State of the White House race…

Courtesy Talking Points Memo, a “just barely watchable” three-and-a-half minute summary of the Republican presidential primaries through the medium of TV campaign ads:

In other news, Rudi Guiliani reportedly got New York’s finest to walk his mistress’s dog back in 2000, and Mike Huckabee wanted to quarantine AIDS carriers from the public back in 1992 (long after, if you’ll remember, the HIV virus and its modes of transmission were identified), and Ron Paul is still, no matter how much noise his libertarian supporters make, not going to win the Republican nomination.

The race between Obama and Clinton seems to be narrowing, at least in Iowa. Iowa’s bizarre political primary system – the Iowa caucus system, makes polling a rather poor predictor of results there.

And you reckon the Australian campaign cycle was long…

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  1. Yeah, Tancredo, in particular, is a scary, scary guy. He’s no chance of actually winning the nomination, but, still…

  2. Paulus says:

    I don’t understand why Fred Thompson isn’t doing better at the moment. He’s got that whole reassuring folksy Ronald Reagan shtick down pat.

    Plus he’s not constantly parading his devotion to Baby Jesus, like most of the other candidates do, which must be rather off-putting to anyone who isn’t a fundamentalist. And he’ll get the vote of his fans from Law and Order!

    Yet he’s currently in 6th place in the betting markets — behind Ron Paul even!

  3. Emma says:

    Um, how come Huckabee passed up the opportunity to mention that guns don’t kill people, Chuck Norris does? Or that there’s no such thing as evolution, just a list of animals that Chuck Norris allows to live?

  4. Philg says:

    “just barely watchable”, yeah right.

    It is terrifying that any of this lot could end up as the so called leader of the “free world”. Kind of like the prospect of having Fred Nile as a serious contender for our PM.


  5. Huckabee looks like Kevin Spacey.

    Thompson isn’t doing well because he is a lazy campaigner who hates going out on the trail and doing live appearances. He turns up late to events and leaves quickly, puts in real half-hearted efforts. Fox News suspects what he really wants is the Vice Presidency, to run well, but not good enough, in the hope the winning candidate will want him on his ticket.

    And Paulus, you need to talk about God to win the Republican nomination, as about 1/3 of the Republican base is the Christian Conservative vote. Essentially the GOP has 3 bases, the economic conservatives, who like Ron Paul and Mitt Romney, the Social Conservatives who like Fred Thompson, Duncan Hunter, etc and the Christian Conservatives who dont mind who it is as long as they talk about God. The trick to winning the Presidency as a GOP candidate is to get the balance between these 3 factions right to get the nomination, but not so much as to scare off the Democrat votes. Remember Bush initially won the presidency against Gore running as a small government, no nation-building, compassionate christian conservative, hence pandering to all 3 GOP bases, and even many Democrats like the President to talk about Evangelical values, thats why he hit the mark. It was only after 9/11 all that changed.

    Expect this election to be about Illegal Imigration — even the second tier Democrats who start mentioning being tough in ‘illegals’ are noticing their poll numbers going up.

  6. philiptravers says:

    Support Ron Paul,look at who supports him on the Internet.If he wasnt a gold standard American ,you could call him a centre-left candidate with just a few problems that older Americans have like abortion,etc.,but not womens rights,because sons brothers husbands dads are amongst the toll from wars women do suffer.Ron Paul, isnt frightened of the Left he will go along with good ideas whereever they can be found.A trained active doctor once who gave birth to five thousand kids,is someone just too aware of letting people down badly.I wouldnt be surprised that many Democrat supporters are hoping fine things for him.The barriers the Republicans put up against him surely means something!?Thats if I was an American ,which I am not.In fact, I would encourage the American Left to have open dialogue with the Paulites,because the pincer moves are always on them.

  7. clarencegirl says:

    I ended up on Obama’s mailing list. Immediately noticed what I feel is probably the main difference between Australian and American candidates for election. 🙂
    Oz candidates at least pretend to canvass the issues.
    US candidates are more likely to make unending appeals for your cash donations to their campaigns – sometimes without even using one ‘issue’ noun in the whole document.

  8. Philip: Ron Paul’s positions on many issues are considerably more sensible than the rest of the Republican field. On some issues, he’s a complete nutter, but that’s by the by.

    The fact remains that his views on a) the Iraq war, b) civil rights, and c) government pork (Republicans hate it, except when it goes to them), are so enraging to a large section of the Republican base that there is absolute no way in the world he will ever, ever, get their nomination.

    The further point I am making is that libertarians are a lot louder and more prominent on the internet than they are out in the real world, where they represent a vanishingly small part of the population.

  9. Paul Burns says:

    having the same sxperience with Obama’s mailing list after e-mailing him to apologise for JWH’s interference in American domestic politics.

  10. Enemy Combatant says:

    Fear of Imploding on the Campaign Trail:
    Gaffes and Goof-Offs that tickled the Time lords.,30583,1686204_1690170_1690786,00.html

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