2007 election night

Most of the Larvatus Prodeo collective are away from their computers, but some of us diehard blogging tragics are on hand to comment as the results come through. Please feel free to join in on the comments thread, but remember to keep refreshing this page as we add updates to the main post.

Also live blogging tonight are Tim Dunlop at Blogocracy and the Greensblog.

6.08pm Wentworth (eastern suburbs of Sydney) Suze: Just turned on the TV and Ray Martin says exit polls show a swing to Labor and that Howard is in trouble in Bennelong. I’ve been so tense all day, after last night’s Newspoll. Everyone we’ve seen today has been on edge. I’d almost talked myself into accepting the prospect of the worst. But now I’m beginning to be excited…

6.10pm Helen Coonan says they are holding on in the West. Almost an admission of defeat in the east, I hope!

Wentworth 6.15pm: we voted at 9am in the heart of prosperous Paddington. My impression was that a lot more people than usual were taking Labor and Greens how-to-vote cards. GetUp were out in full.

Stephen Smith says Labor will get more than 50% of the vote!

Yesterday we had two recorded messages from Malcolm Turnbull on our answerphone. It made me think about the 2004 election when we got one from Howard. Not this time, which indicates how unpopular he is.

Shaun blogging from Roberston on the Central Coast and I have some breaking news re Roberston. It is too close to call. I repeat too close to call! Then again it is only 6:16pm

Shaun again. Anna Winter via SMS has mentioned an early turn out in WA (Anna is in Stirling). She sez that an early turnout means the voters are out to punish. Just under 2 hours left in WA and Anna tells me the Libs are not that happy. Hopefully she be able to pass on some exit polling

Gummo Melbourne 6:19 – and my drinkie phrase for the next hour is “tough ask”. I don’t think the bottle will last beyond 7 pm.

Wentworth Suze 6.30pm: Gillard says 5.2% swing to ALP in Braddon in Tasmania. She’s trying to control a grin on her face.

London mick 7.32 am (6.32 pm): It’s bloody early and I’m tired and will kill the barman if I don’t get a coffee soon. Oh yea, I’m at the ALP Abroad party. Everyone is watching Sky and Hawkie is awesome.

Gummo at 6.35: two crosses so-far from Kerry in the National tally room to reporters in empty Liberal Party function rooms. Those guys are really in the mood to party tonight!

Shaun in Robertson: Early figures suggest a 6% to Labor in Robertson with Antony Green reporting 8%. The other Central Coast seat Dobell has reported an 8% swing to Labor.

Suze: I’m swinging all over the place emotionally. Keep trying to keep my hopes in check.

6.47pm: Anthony Green shows a 10% swing against Howard – but based on just one booth. Crowd starts cheering behind him. Oh please let this not be a false dawn!

Shaun loves Nick Minchin’s blinkered optimism.

Shaun: C’mon QLD!

Shaun: The 2PP is starting to widen. NSW is going to be good to Labor and Peter McGuarin has been made to look like a dill.

Gummo (7.12): just checked the ABC 2007 Election web-site. It’s giving 47 seats to Labor, 34 to the Coalition. And with a margin of only 4.1% in Bennelong, it looks like the 4.9% swing against Howard will see him off. WOOT!

mick (8.18AM): The party here in London is gonna be huge. Bennelong is looking good!

Suze 7.31pm: I’ve been busy making pizzas to calm my nerves. I see that some Victorian seats have swung to Labor – isn’t that meant to be a very good sign?!

Wentworth is still looking tight. The Greens so far have 17% of the vote here.

mick 8.34 AM: ABC website is reporting a +5% swing towards Labor. If it holds that will do it. I wish they could start getting some results from QLD!

7.38pm: Kerry O’Brien saying ABC predicts Howards to lose Bennelong tonight and 5% swing to Labor without Queensland. It looks hopeful!!

mick 8.49: Sky just reported that on a traditionally Liberal booth in Bennelong they are recording a 10% swing against Howard on the primary vote! He is screwed.

mick 900 AM: Sky is annoying me They keep saying “very very close”. It looks like Turnball might hold Wentworth. Any bets on how long before he challenges Costello?

