Walkleys tonight; Milne apologises in advance

Last year I watched the Walkleys on the off chance it might be interesting – and we all know why it turned out to be. I suppose it’s hoping too much for the journo-fest to do the excitement thing twice in a row, but this is fair warning that it’s on SBS tonight. But if you’re not going to bother with it, Crikey has an exclusive from the (Rudd) Government Gazette previewing the night’s proceedings.

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10 comments on “Walkleys tonight; Milne apologises in advance
  1. tigtog says:

    Now, now. There’s still hope. Just because Milne has turned his coat inside out this week doesn’t mean that he won’t be just as boorish as he was a year ago.

  2. skribeforti says:

    Interestingly the owner of NorgMedia was invited to the Walkleys. I wonder if we’ll ever see a new media/CitJ category introduced.

  3. gandhi says:

    Here is the full list of Walkley winners. The GG’s Hedley Thomas deservedly won gold for his great work on the Haneef case, but promptly acknowledged his sources, Haneef’s lawyers, who are still being pursued by the AFP for their brave actions:

    “They went out on a limb, Stephen Keim particularly, risked his career and livelihood to help me see the facts in this case and for that he is still being pursued by the Australian Federal Police who have lodged and have active a formal complaint against him,” he said.

    “And I believe that every journalist in this room should understand that the Australian Federal Police and its Commissioner Mr Mick Keelty is still trying to punish Steven Kime for bringing out the truth.”

    A spokesman for the AFP says they stand by their position from earlier this year that attempts by Dr Haneef’s defence team to use the media to run its case was unprofessional and inappropriate.

    And Mick Keelty still has a job, right???? Hello-o-o, Kevin Rudd???

  4. gandhi says:

    Also worth noting that none of the GG shrills won a damned thing. Darryl Mason has a good post on Murdoch’s editorial interventionism today.

  5. junezhang says:

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  6. FDB says:

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  7. Su says:

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  8. FDB says:

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  9. david tiley says:

    Eric Beecher got the journalism leadership award. Note that all his efforts are now online, with hte broadest publication being Crikey.

    That is an interesting recognition.

  10. mbahnisch says:

    Yes, I thought so too, David.

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