Lazy Sunday!

So what did everyone get up to on the first day of the Rudd era? I survived my hangover, did a bit of shopping and picked up an ace present for a friend back in Brissie, wandered down to the MCA and was very impressed by both the Julie Rrap and Cross Current exhibits, wrote some stuff on the election at a net cafe on Broadway to be published tomorrow, phoned some friends in Brisneyland to talk about last night, and then had a rather scrumptious pizza on Crown St. Gonna settle down for my second last night in Sydney before the teev.

Over the fold are some links to some photos of my Sydney trip so far. As always, if you’d like to have a peak, click through then click on full view.

Harbour Bridge does Aids Day by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Sydney Harbour purple people by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Celebrating Kevin07 by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Vote VI by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Vote V by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Terraces by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Sandstone steps by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Surry Hills afternoon II by *phenomenologist on deviantART

School of Arts by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Sydney shopping by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Surry Hills afternoon by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Sydney streets by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Route 66 by *phenomenologist on deviantART

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23 comments on “Lazy Sunday!
  1. mick says:

    I have the flu from hell. It ended up skewering my election celebration plans so now I’m spending my Sunday doing not very much and possibly heading to the pharmacy later. Yay! (that was a sarcastic yay)

  2. mick says:

    Though to be fair being ill gives be the opportunity to finish reading “American Gods” by Neil Gaiman, a book which I’m enjoying immensely.

  3. Beppie says:

    American Gods is excellent.

    I spent the day feeling Very Happy Indeed, beginning with a celebratory brunch at a local cafe, and ending with a roast dinner at my partner’s mum’s house.

  4. Quick car trip over to the ex’s to pick up the last of the stuff she’s bequeathed to the household before she jets off to Old Blighty, then a slow shuffle around me room, putting stuff away.

    And getting over the cold from hell. Tomorrow we move the white goods in the backyard inside, unless they get stolen overnight.

  5. Went to the Harvest picnic at Werribee Park with some friends, and had a lovely lamb kebab, some even nicer salmon, and topped it with some strawberries for desert. Tried some different cheeses, and took home some never microbrewery ale.

    Didn’t bring the camera, though I should have 🙂

  6. emmjay says:

    Woke up wondering if last night was just a dream and was very happy to hear Jon Faine telling me it wasn’t, even if it did induce a mild panic attack about being late for work. Read the Age and then checked out the AEC and various Murdoch sites. Headed out for a lazy lunch, headed back to bed for a nap this afternoon. Killing brain cells now with the neverending televisual event that is the finale of Australian Idol.

  7. I drove down to Geelong from Northcote to visit my 81-year-old father in hospital and tell him he’d lived to see off John Howard. I’m not sure what he made of my bedside election analysis. Music on the way back (JJJ, the Foo Fighters’ Long Road to Ruin), which meant I didn’t find out the delightful latest about Costello until I wandered across to the local fruit and veg (a hotbed of political discussion) when I got back to Northcote. Checking the counts in various seats, pondering the Senate, wondering if Rudd will go ahead with the pulp mill etc. Wrapped up with stories for the kids, and now I’m here. A good day, a Ruddy good day!

  8. CK says:

    Went to election party for two hours, eyes glued to the screen with a few tragics while the rest of the relaxed and comfortable ALP voters were weaving baskets over vegetarian drug-addict terrorist baby-throwing never-ever GST AWB salads out the back.

    Back home, perfectly restrained, discussed implications of result with daughters. Off to bed due to pleadings of dog.

    And today I think this is what it must feel like to be a heroin addict (refer par 1).

    I’m still walking on clouds.

    Could. Not. Be. Happier.

  9. Enemy Combatant says:

    “Off to bed due to pleadings of dog.”
    CK, is a mild expression of concern in order here?

    Wake up smiling. Ritual sqizz at Insiders. Long, long walk alone on empty beach with lots of involuntary smiling. Bit of a blog slagging Petit Mal and Cossie-No-Cojones. Slow happy late-lunch with family. Couple of phone election de-briefs. Still floating. Last sniff of the blogs, now off to bed with a long neglected book.

    Disclaimer: There are no canines chez nous.

  10. Helen says:

    After a hard days’ gardening, it was time for AUSTRALIAN OIDOL. Yes, a Federal election, AND the Idol Final in one weekend! The drama!!! And does LP care? Apparently not! Lift your game, chaps.

    I recommend the wrapup reports at Bland Canyon. Don’t take a mouthful of coffee while you’re reading if you value your keyboard.

  11. Alex on a Bus says:

    With a raging hangover (thanks to a steady procession of celebratory drinks at the Batman and Melbourne ALP bashes), I struggled to watch Insiders before dragging myself down the road for a debrief with my local Team Rudd branch over lunch, where I first heard about Sweetie piking out. After mulling over possible opponents (Malcolm? Mad Monk? The Nattrass Mattress?), it was back home to the couch, where I promptly fell asleep and missed out on all the news bulletins.

    Been keeping tabs on the count on the AEC site. Mitchell’s just leading Bailey 50.2-49.8 in McEwen – apparently there wasn’t much Labor campaigning up there. I suspect with a proper effort, Fran would have been toast well early in the evening.