Shaun: The good feeling is starting to grow. Be slow but Labor looks like getting home. Antony has all but called it for Labor!

Shaun: The former member for Lindsey, Jackie Kelly, has just been slammed by both Libs and Labs on ABC.

mick: This party keeps getting bigger and bigger. Now we can buy booze.

Shaun: about time mick. I have the champers in the fridge. And it looks like Dobell on the Central Coast is a labor gain.

Shaun: The libs are in denial. Some funny stuff coming out as they try keep their heads above water.

mick: ABC website has already given the ALP 15 new seats.

Gummo: With the ABC web-site giving the ALP a 21 seat lead and all the indications they’re on track for the 16 they need, the only remaining points of interest are – Is Howard gone in Bennelong? How long before he fronts up to make his last YouTube video?

mick 9.30 AM: Woohoo!!! Our party here at the Pendrel’s Oak in London just got mentioned on Sky!

Shaun: Mark at the LP party in Sydney sez the mood is rather euphoric

mick 9.35 AM (8.35 PM in Sydney): Can we call it now?

suze: 8.44pm: Channels 9 and 7 have called it for the ALP. ABC is being cautious but we’ve just sent our child out to cheer into the street!

8.50pm: Watching Joe Hockey and Tanya Plibersek on Channel 7 – Hockey is being petulant – certainly doesn’t know the meaning of “gracious in defeat”

8.54PM: phone call from friends in Adelaide Hills, Downer’s seat. Downer’s not going to lose but there’s a big swing against him. Mainly they rang cause last election we were all together on that gloomy night. This night is very different, though the mood in our house is still held in check, almost like none of us can believe it. Tanya Plibersek said she feels the same – can’t quite bring herself to assert there’s a clear victory.

Steven Smith on the ABC says the same – wants to be sure they have the necessary seats before victory is claimed and before we get to WA count. (Imagine if we thought it was won and the ALP lost seats n WA.)

Shaun: The ABC reckons the ALP has Robertson and … BENNELONG!

mick: People are popping the bubbly here in London now.

Shaun: If Howard has retired before the election he would have preserved his legacy. Now, he joins Stanley Bruce as the answer to a trivia question

Suze: Are we all enjoying this moment – Maxine, that is. (There’s an even better one to come with Howard’s concession speech – a double concession speech.

I finally believe it!!!

Is that Little Pattie behind her – she sang on the It’s Time ads in 1972!

Shaun: Not quite a victory speech but a good one anyway

Shaun: Australia seems a little lighter at the moment. Like a veil has been lifted.

Shaun: The Chaser should hire Nick Minchim. He has been amusing me all night with his blind optimism

Suze: Channel 7 says Howard is expected in 10 mnutes or so. Get your champagne ready!

Shaun: Both the ABC website and News are calling it a Ruddslide

mick 11 AM (London time): Swan is going to fall to the Libs. Actually, as was predicted, the national trend has not really followed through to WA. At the moment there is a swing towards Labor but it’s only about 3%.

mick 11.23 AM: Well, I’m now drinking my first beer. I’ve just seen that with 10% of the senate vote counted in Queensland it looks like the Democrats are only getting 2% of the vote. That isn’t enough for Andrew Bartlett to keep his seat. Very sad.

10.30pm Costello is on. Boring.

Julia Gillard did know how to be gracious in victory when talking with Nick Minchin about Howard. Would we ever have heard the Libs saying they respected Hawke or Keating? No we wouldn’t have.

Shaun: A mate has called from the Anthony Albanese victory party. Needless to say it is a little raucous.

mick 11.52 AM (London): Oh, just in case you missed it Howard isn’t PM anymore.

