Lazy Sunday! (Monday edition)

A little late because of the feeling of conviviality last night after the LP Sunday beers at the Powerhouse! Since we don’t live by politix alone (I sincerely hope), what did people get up to this weekend? Join in, share some tales, regulars and lurkers all!

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I’m continuing my project of documenting my local ‘hood photographically, so if you’re interested in seeing the pics, follow the links beneath the fold then click “full view” once you’re in the gallery.

Croquet by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Brisbane Powerhouse I by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Powerhouse and park by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Kevin Rudd lives here by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Going boating by *phenomenologist on deviantART

New Farm Park VI by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Brisbane Powerhouse II by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Brisbane Powerhouse III by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Powerhouse and park II by *phenomenologist on deviantART

Andy Warhol was here by *phenomenologist on deviantART

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19 comments on “Lazy Sunday! (Monday edition)
  1. Paul Burns says:

    Nothing like a bit of Dickrnsian
    coviviality at thia time of year Matk.
    Spose I’m first. Saturday wrote half review on books on publishin indudtry, ie one out of 2 books, the first of which I completed today.
    Also blogged a fair bit.
    Sunday, blogged a lot, read some
    of James Dugan’s The Great
    Mutiny, 1965 book about 1797 naval mutinies,
    – very dramatic writing, sort of aimed at he masses. Wildly inaccurate in some of its social history, but seems good on the naval stuff.Sunday night, watched King Arthur movie on 10, blogged, then to bed.

  2. Paul Burns says:

    Sorry about spelling mistakes, but I can’t see when I’m typing over all that print on the rh. side.

  3. pablo says:

    Gee Mark, after another sweaty Sydney Sunday the sight of that full beer glass had all sorts of subliminal effects. Scrolling down to the Monday/sunday edition elicited the sin of envy. My fridge is bare, pockets empty..

  4. mbahnisch says:

    In my case, Pablo, though I’ve got some beers in the fridge, the “sample lots of beers on tap” meme last night has left me feeling rather unlike partaking further for a few days after a very humid day, if that’s any consolation!

  5. mbahnisch says:

    Obviously this thread only works if it’s on Sunday!

  6. David Rubie says:

    Geez, Sunday was a whole day ago, give us a break.

    I desperately searched for exam results on the weekend. I’m not 100% sure I enjoy studying again after 18 years, but I sure was relieved to see that C for Credit. I have a newfound respect for biologists now, and am apparently qualified to assist with the design of livestock breeding programs. Exams, it seem, never fail to suck. Mixing with undergraduates was enlightening – it’s true, you can chance upon wisdom as you age and I’d never want to go back to being 20 again.

    Sunday was also the day her indoors came to me with a worried look on her face about the baby. She insisted that the blob of yellow on the babies bottom was a pussy blister. Turns out it was a melted lump of cheese. Don’t tell anybody I told you, but I’ve been laughing pretty much non-stop. Cheese! The very word fills me with mirth. Baby Cheeses! Just in time for Christmas. I crack myself up.

  7. mbahnisch says:

    Geez, Sunday was a whole day ago, give us a break.

    Heh! I guess on Monday everyone is focused on waiting for the next weekend!

  8. mbahnisch says:

    I’d never want to go back to being 20 again.

    Agree about that – but I wouldn’t mind having the physical capacities of a 20 year old again – then I wouldn’t still have a bloody hangover!

  9. David Rubie says:

    Mark, I can’t think of a single day in my 20s when I didn’t have a hangover. The only thing different now is that I can’t function properly when hungover any more. Back then, a quick spew, a panadol and a bacon and egg roll with pepsi chaser fixed it. Now, it’s days after a proper bender and I’m still queasy. Having said that, it’s a couple of weeks since the last decent one (where’s the Devil Drink when you really need him?)

  10. mbahnisch says:

    Yep, know what you mean. When I was 17, I used to go out on Wednesday (pay day!) and we’d go and dance to “my job is very boring I’m an office clerk” and drink scotch all night. I’d get to bed at 3am and get up for work at 7am, and survive the day very nicely! The concept of a two day hangover hit me in my early 30s I think! Now it’s more like three sometimes – which is why I don’t drink nearly as much as I used to by a long score (among other reasons which are no doubt better ones).

  11. kimberella says:

    Kevin Rudd has a nice spot for his digs. Who’d want to live in the Lodge?

    (Ref – the photo link!)

  12. Helen says:

    Mark and David
    It only gets worse.
    Sunday was my day of woe. I was supposed to be at my ex-sister in law’s country seat near Ballarat where she has the annual Chrismas do to end all Christmas do’s. Food to die for, beautiful surroundings and people I don’t see nearly enough. I ended up spending the day with the cold from hell…


    Which I still have – and I’m not even enjoying the time off work because I have so much to get done before Xmas – and I can’t get a doctor’s appointment for a certificate because of the doctor shortage! (So, see post above, keep up the interviewing or whatever it takes!)


