Wentworth: the final days

I’ve lost track of how many leaflets and letters I’ve received this week — at least one every day, nearly all from Malcolm Turnbull.First came this one — Malcolm hanging out with latte-sippers. That folds out to become an A3-sized poster about the Liberals’ “bold” 9-point plan for Australia.


Next came this: a 12-page full-colour brochure with endorsements from 19 locally and/or nationally eminent people (Tim Flannery isn’t in it but Ian Keirnan of Clean Up Australia, describing himself as an “old Labor voter”, is).


A couple of these eminences are simply local Liberal politicos, but then there is Grant McMah, president of North Bondi Surf Life Saving Club, which secured funding from the feds to rebuild the club house. The club has thousands of local members, many of whom might not be pleased to see this party-political endorsement.


Somewhere in there I received another copy of Rudd’s plan for the future.

Today I received two postcards in the mail: the first from Malcolm, with a fairly persuasive-looking graph on the back (for those who bothered to turn it over – many people tell me that they throw all of these electoral communications straight into the recycling bin.)


The second was from George, with a rather compelling photo on the front.


Which brings us to the Greens, who sent their only leaflet of the campaign last week, a gesture of admirable restraint (or lack of cash.)

The Greens candidate made the cover of the local paper this week, balancing George and Malcolm in her hands. Turnbull is quoted saying something exceedingly strange: “There will be no environment without economy”. Surely most other thinking people are coming to the realisation that there will be no economy without the environment.


Inside, the paper has a double page spread on all the local candidates and their preferences. I found this very revealing. Malcolm Turnbull’s key policies are listed as:

  • ongoing sustainability of schools [does this mean the survival of public education? Unfortunately not] and faster broadband connections [copycat policy]
  • community safety and reduced crime
  • ratifying a new Kyoto Protocol [well there’s a sleight of hand, if ever I saw one]
  • water security

If I had a shred of sympathy for Turnbull, it disappeared when I read who he was preferencing: first the Christian Democratic Party, whose key policy on the same page is listed as a “10-year moratorium on Muslim immigration”; second, Family First. So much for the great small-l liberal hope.

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11 comments on “Wentworth: the final days
  1. suzeoz says:

    In this story:
    the Libs arre claiming that Lindsey Tanner supports the Greens’ policy on marijuana because Labor is preferencing the Greens and vice versa. So can we extrapolate and say that the Liberals support a 10 year ban on “Muslim immigration” (whatever that is) because they are preferencing the CDP in Wentworth?

  2. Megan says:

    How about this advertisement leaflet for Malcolm Turnbull for Wentworth courtesy of the local dog-lovers association?


    They even made a grubby attempt to insinuate that the adorable puppy in the poster is not safe from Labor Union thugs. Actually on the strength of this I think you can call Wentworth won for Malcolm now.

  3. hannah's dad says:

    Note this bit from the link in #1.
    “But he [Humphries] stood by a pamphlet that did not feature any Liberal Party logo, instead featuring a photograph of senior Labor MP Lindsay Tanner …..”

  4. emma says:

    Dog owners in the crowded eastern suburbs have become a big problem so it’s not surprising they’re Howard government supporters. There’s a highly organised movement that aggressively opposes efforts by Councils and parks to control dog attacks and dirty poo on footpaths, beaches and grassed areas.

    They are, frankly, scum.

    Malcolm supports them, but is quiet about this when talking with mothers and schools.

  5. David says:

    I received similar amounts of Liberal crap in my own electorate (Sturt) yesterday, so it’s not just a Malcolm thing. Apparently our Labor candidate wants to fill the electorate with heroin-injecting rooms (I couldn’t see an authorisation on this, and couldn’t be bothered looking for my glasses to investigate further). There was some other rubbish warning me about the dangers of a Green – Labor dominated Senate (as though that was a bad thing), and Dean Beige, a former SA premier, sent me a personalised letter which appeared to be pleading with me to re-elect that nice Mr Pyne. Not a chance. I’ll be voting Green.

  6. suz says:

    “Dog owners in the crowded eastern suburbs have become a big problem so it’s not surprising they’re Howard government supporters.”
    That comment is as ridiculous as the puppy pamphlet.

  7. anthony says:

    “Dog owners in the crowded eastern suburbs have become a big problem so it’s not surprising they’re Howard government supporters.”

    I think you’ll find emma, that the dog poo has nothing to do with the owners, are a funny Chaser-style prank, and you should apologise.

  8. Mindy says:

    Living in a rural blue ribbon liberal seat has meant very little in the way of campaign material thank goodness, but I didn’t know about the 10 yr moratorium by the CDP. My biggest problem now is whether to put them or FF last.

  9. Helen says:

    Hey, dog lovers vote Green too (and I use the poo bags – provided by Council – no biggie.)

  10. Bilko says:

    On Lateline last night Anthony Albanese mentioned a possible Exclusive Brethren leaflet ‘dropped on Wentworth’ three weeks ago.


    Is this the same as the “Keep Australia Christian” leaflet published by Crikey, supposedly a Christian Democrat Party slogan?


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