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176 comments on “2007 election night
  1. gummotrotsky says:

    Time to crack that bottle of red and wheel out the cheese and crackers while I wait for John Howard to make his last ever YouTube video.

  2. Supun says:

    I have a bottle of mead waiting for Kerry O Brien to say Labour wins it.

  3. FDB says:

    I’m so excited. I have no particular desire to hide it. At some point later on there’s every chance I’ll lose control, and I think I like it.

  4. mick says:

    I’m going for a coffee. They are al on about the exit polls. Apparenty the Ruddster is feeling good.

  5. patrickg says:

    God, I’m so anxious! Drinking is doing nothing to alleviate my nerves! Is this how HC feels before the Organism hits??? Shit, I hope so!

  6. paul walter says:

    Exit polls say ok for Labor. Eden Monaro, Bennelong.
    Doesn’t make it in easier when it comes to saving the rainforests. Still (sigh)..
    A night to finally salve the wounds of 96 and ever since- DOES feel like a Grand Final day; your side is with the breeze and has the first scores on the board; promising!
    But it could always tighten up later and gloating is a heady potion with a nasty hangover when overdone, as we now know .

  7. mick says:

    Crap, there are a lot of people here. They are cheering everytime a result goes up. C’mon people they’ve only counted 5% of the vote.

  8. Peterc says:

    ABC reports early huge Green vote (15%) in McEwen to Steve Meacher. This could contribute to the Liberals losing it.

  9. Spooky says:

    Kerry says Bennelong could be lost tonight. hehehe

  10. mick says:

    I want booze damnit! Stupid licensing laws! Does anyone thing that booze and cold & flu tablets don’tmix?

  11. mick says:

    With over 10% of the vote the ALP is reporting that we are gonna get Bennelong!

  12. FDB says:

    No way Mick – it’s a match made in heaven. The pseudoephedrine does a nice job as a proxy amphetamine.

    Not much good for your nerves but!

  13. Spooky says:

    Is it just me? Or is the ABC seats won ticker tape thingy back-to-front? It shows the coalition ahead, when the alp are on the website?!

  14. mick says:

    Yea, it’s back to front.

  15. Spooky says:

    Did you give the ABC sys admin some of your tablets mick? 😉

  16. mick says:

    Damnit, Wentworth is going to Turnball.

  17. mick says:

    Bonner is going to the ALP.

  18. boredinHK says:

    “I want booze damnit! Stupid licensing laws! Does anyone thing that booze and cold & flu tablets don’tmix?”

    If the cold and flu tablets contain antihistamines you may have a very weird feeeeeeeling after consuming alcohol. And if you go to sleep drunk may suffer apnoea – that is you might stopping breathing temporarily.
    If they have codeine and paracetamol – I can’t think of a problem with moderate alcohol consumption but it isn’t advised.
    This link to an article from Choice helps especially the warnings section at the end.


    Maybe better to try some honey and lemon!

  19. mick says:

    boredinHK – Don’t tell me that…

  20. Spooky says:

    Isn’t it funny how the Libs in seats that look like going to the ALP keep saying “I haven’t seen the figures yet”.

    Poor saps!


  21. mick says:

    I’ve been watching Crosby on Sky. He’s in denial, I guess his advice won’t be worth much after this election…

    Hawkie and others are already calling it for Labor.

  22. Spooky says:

    @Gummo: I’m constantly refreshing the Bennelong page at the ABC site. This is AWESOME. hehehe

  23. mick says:

    C’mon Queensland!!!

  24. nasking says:

    John Howard – In Memorandum – The Howard Years

    F*CK YEAAAAA!!!!!


  25. Spooky says:

    Nick Minchin, you are a dunderhead!


  26. mick says:

    Beazley is looking very chuffed!

    I wonder if Hawkie will hit the booze tonight?

  27. mick says:

    The ALP Abroad party here in London just got a mention on Sky. The mood here is fantastic. Everyone is absolutely into it.

  28. Beppie says:


    Maxine is winning!!!!!!!!!!!

