The great election hangover!

Hangovers evidently don’t feel so bad under a Labor government.

So, a bit of a roundup of the results is probably in order. The best place to go to for an overall picture is Antony Green’s ABC election page. My tip that Labor would win 87 seats is looking pretty good, with the projection currently being 86 seats to Labor (there are a number of seats in doubt which The Poll Bludger will be following as the count progresses.) The Poll Bludger also has a post which looks at the swings in various states and cities, and at the rather disappointing Senate outcome. Kerry Nettle looks to have lost her seat in NSW, and the majors have done pretty well in the contest for the sixth seat in a number of states. Sadly, Andrew Bartlett has also lost and he has written what I think is a quite poignant post acknowledging not just the work of his supporters in this campaign, but all those who saw the Democrats as a vehicle for social change over the thirty years in which they had parliamentary representation.

I haven’t really had much of a look for reaction as opposed to analysis yet, but some other bloggers have. Darryl Mason looks at the Coalition blame game, and Tim Dunlop has posted what must be the photo of the night. At the Poll Vault, Cristen Tilley looks at the reaction from around the world, and Glenn Greenwald at Salon has the North American beat covered. Unsurprisingly, most commentary in America relates to the Iraq War, and the neo-con commenters of record are praising Howard as the “best of the Anglosphere”, etc, etc. I very much doubt many Australian Liberals agree with them this morning. That’s why, I think, his concession speech was quite lengthy – it was about the legacy. He had to defend it himself – not many others will be.

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A very happy crowd at the LP/New Matilda/2SER election night party watch Kevin07 claim victory.

kevin07 wins

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  2. silkworm says:

    Did something happen last night? I was watching Star Wars.

  3. Irfan says:

    What the f*ck is my election poster doing there? Come on. Own up. Who stole it???

  4. Rachel says:


  5. Jack H Smit says:

    Larvatus in Prodeo (always wondering whether it is “pro deo”, that’s like a subliminal reaction, could now consider ‘Coming Back from Exile’ after Maxine was the first one to officially make an election victory speech!

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