Who can work out what’s with the Queensland Nats anymore? Boswell’s supporters are placing ads in the Courier-Mail which suggest that the biggest issue is the “human rights” of the fetus, while his colleague Barnaby Joyce bemoans the fact that Boz was running on a Coalition joint ticket in the first place, and looks set to do the switch to de facto independent under a Rudd government. Meanwhile, in the supposedly safe Liberal seat of Forde, where the sitting member is retiring, the Libs have reportedly dumped funding and resources for their own candidate in order to back Nationals hopeful Hajnal Ban. And who knew the Nats had a YouTube channel? Read and see more over the fold!

boswell ad

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7 comments on “Lordy!
  1. Vee says:

    Who knew the Nats had a YouTube channel? Anyone that looked at the Google election site.

  2. Boswell himself is playing up his anti-abortion, pro-christian stance.

  3. mbahnisch says:

    Yep, Barnaby campaigned similarly in 04. It’s the NCC redux.

  4. Anna Winter says:

    How on earth did that foetus get such a big sign?

  5. mbahnisch says:

    On the second item, keep an eye on Forde on election night. Even though it’s got a big margin, Labor has it firmly in its sights, and the reports about the Libs effectively dumping their own candidate in favour of Ms Ban can’t be good news for the Tories.

  6. Beppie says:

    You gotta love the pro-“life” ads:

    Foetus=Rational being capable of creating placards

    Woman=Nondescript bubble surrounding foetus

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