    *dances (possibly naked)*

  29. mick says:

    I wanna know what’s going to happen in the Senate. Does that make me weird?

  30. Spooky says:

    No mick, I wanna know too 😉

  31. anthony says:

    Ahahahahahaha Kerry O’ Brien

    “The swing to the ABC…[laughs]”

  32. mick says:

    Chatting to some other QLDers here we are worried about Bartlett losing his seat.

    I’m also worried about WA… Hopefully news will start coming through soon.

  33. FDB says:

    Anthony – was that or was it not the best Freudian slip in the history of the world?

  34. mick says:

    Now I’m just hanging to see Howard concede!

  35. suzeoz says:

    Remember to refresh for updates to the post at the top!

  36. tiny tyrant says:

    swing to the ABC? you bet Kezza.

    somebody better post footage of that.

  37. mick says:

    “Still to close to call” – I’m so sick of that phrase!

  38. gummotrotsky says:

    It’s nights like these that you need a supply of illegal fireworks.

    The worst times are over – bring on the bad times!

  39. Shaun says:

    heh. I was in early mick and used it at about 6:16pm 😉

  40. tigtiog says:

    Heh – I was going to be at the Bat and Ball with Mark by now, but I want to share Maxine’s victory speech with mr tog.

    I’ll be there for some bubbly once Bennelong is called!

  41. Spooky says:

    What do you think of Minchin’s bluster about postal votes in Bennelong? More spin?

    God I want Max to win!!

  42. mick says:

    Spooky – I don’t think it’s in doubt at all. She’s won it easy.

  43. tiny tyrant says:

    Gillard seems to believe Minchin’s postal vote mumbo.

  44. Spooky says:

    Hallelujah then!

    Now then, what portfolio do you give Maxine? hehe

  45. flygirl says:

    Go…you good thing…gooo……

  46. mick says:

    Crosby on Sky is talking so much smack. It’s hilarious!

    Hawkie is pointing out that all election the issues that have dominated are traditionally Labor issues. He’s spot on.

  47. mick says:

    Nelson just said that he’s leaving the concession speech to the PM!

  48. Guy says:

    Yay, its looking pretty good!

  49. mick says:

    John Hewson looks happy.

  50. tigtog says:

    Joe Hockey is in tears on Seven talking about how many of his colleagues are going to lose their seats.

    Very impressed by Tanya Plibersek.

  51. mick says:

    Really, tears? Wow.

  52. Spooky says:

    Soul? Joe has a soul?

    The question is … WHOSE? hehehe

  53. David Rubie says:

    First break I could take from the ABC coverage. All I can say is: GO MAXINE!!!!!!

  54. mick says:

    Maxine is about to give a speech.

  55. tiny tyrant says:

    my lucky rabbit’s foot isn’t calling it for Maxine.. lucky i’m not superstitious

  56. mick says:

    On Sky that is.

  57. tiny tyrant says:

    Maxine fever on all tv stations

  58. mick says:


    Now, when will Howard give his concession?

  59. Shaun says:

    Maxine is on the ABC as well. I’ve started to swtich between the two based on mick’s comments that Sky seems to find Libs that reckon they can still win.

  60. Debbie (aussie) says:

    Has Maxine really won, or is this just a prediction?
    Hubby and I just came hone from dinner out. Doing a little happy dance. Didn’t realise how worried I really was.

  61. tiny tyrant says:

    aw yeah.. happy dance

  62. mick says:

    She isn’t calling it. I wonder if she’s hanging for a concession speech?

  63. suzeoz says:

    Maxine for PM!

  64. Debbie (aussie) says:

    Can you imagine not just having to concede the election,but having to concede your seat as well. Oh my! Do you think he will have a cry.

  65. anthony says:

    Maxine: anthony, I would like you to eat an entire motorcyle.

    anthony: rarrrrrrrrrrgh chomp chomp chomp

  66. Shaun says:

    If Maxine does get over the line she had the potential to be one of the greats.

