Saturday night

So what will you doing on Saturday night?

Some of us blogging tragics are planning to live blog the election results here on Larvatus Prodeo. Will anyone be reading? We can’t predict the frequency of the updates as it all depends what happens on the night, but we’ll try and post from a few different locations (including London!)

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50 comments on “Saturday night
  1. wilful says:

    I’ll be getting drunk watching the ABC and ranting. At some stage in my excitement I will doubtless cruise past here.

    Gonna be a good one.

  2. Stephen Bayne says:

    As tempting as Seven’s coverage is I think I’ll come here for my election news and updates while the missus watches a movie.

  3. Youie says:

    Damn, wilful stole me thunder…

    Don’t give us none of your aggravation
    We had it with your discipline
    Saturday night’s alright for fighting
    Get a little action in

    Get about as oiled as a diesel train
    Gonna set this dance alight
    `Cause Saturday night’s the night I like
    Saturday night’s alright alright alright

    Something like that anyway. Any arguments?

  4. catlick says:

    Yes, I’ll be here as part of the multi media experience. Thankyou in advance for your efforts. We appreciate it.

  5. bjohns says:

    I’ll be attending a wine and cheese night, however I’ll certainly be following things here via the bane of my existence that some like to call a smart phone.

  6. Marko says:

    Dining with friends – a slightly delayed Thanksgiving dinner. Turns out that Australians have taken to the tradition quite well.

    That said, I have a $100 bottle of fine French champagne which will be coming out sometime very shortly after Antony Green calls the election for Labor…

  7. Frank Calabrese says:

    I’ll be at the ALP’s combined Pearce/Hasluck Party at the old midland Workshops . 🙂 I may be on the televisor – look for the bloke in a wheelchair with glasses beard and radio reciever with a VERY wide grin 🙂

  8. Gaz says:

    I’ll be ringing Dr Gevorkian if it doesn’t go to plan.

  9. Beppie says:

    I’m having a few friends around; at least two of us have some bubbly planned for the (hopeful) Big Announcement, and I’ve got plenty to drink beforehand.

    I wonder if I’ll cry (either possible result could make me do so).

  10. Beppie says:

    And oh yes, while we’ll have the TV on, I’ll be keeping my eye on LP too. 😀

  11. dylwah says:

    Sundry friends and the parents group are comming around and we are going to make big colourful labels for all the possible seats that can swing and move them around a big pendulum in the garage trying for a tally room, circa 1960s but in colour, organised by beatniks kind of feel.

    I’m still trying to organise a cable long enough so that we can have the intertubes in the garage as well.

    If there is time, we will have a dartboard witht the numbers 75-115 randomly assigned, and blindfolded punters will throw darts at the one who gets the closest to the swing will get to pop the first bottle of bubbly during the concession speech.

  12. wilful says:

    Thankfully, if things don’t pan out as expected, I’m visiting godzown country with the missus, both of us on simultaneous work trips in a week. Will be asking around.

    Not that it’s necessary. I have faith in the awesome Possum Comitatus.

  13. Will be at work, & unlikely to hear any election news until 4am. If there is any at that time of day.

    No matter whether the govt is ousted, returned, or the result is pending, the floor will still need mopping, the dunnies cleaning & the carpet shampooed, just like every other Sunday morning.

  14. Youie says:

    No matter whether the govt is ousted, returned, or the result is pending, the floor will still need mopping, the dunnies cleaning & the carpet shampooed, just like every other Sunday morning.

    Won’t someone think of the children!?

    SATP, do you have any insight/s regarding the mood up north that I might’ve missed? As an ex-Qlder with family on the Gold Coast, I have/want to say the mood in that area is for something between a massacre and an annhilation for the Coalition. Thoughts..?

  15. Shaun says:

    I’ll be one of the LP blogging tragics on Sat night. Looking forward to getting back in country on Sat morning.

  16. marty says:

    I’ll be at home, set up in the loungeroom, tv tuned to ABC, two Powerbooks – running Larvatus, Possum and Poll Bludger, perhaps news radio in the background. Bottle of something good on ice ready…might go over to the Tally Room a bit later in the evening. Hee hee! Can’t wait. Haven’t been this excited in years.

  17. mbahnisch says:

    I’ll be at the New Matilda/2SER/LP election night party at the Bat & Ball, 495 Cleveland St, Surry Hills! Hope to see lots of folks from here there!

  18. gandhi says:


    Mark posted on the mood in QLD here.

    I’ve got three kids myself, so no big pub parties, but definitely a few beers in the fridge – and I will try to log onto the PC if it’s not going to wake anybody up!

    Anyway, I’m sure there will be plenty of exciting new ideas spewing forth on Sunday morning!

  19. David Rubie says:

    I’m planning on flicking between here and the poll bludger – although the ABC telecast is what I’ll be watching. I have a particular distate for Nick Minchin and it will be delightful watching Gillard pull bits off his rotting political corpse on live television.

