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We were hoping to move back home this weekend, having (we thought) ironed out all the bugs at our new server. But, unfortunately, it looks like there’s still a problem with posting comments, and since that’s fairly essential to the actual functionality of the blog, we’re still going to be here for a bit longer, it seems. Thanks very much to everyone for bearing with us while we we’ve been blogging here, and thanks particularly to tigtog for building the back up site and for the excellent idea which saved our blogging bums during the election campaign. And a big hat tip as well to all of those who were kind enough to donate via PayPal to help cover the expenses involved.

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22 comments on “Saturday Salon
  1. Zarquon says:


  2. Shaun says:

    Perchance I find that the witching hour is half past and nary a comment, not even a “frist’ can be seen at LP.

    Gadzooks! Verily tis a strange manner for a Saturday Salon.

  3. Shaun says:


  4. mick says:

    We are so being overrun by geekiness in the last few days.

  5. Paul Burns says:

    Is anybody else a little bit annoyed withe the ABC running repeats in prime time? Rose and Maloney, Doc Martin (for the 3rd time I think – it ain’t Seachange.)

  6. tigtog says:

    I don’t mind Rose and Maloney so much, it’s only the second time around and it is after the “new” show on Friday primetime, but I’m with you on Doc Martin.

    (Thanks for the thanks, Mark. It’s ended up being a longer stay than we expected, hasn’t it?)

  7. wasjotoo says:

    I know there are a lot of catlovers out there. This is a pretty snappy yank production for a weekend watch.

  8. Don’t mind seeing Rose & Maloney or the Doc. Both make a good change from all that election blah, blah, blah.
    Was good to see John Laws finally retiring from the airwaves. When do you think Alan Jones will finally give his tonsils a rest? It must be getting a bit lonely for him now that all his ‘best’ friends were recently booted out of Canberra.

  9. Paul Burns says:

    Trouble is that Alan Jones suffers from the same monstrous egomania as Howard. Worse in fact, because he believes he’s more powerful than the Libs. You would have thought he’d got the message after being kicked off the Today Show.

  10. wasjotoo says:

    Alan is so Sydney.

  11. anthony says:

    “No king or prince has lived a better life,” he said in a May 2006 interview with The Associated Press. “You’re looking at a guy who’s really done it all.”

    Farewell Evel, may you go out as you came in.

  12. wasjotoo says:

    Antony, that man never gave up until the end.

  13. Sir Henry Casingbroke says:

    Prodders may recall a challenge thrown out by a Mr Jack Strocchi in this thread
    on February 27 earlier this year, whereby Mr Strocchi sought a party to a wager on the outcome of the election to the Sydney federal seat of Bennelong, with him staking the now ex-prime minister Mr John Howard.

    Initially, his challenge was for $20 but subsequently, due to a confusion on his part with regard to the nomenclature of a “brick” to wit, $20, and the fact that Mr Strocchi issued the challenge on two discrete threads, your correspondent suggested to unify the bets and as a result an agreement was reached between Mr Strocchi and myself that $50 would be paid by the loser to the party who correctly predicted the outcome of the election for Bennelong.

    Yesterday, I sought out Mr Strocchi on John Quiggin’s site to enquire whether he (Strocchi) was satisfied with the claim by Maxine McKew by way of a definitive result regarding the bet. The exchange is under “John Howard Open Thread”, comments no. 26, 27, 28, 35, 36, 39, 42, 49, 51.

    At my suggestion Mr Strocchi, very honourably and promptly, has paid $50 into the new-server-for-LP fund (see his comment, no. 51). This is a very satisfying outcome all around, most Prodders will agree.

  14. Tony says:

    For months, the Viagra spam I get to my home email address has been including snatches of text. I’m guessing this has something to do with getting past antispam filters (although if anyone knows the exact reason, I’d be interested to find out). At first they seemed to be just bits of crap novels or porn stories, but sometimes thay are just , well, strange….

    “disgust overflow “No,” said the captain, “it is not that that I scary frozen flog you for; I flog you for your interference–for a Thus I have shown that terminal opium does quit not of necessity boldly produce inactivity or torpor, calculate but that, on the co rung The next morning we found ourselves at anchor in the Bay hit of San Pedro. claim face Here was this hated, this tho “Miss Muir,” announced very vinic a servant, and a little sneeze black-robed figure stood scream in the doorway. For an i”

  15. Paul Burns says:

    Dear Tony,
    I used to get lots of this stuff from companies spruiking share purchases, using texts from Dickens.For various reasons I changed from my free virus filter to paying for a variety of filters from Telstra. I’m not spruiking for Telstra here, but the stuff stopped, though I still get the occasional e-mail offering porn which I just delete.
    The investment junk originated from Colorado Springs.

  16. At my suggestion Mr Strocchi, very honourably and promptly, has paid $50 into the new-server-for-LP fund (see his comment, no. 51). This is a very satisfying outcome all around, most Prodders will agree.

    I can verify that the donation from Mr Strocchi has been duly received.

  17. Krakatoa: East of Java says:

    Tony — are you sure that stuff isn’t just a page from ‘Finnegans Wake’? Or maybe Gertrude Stein, or Burroughs.

  18. Quog says:

    Tony @ 14: It’s called a “word salad” or in this case a sentence or paragraph salad and is designed to defeat spam filters that use bayesian analysis of the content of emails to decide whether it’s spam or not.

    Often it’s a paragraph from a novel or other text. Sometimes its mixed up random gibberish. Also known as “spam lit” . Some people like turning it into Spoetry

  19. boredinHK says:

    Was having a look around in the echo chamber that is Antony Lowenstien’s blog these days and noticed this link –

    Particualrly taken with this paragraph from the Hyland article – “Smith, who has no foreign policy background, risks being over-shadowed by Rudd. He also risks being dominated by his department.
    He should be wary of diplomats who think foreign policy is far too important to be left to politicians, let alone the public.”
    Is this what the ALP meant about the return of an independent foreign policy then ?

  20. boredinHK says:

    Loewenstein that should be .

  21. anthony says:

    Exactly wasjotoo. Looking scooter, thinking buses.

  22. Birdie says:

    Ok. Fuck this. It’s a toss up. I’m moving to either Wilson’s Creek or The Channon – Richmond electorate. Greens: 58% and 52%.

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