  67. Spooky says:

    That’s some nice hedging from Max. She’s a consummate performer! I want to have her babies.

  68. David Rubie says:

    Gillard says Bennelong down to the wire on postals. Gillard for PM.

  69. suzeoz says:

    Turnbull claming victory on 7.

  70. tiny tyrant says:

    based on the way she presents, Maxine ain’t no politician.. more in the mould of Cornes.

  71. suzeoz says:

    He might have won but he’s just an MP now!

  72. Debbie (aussie) says:

    They (the libs) will not even hint that they night have lost WOW!

  73. Spooky says:

    And a backbencher at that suze 😉

  74. mick says:

    Turnball’s speech was aweful. He made a play to nationalism off the bat. That was boring and predictable.

  75. Shaun says:

    Or the new Opposition Leader suze. I’m with Mick’s earlier comment that Costello is now cert for opposition leader.

    Any bets on whether some Libs will spit the dummy and retire not long into the term?

  76. Shaun says:

    I meant “Costerllo is not a cert”

  77. Shaun says:

    I meant Costello as well. Blame the euphoric mood.

  78. Shaun says:

    Mal Brough has lost his seat!

  79. flygirl says:

    Maxine for PM!!! Damn is she fabulous!

  80. anthony says:

    I’m outta here to go celebrate. Stay brave and true and many thanks my friends. Enjoy.

  81. tiny tyrant says:

    i’m ready to give up being a Howard hater and am dead set keen to become a Rudd hater.

  82. mick says:

    Have fun anthony!

  83. suzeoz says:

    Remember to refresh to read the updates in the main post.

  84. David Rubie says:

    Would have liked to see Christopher Pyne to lose his seat, but apparently not. How did brough lose?

  85. patrickg says:

    Ha ha ha Mal, suck shit, you racist bastard! So much for his campaign to be PM! Ha ha ha ha ha!

  86. mick says:

    Howard is apparently giving a speech shortly.

  87. Stephen Bayne says:

    I can’t believe I was worried. Now I’m just going to sit back and watch if Howard can make a comeback through postal votes and who will be the new opposition leader.

  88. Spooky says:

    Ruddslide?! ROFLMAO

  89. mick says:

    Stephen it would have to be a huge number of postal votes – and they would have to buck the trend. I know that in London, which has a huge proportion of Australians the vote has been going to Labor.

  90. Shaun says:

    I can’t believe the swing in Dawson.

  91. tigtog says:

    Brough is conceding – yay!

  92. mick says:

    The ABC is saying that Swan might be picked up by the Libs. That kinda sucks, I hope that trend isn’t maintained.

  93. Su says:

    At last I can breathe!!

    Good riddance to Brough!
    That result has to be a commentary on the NT intervention – noone predicted it.

    They mentioned Andrew Fischer; wonder what Rudd will bequeath as Prime Ministerial memorabilia. Doesn’t come any more affecting that Fischer’s canteen from the coal mines. Totally random I know.

    Freaking beautiful result.

  94. mick says:

    Come on Stirling!!! You can turn it around!!!

  95. mick says:

    Howard has conceded!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  96. stark world says:

    FF will turn this around with less than 2%

  97. Beppie says:

    I think I might turn gay for Julia Gillard. 🙂

  98. mick says:

    Maxine is still refusing to say that she’s won Bennelong.

  99. tiny tyrant says:

    got a text from my mum.. “God is in her heaven”

  100. mick says:

    Kim Beazley just told Maxine that she’s won it!! That was hilarious.

  101. Stephen Bayne says:

    #89 Good to know Mick. What a night!

  102. Shaun says:

    The one result we have ignored is Graeme Bird in Dobell. So far after 74.9% counted, The Bird has garnered 140 votes which puts him at 0.2%

  103. mick says:

    Wow, 140 people voted for the Bird!

  104. Shaun says:

    I take is Dennis Shanahan’s first post Rudd piece will try and explain why the election loss is actually a victory for Howard.

