Free Winona!

Well, I’m feeling quite relaxed and comfortable (if rather tired). I’m headed off to Sydney in the morning, and I’ve just finished writing a few pieces in advance for Crikey, PollieGraph and Unleashed, so as far as I’m concerned, having voted last week, my election’s over bar the counting! I won’t be around the intertubes very much for a few days, so will catch everyone in the Rudd era (touch wood)! But I thought we might need a respite from campaign chat, so here’s a bit of an open thread. As a discussion starter, I was inspired by a couple of friends on Facebook to start documenting my local neck of the woods photographically, and I’ve posted the first fruits of that project at deviantart (once you click through to the pics, you’ll get the bad pun). When I’m very busy, as I’ve been today (I’ve also been tidying up the submission of final semester results), I really get a lot of pleasure out of simple things like going for a stroll down to the shops on a beautiful day. So what little things make your day? Do tell – though I’m off to pack now!

Ps: Hope to see lots of LP folks at the two Sydney events I’m attending. And I hope everyone else has a great few days and enjoys the election!

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Click through to the images, if you like, then click full view once you’re inside the gallery.

Down on the Farm I by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Fruity by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Down on the Farm II by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Down on the Farm III by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Down on the Farm IV by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Down on the Farm V by *phenomenologist on deviantART

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10 comments on “Free Winona!
  1. I think I will be enjoying this election much more than our Dear Leader. The odds are a really good indicator of what is going to happen, and they have just gone crazy, with all the money going to Labor.
    Have a look at the sporting bet page.
    You can get $4.15 for a Lib win and only $1.22 for the ALP.
    I have some advice to those mega rich bastards who bankroll the Libs. Stop throwing good money after bad and put three thousand on the ALP. When your party loses you will have $600 to drown you sorrows with on saturday night.

  2. swio says:

    So what little things make your day?

    Hopping down toParramatta Borders on a Sunday and grabbing the latest New Scientist. Then sitting down in the coffee shop and reading the whole thing without being interrupted.

  3. David Rubie says:

    The little things (in the order they usually happen): Baby wakes up a little upset, then grins huge gummy grin, which is cue to fetch bottle, then crawl back into bed for another half hour.
    Miss eleven crawls out of the pink troll cave, hair everywhere, rubbing eyes, wants breakfast.
    Miss seven does not want to get up today (every day) turns over, groaning.

  4. kimberella says:

    I like snatching the time for a quick spin!

    And watching Winona dvds of course… 😉

  5. mick says:

    I always look forward to the first coffee of the day – it always makes the world seem a little more manageable.

  6. Paul Burns says:

    Yeah, morning coffee, strong and black, first thing, and about once or twice a fortnight, but especially on pension day, a packet of cigarettes. (Not every day – just now and then.)
    Also on the list -eating a whole packet of Chocolate Montes by myself.
    Watching the Bill on Tuesday and Saturday nights.
    Watching the Bold and the Beautiful a few times a week.
    Reading the letters in our free local paper once a week.
    Buying a book, either new or secondhand.
    Buying several books at one time.
    Having coffee in the Mall in Armidale outside Rumours on pension day, wqhile I look o0ver any new books I’ve bought.
    And this week only, knowing that next Sunday morning its highly unlikely Howard will still be PM.

  7. Shaun says:

    I miss the little things at the moment being in Singapore. Like David, it would be when the Little One wakes up and gets all excited when I come to pick her up. She’ll then play in our bed for half an hour making all happy sounds. Till she realizes that she is hungry and demands a bottle.

  8. CFQ says:

    Time with my fiance. My morning coffee, usually made at home on trusty little machine, or bought at cafe at work if I’ve ridden my bike there (reward). Ditto what Paul said about buying several books at once. Checking my small herb garden to see what can be used that day. Continuing to read whatever book I was on the day before, or the pleasure of choosing what to start reading next. Getting news fix from various websites. Enjoying being able to walk or cycle to work, weather permitting. Getting my work day done. Glass of wine at end of the day.

  9. Mindy says:

    The little ones sleeping in until 7am! Bliss.

  10. Klaus K says:

    Buying a book usually makes my day too: I love to go to Elizabeth’s (on King St) or Sappho (on Glebe Pt Rd) and find that book that I’ve been meaning to read on a day when I have a few dollars spare and some time to start reading it. This week it was Doris Lessing’s ‘The Summer Before the Dark’, a book of profound emotional intelligence and psychological insight.

    When I’m at home for the day I like to watch the rabbit working on one of his ‘projects’, whether it’s tearing strips off of a cardboard box or rearranging the study to suit his specifications by moving around shopping bags, newspapers and the like so that it is just right. After a busy morning he’ll flop onto his side in a cool spot, or stretch out and settle in under the budgie cage for the afternoon.

    Oh, and coffee, but it’s got to be a latte in the morning (or even a flat white if need be). Starting out with one of those means it’s going to be a good day. Cappuccino is for the middle of the day (or perhaps a macchiato) and a short black for those afternoons and evenings when you plan to kick on.

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