  12. Helen says:

    Mad Monk? At least it’ll be entertaining in a horrible sort of way.

  13. mbahnisch says:

    Sorry to hear you’re not well, mick. Let me know what the Gaiman book’s like. I haven’t read any of his stuff but watched Neverwhere on dvd recently, so I’d be interested to hear.

  14. Paul Burns says:

    Up early etc getting ready to gfo hand out some HTV for Socialist Alliance at the local school near where I live, afdter checking out blogs. Overcast, wonder if it will affect election turnout despite compulsory voting. Hand out some HTVs after voting, home by midday. Have a light sleep.Dip into two books I have to write reviews for -Trish Payne’s War and Wards.The Australian Press and the Vietnam War and UQP’s Making Books. Contemporary Australian Publishing. Not serious about them till after the election. Also have one other book to review- Sherman Young – ‘The book is dead-long live the book. Blog a bit.5pm start watching election coverage on Channel 9, then ABC.You all know the gamut of emotions we all went through.After watching the concession and victory speeches e-mail news to friends in Europe, do a short post on LP.
    Sunday watch Insiders, Sunday programme, realise the part Welfare to Work played in Howard’s defeat. Blog a bit, learn about Costello from LP, blog a bit. Read a bit of book on publishing, heat up & eat vegetable soup, have a nap. On a news programme somewhere, see Maxine is 2000 votes ahead of Howard in Bennelong and the Libs have not sent scrutineers, Watch TV, especially Choir of Hard Knocks doco and first Episode of Jane Eyre. Remember seeing Toby Stephens playing Kim Philby. An interesting Rochester and Jane. Putr the garbage out late, after Jane Eyre, asthma bad, blog a bit.

  15. SG says:

    Gaiman readers, I recommend not continuing from American Gods to Anansi Boys, it’s crap. I bought UnLundun but haven’t started yet, spoiler-free opinion would be appreciated.

    I got up late, having knocked myself a little flat at the election party. Read the online news, then went to the local “family restaurant” for kimchi noodles and chips before heading in to Uni for 3 hours of fruitless, braindead attempts to recalculate the variance on my semi-parametric smoother. Buggered if I can work out what the problem is, but it all seems so irrelevant in the circumstances, so I eventually came home to have a gin and soda… (tonic is bloody hard to find in Japan).

  16. Craig Mc says:

    Sang “Always look on the bright side of life”.

  17. CK says:

    ‘“Off to bed due to pleadings of dog.”
    CK, is a mild expression of concern in order here?’

    Not at all EC. He’s a staffie. Staffie owners will know what I’m talking about.

  18. Graham Bell says:

    Not a good Sunday. Wasted too many hours trying to get my computer to work again. Not impressed by our privatized all-for-profit-nothing-for-customer-service telecommunications system and its barded-wire-fence landline …. nor by the software Help section which must have been cobbled together whilst the culprits were smoking non-tobacco substances. Might try a bit of “percussive maintenance” when I get home. 😦

    This post is on a friend’s laptop – it’s got eveything: waterbed, temprite, double-overhead-cams and it does the washing-up too. I want one for Christmas!!! 🙂

  19. David Rubie says:

    It’s humid here in Armidale, and the cicadas are going full pelt – much louder than last year. Woke up on Sunday a little disoriented (was I in Brisbane?). Nope. Fed baby. Fought hangover. Went back to bed at 8am and didn’t re-emerge until 10. Still humid, headache gone. Big cup of coffee, find mp3 player and drag out lawnmower. Cannot face renovations, still disoriented.

    Watch news. It’s true IT’S TRUE! Howard is gone, it wasn’t just a fitful dream. Maxine still not sure of winning Bennelong so postpone nudie run. Might change to a 21 helicopter salute sometime during the week, it’s more respectful of the neighbours who were fairly obviously disappointed in the outcome.

  20. jinmaro says:

    The election result is the best XMAS/holiday present EVER. Will be going bush soon with a suitcase of books, DVDs/CDs, swimmers, good wine, snorkelling gear, walking boots and excellent company.

    Am in heaven.

  21. FDB says:

    Under a Rudd Labor government, hangovers have been abolished.

    Seriously, I got wizzed up in the arvo Saturday, then drank enough to kill a busload of Irishmen. 3 hours’ sleep, then up for a photo shoot down on St Kilda pier and a sweaty band room rehearsal for 4 hours. I never felt a thing.

    Incredibly pleasant arvo BBQ for a great mate, sipping G&Ts in the dapply shade of a North Carlton yard, securing Ween tickets via dialup (the only harrowing part of my day) and dissecting this delicious series of results.

    Life is good, no?

  22. Bingo Bango Boingo says:

    Not sure if this is the right place Mark, but it seems as good as any other. With the election over, and with so much of what LP is about culminating in Rudd’s victory on the weekend, it’s time to say thanks for the effort LP bloggers have put in during the extended election campaign (and, of course, for many many months beforehand). I can’t say I agree with a lot that LP has to say, but for mine it’s easily the most thoughtful and interesting political blog. Always a good read.

    And jinmaro, welcome to the puddle.


  23. jinmaro says:

    BBB, puddles are made by time and water. And like us, they vanish.

    The moon and oceans though are ever new again.

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