  105. Spooky says:

    ROFL Shaun

  106. mick says:

    Hehe. Long live the culture wars!

  107. suzeoz says:

    They said Howard left Kirribili about 10 minutes ago – sure;y he’s made it to the Wentworth by now! Can’t be long now. We started drinking champagne when they said Howard had rung Rudd to concede.

  108. Shaun says:

    I’m not popping the champers till Howard speaks

  109. David Rubie says:

    Costello, STFU. You suck.

  110. Wheeeeeeeeeeeee! Just got home from hanging out with Mark at the party. Wot fun! Harry Clarke where are you when I’m having an organism!

  111. mick says:

    Here we go. Howard is about to speak.

  112. David Rubie says:

    Howard concession on now. YAAAAAAAAAAAHOOOOOOOOOOO! Don’t let the door hit you in the arse, ya little mongrel.

  113. Debbie (aussie) says:

    I am not very up on where the seats are, can some one tell me how ,many Qld seats ALP has taken. I know we have Blair, Yippee!! and a few others, but I know the people not the seat name. Thanks

  114. tiny tyrant says:

    Howard talkin bout respect!?!

    you lied champ. get out, don’t let the door hit as you leavin.

  115. Shaun says:

    The champers has been popped. Now for the cigar!

  116. bjohns says:

    Awesome, simply awesome. Appreciate the effort guys, I’m sure the LP made a difference.

  117. mick says:

    Howard accepts full responsibility for defeat. Pity he can’t accept responsibility for the state of the nation.

  118. Spooky says:

    Ratty accepts FULL responsibility?!?!?!?!

    Has anyone checked the temperature of Hades?

  119. mick says:

    He loves the Liberal party – I bet that isn’t mutual.

  120. Shaun says:

    5 years time, responsibility for Howard will mean it was all Costello’s fault.

  121. mick says:

    Goodbye John. You won’t be missed.

  122. David Rubie says:

    Janette still giving him instructions, during his concession speech. LOL.

  123. mick says:

    He just gave up Bennelong.

  124. Beppie says:

    Man, how long is this speech going to go on. He’s said “finally” about 50 times now…

  125. flygirl says:

    Good riddance Howard!

  126. tiny tyrant says:

    doctor, how long until i stop hating this man?

  127. Spooky says:

    OMG Nick reckons 22 seats ISN’T a mandate? The man has no shame!

  128. David Rubie says:

    Nick Minchin makes a funny: says he’s going to consider legislation on it’s merits. It’s going to be hard to break bad habits Nick.

  129. David Rubie says:

    What are the betting odds on the Liberal party eating itself in a quasi-sectarian sh*tfight? Alex Hawke won his seat, so my guess is 60/40.

  130. mick says:

    Oh mate the shitfight will be awesome.

  131. flygirl says:

    David, it’s all perfectly natural for any incoming opposition!

  132. mick says:

    Here comes the Ruddster.

  133. flygirl says:

    mick: Turnbull vs Costello: bring it on!

  134. mick says:

    I hope Abbott and Downer get into the mix as well.

  135. Spooky says:

    Lock ’em in a room with a bunch of knives … hehehe

  136. tiny tyrant says:

    was that a booty dance from TR?

  137. mick says:

    Good call to thank those that swung to Labor this time. Very clever, very personal.

    “Prime Minister for all Australians. A Prime Minister for Indigenous Australians. Australians who are born here, Australians who have come here from afar…”

    Fucking brilliant.

  138. David Rubie says:

    Shake it Therese! Geez the crowd isn’t gee’d up at Labor central though. What’s going on?

  139. mick says:

    Nice verbs, “forge” is a beauty.

  140. David Rubie says:

    Sorry folks – no nudie run until the postal votes come in for Bennelong.

  141. Spooky says:

    They’re being respectfully quiet 😉

    And this IS a fucking brilliant speech … *sniff*

  142. mick says:

    C’mon David.

