Speaking of Official Values

(Larva Prod Christmas E-Card Challenge)

One notable omission from DIAC’s list of official Aussie values is “Every kid has a right to Santa Claus”.

Yes, it’s Santa-Bothering Season again. The season was opened yesterday by Andrew Bolt, with this post on the “Green grinch” who’s putting the chill on Christmas (and maybe Hannukah) this year. Here‘s where you’ll find a picture of the Kyoto Green Santa who’s got Andrew hopping mad.

As we all know around here at Larva-Prod, Green isn’t the only colour of PC – there are plenty of other politically correct causes which could do with a revisionist Santa.

So why not have a crack at providing one? Grab your coloured pencils, your pastels, your mouse or your graphics pad stylus, and let’s see what sort of politically correct Santa you can come up with. Do it for the kiddies!

Postscript: yes, I do have one or two ideas of my own I’m working on. I’ll post them if I ever get them looking satisfactory.

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16 comments on “Speaking of Official Values
  1. silkworm says:

    Every display of Xmas lights is an unnecessary waste of energy, and contributes to global warming. Xmas in general is a time of overconsumption, and so the deconstruction of Xmas itself is a necessary goal in saving our planet.

  2. Klaus K says:

    Overconsumption for short periods is a fundamental feature of most human cultures, and is scarcely going to disappear. What we need is to redirect Xmas consumption away from the most destructive aspects and towards others.

    BTW My PC Santa visited a month early this year. Her name is Penny Wong.

  3. Katz says:

    Xmas and Easter could be amalgamated.

  4. amused says:

    Xmas and Easter could be amalgamated.

    And the benefit of running two consumption festivals together could be realised by chopping a couple of days off the merged entities. It is caculated that the actual consumption lost would be minor, while the reduction of ‘lost time’ would more than compensate for minor and short term expenditure blips and result long term, in a greater capacity to consume across the year, thus smoothing somewhat the bumps and lumps caused by patterns of productive activity occasionally interrupted by short term bursts of consumption/rest.

  5. joe2 says:

    Merry Christmas all.

  6. Paul Burns says:

    According to this morning’s Today Show, if your kids say this they are NOT talking about Santa.

  7. Klaus K says:

    I should probably add: PC Santa takes things away instead of giving them, but in a good way.

  8. philiptravers says:

    I think people should just settle down a little bit about Christmas,not because they are wrong in their criticisms ,but because they are right.And any other meaning it has should require a keen awareness of say how to use all the festive paraphanalia[hard getting the spelling and meaning right],could be put to use in other ways,because I think that is the main problem with the lights and other festive displays..and Australians seem to be generally reluctant to find some advantage in bad design to correct all the manifestations of that.Could a collection be made of all these manifestations,and see if they serve a useful purpose elsewhere!?.I recently saw a YouTube on running a tv. on a three A battery .One of the most useless things I have is the bloody telephone which has sunk,by bill, any good tidings at years end…more wits end.And Santa Claus and clauses Telstra may mean,I kick the computer habit…which as cold turkey isnt that hard to do.

  9. Kieran says:

    Shit, is it time for the War on Christmas again? I clean forgot this year.

  10. […] culture, federal election ’07, fun, life, religion, sociology — mbahnisch @ 1:09 am As Gummo pointed out, the onset of Santa-bothering Season in the tabloids is a sure sign that the festive season has […]

  11. adam says:



    the following is a public service announcement from consumpto-globe world enterprises.

    in the interests of greater efficiency, celebrations have now been standardized. the following periods are the new observed dates and their relevant officially gazetted holiday terms:

    september 01 – december 28 SANTA-MAS.

    december 29 – january 05 NEW-BEER-MAS.

    january 06 – june 15 CHOCOLATE-BUNNY-MAS.

    june 15 – august 31 FOURTH-OF-JULY-MAS.

    consumption will continue to increase, our operators and enforcers are standing by. appropriate and approved decorations, gifts and sacrifices are to be mounted in all locations, public and private. failure to consume will render consumers liable for criminal product evasion.

    offer valid in all states, conditions apply.



  12. PC Santa No 1: Santa Clara, the wimmin’s Santa (full length version with boilersuit and blunnies to come).

    (After I’d put the image together I had this feeling that I’d seen the face somewhere before – I hope it’s not because I spent a couple of hours this arvo channelling someone else’s drawing).

  13. joe2 says:

    Lovely work Gummo.
    Here is the cheap and crass version of “the wimmin’s Santa”.
    Stay long enough to see moveable boots.

  14. Meself says:

    Wondered what Padraic McGuinness was up to these days. Thanks joe2 for the info. Good to see him getting into the single malt spirit of the season.

  15. Paul Burns says:

    Gummo Trotsky,
    re 12.
    Alfred Hitchcock? {Smile}

  16. silkworm says:

    A very cool Tesla Xmas tree –

    If you look hard, you can see the Tesla coil inside the tree.

    If you go to the main page, you can see a lot of other pretty pictures as well.

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