Casey Bennetto sums up election night in song

The creator of the wonderful Keating!, Casey Bennetto, has neatly captured in song the feeling around here with regards to tomorrow night.

Have a listen to Saturday Night, the first track in the RRR audio archive.

Pretty much sums up how the election night parties will go… 🙂

UPDATE: If you decide you want a high-quality MP3 copy for your own election-night party, you can download it here (if you just want to have a listen, please do so from the other link first). Thank you Casey Bennetto!

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9 comments on “Casey Bennetto sums up election night in song
  1. David Rubie says:

    RealPlayer files? Ptooey!

  2. Yes, it annoys me as well, but that’s the format available.

    If you’re feeling clever, mplayer can export RealAudio files as uncompressed WAV audio, which you can then compress to MP3 or whatever other codec you like…which I would do myself except that it’d be a great way to start a copyright argument with RRR and Bennetto…

  3. wilful says:

    nah, not real audio for me.

  4. Zarquon says:

    You can listen to the Breakfasters mp3 podcast instead from here which has the song about 20% of the way in.

  5. ..and a shameless plug for RRR again, if you are bored or get sick of watching cute young anthony green on the teev stream the RRR coverage on the night for a very alternative and humourous commentary.

  6. LuckyPhil says:

    Wilful @3 Nor me!

  7. joe2 says:

    That is great, clever and brilliant R.M.
    Thanks to Casey Bennetto for providing the anthem for Election o7.

    Anybody not playing that during the day and tomorrow night, at least 55 times, will be so uncool and not likely be deserving of a good root.

  8. lauredhel says:

    And to add to your morning listening: “Vote the Bastards Out”.

    video here

    mp3 available from their myspace page

    [Earworm warning.]

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