  143. mick says:

    How do you “prosecute” an agenda?

  144. mick says:

    Woohoo! Coorparoo represents!

  145. Spooky says:


    a. To pursue (an undertaking, for example) until completion; follow to the very end.


  146. mick says:

    Thanks Spooky.

  147. emmjay says:

    I’ve just got home from A Day on the Green – cracked open the Johnny Walker Blue label I’ve been saving for 5 years for the vile rodents demise. Mood there was interesting – lots of us checking our phones for texts and trying to get a 3G connection. Election updates moving from group to group.

  148. Spooky says:

    Cheers mate!

  149. mick says:

    “the great Australian trade union movement” – finally!

  150. David Rubie says:

    Props from Kevin07 for Bernie Banton and the trade union movement. That makes me happy. I salute you too, Bernie and Greg Combet too.

  151. Spooky says:

    *wiping away a little tear*

  152. mick says:

    Julia gets the nod as deputy PM! Swanny gets first props after Julia. Nice. We have a leadership team.

    Nice to see the caginess is gone.

  153. David Rubie says:

    I hope he gives thank to Tony “knuckledragger” Abbott and those racist cretins in Lindsay. Those guys did superb work for the ALP.

  154. mick says:

    I think he should thank Mark Vaile for dissing the big money behind the Liberal party.
    He’s helping to ensure that the ALP wins the next one as well.

  155. Mark U says:

    He should show a bit of humility and less triumphalism.

  156. mick says:

    OK kiddies. I’m outta here. It’s time to get well drunk. Have a good night back in Oz – it’s going to be a fantastic day here in London!

  157. David Rubie says:

    F*ck humility. He can do that next week.

  158. Zarquon says:

    So it will be a sweet return from exile.

  159. flygirl says:

    Mark U, are you kidding?!

  160. Jane says:

    I can’t believe it!!!!!! We’re rid of the Rodent and they’ve slung Mal Brough out, too. Oh joy! I’m breathing again after holding it for the last 11 interminable years. Ding! Dong! The Rodent’s dead!!!
    Had dinner with some Libs tonight who just couldn’t understand why the electorate gave the Rodent the push. And were genuinely astonished when I said that people had a gutsful of the mendacity and corruption of the Rodent and his minions. They really are amazed that we a) remember core and non-core promises, children overboard, AWB etc, etc and b) think these things are important. There you have it-the mentality of the Rodent lovers!! How I am reveling in their devastation! I am going to permit myself a maniacal cackle as I watch their world collapse.

  161. Paul Burns says:

    Did any of you feel we got our Australia back when you heard Rudd’s victory speech?
    And did any of ytou have the impression the reason why Howard took so long to concede was that his minders had to cake him and Jeannette with make-up to hide the tears of rage?

  162. Gaz says:

    “I am going to permit myself a maniacal cackle as I watch their world collapse.”

    Amen to that.I have a load lifted off my well being that will take another month to come to terms with.

  163. Beppie says:

    I actually met John Howard in Bennelong today. I said to him, “I hope you have a good night, but I hope Mr. Rudd has a better one.” I’m sure that I remember someone saying something similar to him in the Latham campaign, but I can’t for the life of me remember from whom I plagarized the line. Regardless, I think that my wish pretty much came true– except for the fact that I don’t think that Howard’s night could be construed as “good” in any way– but I can live with that! 😀

    *Is still doing the LABOR WON happy dance*

  164. Matt Canavan says:

    Rudd’s speech was terrible. A bunch of advertising slogans lacking all content. The only thing I can remember him saying was the “can’t take the Nambour out of the boy” rubbish. He is a fraud.

  165. Waxeater says:

    Only three years to go before we can get rid of Kruddy!!!!!!!

  166. jethro says:

    The only thing I can remember him saying was the “can’t take the Nambour out of the boy” rubbish

    Rudd’s speech ain’t gunna be compared favourably to Pericle’s funeral oration, that’s fer sure. Kinda bland and stilted after listening to Howard’s speech.

