Sydney Boys High School old boys include John Pilger and Russel Crowe. You might want to tip a glass, or throw a phone, while you are down there.

  2. mbahnisch says:

    gandhi, if a comment gets stuck in the spam filter, please alert us to that via email rather than re-posting it. Because the spaminator looks at repeat identical comments as part of its algorithm, you’ve only giving it more evidence that you’re spam!

  3. silkworm says:

    I’ve got another party at Sydney Uni starting at 8. I might see some of you there at 6, and hop over to the other party later.

  4. Liam Hogan says:

    I’ll be scrutineering at my booth until relatively late, and I’ll do my very best to make it as early as I can, though it won’t be until after eight or so. I’d have liked to shake your hand and bless you my child, silkworm. Forgive me, for I will indeed sin.
    Strangers: you’ll recognise me by my anxious Cassius thinness, honky glasses and strange felt hat. Go by the little picture—I’m the one inside the red star.
    I’m sure I’ll recognise you all by the extended middle fingers I richly deserve.

  5. gandhi says:

    Sorry about the re-posting, boss. I’ve been on high adrenalin for a few days and LP in Exile has munched a few things. Curse that Rupert Murdoch for messing up the original site just days before the election!


  6. mbahnisch says:

    Yes, I can confirm that the gravatar is an accurate representation of Comrade Liam – except the nimbus isn’t always visible to unbelievers!

  7. mbahnisch says:

    No probs, gandhi.

  8. tigtog says:

    I will definitely be dropping by the Bat and Ball for a few libations.

  9. […] Hope to see lots of LP folks at the two Sydney events I’m attending. And I hope everyone else has a great few days and enjoys the […]

  10. glen says:

    if i didn’t have phd to submit the following friday, then i would’ve been there with bells on!

  11. […] You may, of course, wish to discuss the election! I’m writing this ahead of time, on Wednesday night before I head down to Sydney tomorrow. To me, it feels like the election is already over, because I voted last week, and I think it’s been in the bag since the Kevin07 election launch. Thanks to everyone for all the feedback and camaraderie and bloggy goodness during the campaign and I wish you all happy voting and a lovely election! Don’t forget, if you’re in Sydney, you might like to look in at the LP/NM/2SER election night party – details in this post. […]

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