    Will require some beer (generic) and perhaps a fifth of cheap scotch, with a backup of champagne for the big moment. I will also be wearing loose, easily removable clothing as I promised on an earlier thread to do a nudie run if Maxine wins Bennelong. I reckon she will, simply because I’m not so keen on the nudie run idea looking at the polls. It could still be daylight when the seat is called.

  20. Youie says:

    Cheers Mahatma… Reading it now.

    Mr Rubie: But a fifth? Why not a quart?

  21. David Rubie says:

    Youie – it’ll probably be my turn to get up to the baby on Sunday morning and a “mercury egg-yolk” hangover (thanks Tom Wolfe) is not going to help with that task. A moderate hangover will do nicely.

    It’s much cooler to say “a fifth” of scotch too, I know that because Dave Graney says so, likely because he couldn’t rhyme “seven hundred a fifty millilitres” with anything or fit it in a normal song lyric 🙂

  22. Liam Hogan says:

    Not going to happen, DR. Might be a change of Government, but I’d say Bennelong and Wentworth are safe in Tory hands.
    It’s the luvvies’ fate to be dissatisfied in victory and strengthened by humiliating, demoralising defeat.

  23. Nabakov says:

    I’ll be nude hang-gliding on acid as usual.

  24. jo says:

    bat & ball.

    for those who don’t know it – it’s on the south west corner of south dowling & cleveland sts. moore park across the road.

    gads, could it really be happening…the end of the rodent & hyacinth. i dont know if alcohol is gunna be anywhere near enough.

  25. jo says:

    alot of us will be up there with you nabs, if they get over the line.

  26. Megan says:

    Barbeque night at my sister and her boyfriend’s place at Marrickville, because they have the big TV screen. Will be bringing the obligatory meat, dip, salad and bottles of fine red wine – think I’ll go for a particularly good Pinot Noir – and I won’t be driving home. Didn’t think of visiting LP online, but now you’ve invited people I will if I remember. Not sure if I should wear my Kevin07 singlet on Saturday, but if so should also bring a black shirt just in case…

  27. Youie says:

    I’ll be nude hang-gliding on acid as usual.

    Comment by Nabakov — November 22, 2007 @ 10:50 pm

    Yeah yeah. For your next trick…

  28. Youie says:

    *Attention Attention*

    Perth bloggers/commenters/commentators/interlocutors.

    Where’s it happening this Sat? If you don’t know the answer to this question and you’re within coo-ee of the CBD, there’ll be a few like-minded souls at the Flying Scotsman/Velvet Lounge apres 7pm WST. I’m the one wearing the red velvet, er, top…

    See you there or avoid you.

  29. Adam says:

    I’ll be down at Horan Street, West End with my fellow (Qld) Greens partying like it’s 1999!

  30. anthony says:

    I’ve got a bottle of homebrew that I’ve been saving since…

    Actually not really, I’m in the free booze shmooze tent at the railway stakes and will have the saved moet handy for after.
    Flying Scotsman you say youie?

    If Maxine wins
    There will be sins

  31. Youie says:

    Anthony, yes. I know it’s a long walk up the road from Highgate *giggle* but certain sacrifices are necessary.

    oh four won sex tree won ate tree nine ate.


  32. Youie says:

    *extra big smile*

    Good man. I look fwd to it.

    A smiling face, it means the world to me
    So tired of sadness and of misery.

    Name that album…

  33. anthony says:

    the Sabbath!

    and the album…
    I Got This Fucking Thorn In My Side

  34. Youie says:

    Small world eh, Ant? 🙂

    You have the number, yes? If we see you, we see you, and I hope we see you.

    Er… Who’s in charge here anyway…?

  35. Futt Bucker says:

    I went and got a six pack of Cougar and cola’s today not so much for the victory on satdee night but the Howard concession speech 😉

    I’ll be at home watching the ABC (with the odd flick through 7,9 and SBS too) and Sky mainly to see how much those right wing nutters can spin the results. Plus Bruce Hawker likes sticking the boot into them.

  36. pipsickle says:

    Me, my partner and another friend from Oz will be sitting around this computer at 7am (British time) watching the abc live feed and drinking champagne (to be followed by lots more drink whatever the outcome!).

  37. Tim Hollo says:

    Can I respectfully invite people to pop by to the live-blogging at GreensBlog, too?

    I’ll be blogging from the Tally Room, and a few others from various places around the country, with a focus, obviously, on how the Greens are going.

    Reckon this’ll be the first election night I won’t have been getting sloshed for a decade or so…

  38. FDB says:

    Full-blown, all-stops-out Don’s party re-enactment for me – different result obvs. 😉

    Projector and screen with the tally room up – my mate Kilbot representing in Canberra (probably audible, shrieking with glee in the background).

    Purpose made McKerras Pendulum BBQ Apron 3000(-tron?) with boxes to colour in as appropriate for each electorate.

    Howard pinata, 60s horse doovers, champagne cocktails and a novelty sized spliff.