    Although I did like how he got mixed up attempting to say “special thanks” and said something like “I’d like to spank … er .. specially thank Joe Bloggs” 🙂

  167. jethro says:


  168. Jez says:

    howard was destroyed over unionism. could it be sweeter. after all his vicious vilification and contempt for half the population of this country – he has led his own people into a well-deserved oblivion unprecedented in history!

    for the next two their highest elected official will be the mayor of brisbane. oh well. can we take that too?

  169. Gaz says:

    “Comment by Matt Canavan — November 25, 2007 @ 12:12 am ”

    Dear oh dear,Hey Mat I would have thought even a right wing dullard like you would have given Rudd at least 24 hrs in the job before accusing him of being a fraud.

    I mean shit after all, we gave Howard the FRAUD the benefit of the doubt for eleven years.

    Go suck on it he he he he he he.

  170. paul walter says:

    His speech was ok, as was Howards.
    The real and defining issue for the near future will be the question of a meaningful dialogue and working relationship- based on reason- established between the ALP and the Greens.
    The environment is the running sore of Australian politics, since Labor abandoned science for expediency back in the mid-nineties. Yet the forestry seats have supported Labor and their price tag will also be obvious.
    Can the Greens let go, as to the existence of ( some sort of ) of Tasmanian forestry, including pulping practices?
    Can Labor drag Tasmania ( and certain retrograde elements of its own union base ) clear of of medievalism, toward a sustainable mode of development. Or will it, in a fit of hubris, finally permanently poison its relationship with that informed part of the community that concerns itself with ecology and therefore genuinely “rational” economics?
    Twenty four hours and the Australian political landscape is changed beyond recognition.

  171. Gaz says:

    “Twenty four hours and the Australian political landscape is changed beyond recognition.”

    Aint that the ever lovin truth.And thank God it has.

  172. tyro rex says:

    168 jez : “for the next two their highest elected official will be the mayor of brisbane. oh well. can we take that too?”

    no it’s longer than two months. The brisbane election is in march. so we can get rid of “can do campbell” as well.

    I’m concerend about the coalition having control of the senate still if they get familty first or one other on their side.

  173. Is it just me or does anyone else thing Antony Green is Gollum?

  174. Justin says:

    WTF is it with Howard-lovers?!?
    I just spent an hour on the phone with my father, who is an intelligent person, despite the fact he is a farmer in southwest WA with a struggling chance of financially surviving this and all future droughts/weather abberations.
    I tried to explain to him that right now I would amount to nothing if not for the Hawke government…they introduced HECS and Austudy, without neither of which I could have embarked on a career which began with a Tertiary degree….I had potential to be a farmer, but likely to fail for reasons that caused my father extreme troubles (and he is a far better farmer than I could ever hope to be).
    My brother is in a similar situation (well-paid job based on an education provided by the state), but my father cannot see that a labor govt that provided for his sons’ futures could possibly be good thing.
    I love him to death…but cannot sympathise with his feelings of loss at the Howard demise….

  175. bahnischba says:

    Yes, Tyro the senate is a problem.

    We were with my brother and his wife and some of their baby boomer Labor mates. A riotous night! Especially after Barnaby Joyce had conceded at about 5.30pm Qld time on the basis of the exit polls. And boy was he spot on!

    Imagine knocking off De-Anne Kelly AND Mal Brough!

    Enjoyed Kezza’s slip “swing to the ABC”, and Maxine – what a woman!

    Best comment from my sister-in-law – “Howard overboard!”

  176. Helen says:

    Can Labor drag Tasmania ( and certain retrograde elements of its own union base ) clear of of medievalism, toward a sustainable mode of development. Or will it, in a fit of hubris, finally permanently poison its relationship with that informed part of the community that concerns itself with ecology and therefore genuinely “rational” economics?

    Well said. Julia especially please note.

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