  13. Paul Burns says:

    Mark/David R,
    I son’t like drinking that much nowadays, and the capacity to recover takes anything to a week. That floor spinning thing after a night out on tequila is the one that used to get me. So now I stick to just a few glasses of wine, or a few beers. Not really enough to get drunk.
    By the way, David, HOW did the cheese blob get on the baby’s bottem?

  14. Paulus says:

    On the subject of hangovers, I came to a curious revelation a few years ago. Champagne and wine, in excess, produce ghastly hangovers. Lie groaning in bed, begging for the sweet release of death. It’s a shame, because I do enjoy a nice red.

    I discovered that to avoid hangovers, grain-based alcohol is much better than grape-based. Whisky is better than beer. Bourbon is better than the other types of whisky. If I stick to a nice bourbon, I have only the mildest hangover the next day, if that.

    Is this just a quirk of my metabolism, or do others have similar experiences?

  15. Paul Burns says:

    i think the Scotch whisky non-hangover(it was Scoth) might be a quirk of your metabolism. I had probably the worst hangover in my life after a massive excess pf whisky when I was a teenager. I couldn’t even stand the smell of the stuff till my mid 30as and didn’t touch it again and then only briefly till my 40s. But I don’t have any problems with Bourbon or Southern Comfort. Red wine, except rose, gives me a terrible hangover. White’s reasonably okay, but just to be safe I only drtink dry Reisling. I find the sweeter whites can make you a bit ill.
    Beer has practically no effect unless I’ve consumed massive amounts, which I don’t nowadays, mainly because I just don’t like being drunk any more, let alone the potential hangover.

  16. David Rubie says:

    Cheese blob on babys bottom story:

    Baby is almost 9 months old, sits in high chair at the kitchen table with us while we eat. Baby insists on sampling whatever it is all the big babies are eating, which in this instance involved grated cheese. We gave her a bit to try and her eyes lit up like Baby Herman in Who Killed Roger Rabbit. Hand couldn’t move to mouth fast enough, cheese flying everywhere. Bits in nose, hair, on other children, on the wall, all over the floor with the delighted squealing turning to a heartbroken wail when the plate was empty. Some ended up in her nappy, unnoticed.

    I swear she’ll be one of those people who ends up being removed from the side of the house with a forklift for their Oprah appearance.

    Hangovers: I’ve had a bunch of theories as to what tipple produces the worst hangovers. The only real conclusion I came to was (aussie) red wine produces the worst ones for me, but then again it’s the whole bottle(s) that go in. I used to have a theory that once I’d reached a certain point of drunkenness, I would switch to scotch/rocks and nurse it a bit but I was kidding myself. Worst hangover in recent memory was VB/brother-in-law induced so I blame him mostly. In fact, the only common thread to worst hangover was who I was drinking with at the time. The better the company, the later the night, the stupider the stories and skipping a proper dinner ’cause there’s steak in every glass. That’s a guaranteed hangover for me.

  17. The Devil Drink says:

    Be careful when you summon Me, David Rubie, you might just be in for a much better time than you expected. Invert that fridge-top Vegemite jar full of coins into a plastic bag, because you’ll need them, and dump your car keys into the empty bottom, because you’ll certainly not be needing them. The Highway to Hell accepts bus passes, in fact, the coach tour is the best way.
    I’ve been in Adelaide, getting to the bottom of more than a couple of stouts, sine you’ve noticed my absence. FYI, the curious function of the ‘worst hangover’ story that every adult Australian has is that it can introduce the subject of projectile vomit and involuntary bowel motion into even the most polite company.
    Trust me on this. I’ve been in South Australia.

  18. David Rubie says:

    The Devil Drink wrote:

    Trust me on this. I’ve been in South Australia.

    Mmmm, Adelaide. The only city in Australia that it’s possible to get drunk in and not enjoy it, and have the same cab driver all night without asking. As instructed I have inverted the jar of coins and am quietly sucking back on what was on special down at the bottle shop . Ahhhh, Devil Drink, what would we do without you?

  19. The Devil Drink says:

    What would you do without Me? Why, you’d turn to the drug to which alcohol is the gateway: more alcohol. It’s just as well I’m here to protect you all against yourselves! (For gratitude, I accept all of the major credit cards and of course, human souls, bargained whole or per diem if necessary).
    I sounded a lot harsher on Adders than I had meant to be. It’s a great town. Drink at the Exeter, if you can afford their prices, and day-trip to the McLaren Vale, if you have a designated driver.

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