  39. seamus says:

    While I may be partly responsible for the nudie run idea expressed in an earlier thread (and I thought it surprising the way a few commentators, ahem, ran with it), it appears as required sobriety on my part will prevent me from doing likewise on the evening.

    I have, however, drafted up a quick drinking game for friends at the party I’m attending which should hopefully get them reasonably silly in a reasonably short amount of time. I think I’ll have a reflective moment with a dram of Islay’s finest on Sunday evening once everything’s settled and events are sinking in.

  40. goodtobewithyou says:

    So this site will become a chatroom, lots of concurrent messages going to and from the wordpress server.

    This caretaker LP installation is running off public shared infrastructure, yes? This could be quite a stress test all round, lots of refreshing necessary to get the new messages that will presumably be coming in on a minute by minute basis, ‘cept the whole page/database record has to be re-queried and re-sent each time someone refreshes.

    Any risk management plans for if it blows up? Everybody goes round and crash someone else’s blog by trying to post at the same time there too? It’s really a job for chatroom software isn’t it? That automatically refreshes with just the new messages, not the historical aggregate each time there’s a new comment.

    Comments are numbered here, so does anyone want to guess the jelly bean jar of how many comments there will be in the thread? No doubt it will be an LP record, by miles.

    There was an LP chatroom on the Night of the Worm. Going from the transcript, there were 1000+ utterences/posts, so if that’s any guide…
    Was anyone in present company there at the chat who can say how well it functioned, what chat software/site was used ?

    Adam: See you at the Greenslanders party.

  41. #14, Youie, I have absolutely no insight whatsoever into the political view here. Party campaigning & advertising aside, there is very little said by anyone around me about the election.

    Except by operators of marginal type small businesses (restaurants, pest control etc) who for months have been quietly asking anybody, with their act together sufficient to be objective, for an election outcome forecast. And none of them have gleaned anything either.

    This is normal and no indication whatsoever, even at the daylight saving referendum (voted against by about 90/10 here) there was no insight gained from the “public mood” here.

    My father, who talks a lot to people who share his politics, says that the “word is out” that “Rudd is in”. Howard could be voted back in ten million votes to six votes, and father & his five colleagues would all sit around saying “can’t have happened, I don’t know ANYBODY who voted for Howard”.

  42. SG says:

    I’ll be having an election party here in Matsue, Japan for the Antipodeans we know. Maybe my Japanese professor (who loves Australia) will come too. We will have drinks in the colours of the major parties (for variety we have included the Democrats as a Major Party). The Liberals get a Blue Lagoon, Labour Cassis and Soda (for the girly-men who vote that way, don’t you know), Democrats get Japanese Autumn beer (it’s amber, which comes close to orange, which is a colour no-one can take seriouslY), and the Greens get Chu-hai (chu-hai is like one of those girly alcohol-soda drinks, only it is $1 a can and comes in myriad remarkable flavours, some of which are green).

    We can stream the coverage from the ABC, so it’s the first time in 2.5 years that my partner will have seen Kerry O’Brien. And I get to admire Julia Gillard all evening. I will be checking blogs, etc. as well. Oh the joys of modern technology!

  43. suz says:

    re 41: I don’t think many of our usual readers will be around to comment on the night – they’ll all be off at election parties. It’ll just be the friendless stay-at-homes and parents of young children. And the expats!
    [But maybe I’ve got it completely wrong and we will be inundated. But we decided a post is better than the chatroom, more visually appealing and we’re able to moderate comments more easily.]

  44. Paul Burns says:

    Will be watching at home on ABC TV. Might check out LP. Will definitely be making a comment after watching Howard break down in public, but first have to send some e-mails to Switzerland and Getmany about election result.
    Comrade in Armidale tells me feedback from taxis is people just aren’t interested in the election down/up here. Maybe because Windsor is a certainty.
    expect to read about you in the Express or Independent if McKew wins.

  45. David Rubie says:

    Better than reading about it in the local papers Paul, you can come down and bail me out. My wife likely won’t 🙂

  46. Katz says:

    Traditional election party with old, old friends who have been foregathering around the Pye, then the Rank Arena, then the Toshiba, and latterly the plasma for many nights on the emotional roller-coaster.

    The night has got bigger over the decades as new friends are added and old friends return.

    Favourite moment? When Robert Ray started working the phones in 1993 to inform a previously smug Michael Kroger and the watching millions that the swing was not on and that indeed Labor would have the sweetest victory of all.

    Biggest surprise? Bracksy doing the impossible.

  47. Paul Burns says:

    I’ll come and visit you in the cells.
    They tell me the new ones are a great improvement on the old.
    Too broke to bail you out, otherwise I would.

  48. […] be liveblogging the coverage from the ALP abroad party in London. If there are any LP readers in London on Saturday […]

  49. joe2 says:

    I would like to visit tonight but every time I make a comment it takes ages to go through moderation/whatever which kills the spontaneous thingy.

    Have a good one folks.

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