Julia Gillard, (acting) PM

Well, Julia’s minding the shop while Kevin Rudd is in Bali, the first woman to ever act as PM. I haven’t checked, but I’m sure all the blokes who comment at Catallaxy are having pink fits. As Audrey Apple observes, some men (a minority I am sure) find smart and successful women rather threatening. The usual resort to the consequent feeling of inadequacy is… a focus on how they’re not teh good looking enough!

Look at Julia Gillard. Agree with her or not, no reasonable person could deny she’s got a mind like a steel trap and the determination to go all the way. For her efforts, her critics have spent countless hours discussing her hair style, her voice and her decision to remain childless. A particularly vile chap called Matthew Hutchinson has even set up a Facebook group called “Julia Gillard has a face like it caught fire & was put out with a chain.” Hutchinson’s petrified of the possibility that she might one day be leader and represent us to the rest of the world with her ‘dirty, skanky, wh*rish mouth.’ Frankly, I’m petrified of the idea that he might one day breed.

Good to note, as tigtog does at Hoyden, that some media outlets have moved on from this crud:

I was glad to see the Sunrise team’s approach. Fluffy breakfast TV it may be, but they have promised to name and shame any newspaper that focusses on her hair or clothes during this period. Onya Kochie.

I like what Gillard herself has to say:

“I’d like to think that maybe there’s a young girl who’d watch the TV today and think to herself, ‘maybe I can do that when I grow up’ and if one girl thinks that then I think that’s great,” she said.

julia gillard acting pm

Photo borrowed from The Age.

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  1. Andrew says:

    No – what she actually said was –

    “Oi’d like to thunk that moiybe there’s a yoong goil who’d watch the TV tiday and think ta herself, ‘moiybe I can do that whin I grow oop’ and if one goil thinks that thin I think thart’s greet,”

    ….. sorry… just kidding!

  2. FDB says:

    I’d hit it.

  3. FDB says:

    *runs giggling*

  4. woulfe says:

    I do hope her first act as (acting) PM was to send the Federal Police around to handcuff Bill Heffernan to a sheep … or even better, to Christopher Pyne.

  5. skribeforti says:

    @4 woulfe
    There’s a difference?

  6. Paul Burns says:

    yeah. Sheep can think.
    Aside from that, I reckon Gillard is great. I wish she was PM all thje tme. But I’m a Socialist, ain’t I?
    Costello at this stage must just be about giving birth to kittens, given what he said about Julia on the campaign trail.
    As an awful lot of Australia said in the tally room on election night, somewhat annoying Anthony Green and Kerry O’Brien:

  7. Paul Burns says:

    Oh, I forgot. On the Today Show thia morning one of the Puppets asked if she was going to send out dive-bombers to knock out Tony Abbott.Something like that.

  8. MsLaurie says:

    Heh. You’ve got to hope that she’d at least be tempted/

  9. Enemy Combatant says:

    One of the interesting aspects of Julia Prole’s ascendancy is her uncanny ability to draw fire from rusted-on misogynists. This makes them more easily identifiable as they deal with the prospect of either:

    1)getting with the program( Australia 2007), or
    2)finding themselves increasingly unacceptable in civilised society.

    Hamburger meatheads like FDB, who thinks it’s a bit of a giggle to “hit it”.

  10. David Rubie says:

    Judging from the photo, in Ruddist Australia, Julia hits you!

    (oh please help me)

  11. Me too says:

    It’s not a giggle…

    I’d seriously hit it!

  12. kimberella says:

    Grow up! Go fantasise about Kevin or something, boys.

  13. paul walter says:

    “some men … find smart and successfulwomen threatening”.
    A bait?
    Am rapt in Gillard ( despite the Hicks control order ) and am in mourning that Nettle wasn’t re-elected. As someone who bleeds for the Banton family just now, will suggest my detestation of women like Hellicar and Bishop derives not from their gender, but their ATTITUDE!!
    No. Intelligent blokes ( not necesarily me, also do I hear “oxymoron”- no pun intended ) don’t find “smart and successful women” threatening; they find treacherous and arrogant women “threatening”. They abhor the Albrechtsens of the world, same as they dislike the Dick Cheneys.
    NOT because of gender, but out of alarm at the mental pathologies in play with dangerous people in control of others lives..

  14. FDB says:

    Sorry to lower the tone Kim – I was just mischevously referring to the Love-Hewitt wrangle the other day.

    Of course it totally misses the point to protest that she is indeed quite attractive – it should be of no relevance I agree.

    But y’know… she’s pretty fine looking I reckon. Kevin’s… well… okay, but he doesn’t do it for me. I’m more of a Combet man – much more genuine looking for a start, and the smile’s what gets me in.

    EC – harrumph! I’ll see your meathead and raise you a poo-face.

  15. audrey apple says:

    Paul Walter, feel free to dislike any woman you want based on their politics. The focus of my article in particular were those people that feel it necessary to disagree with such women by saying they’re ugly or fat or barren or a dumb blonde etc etc etc.

    I recently had a bit of a stoush with Graham Cornes because I was discussing Nicole Cornes’ political performance during the election; her readiness to do the job, her ability, her political nous and so forth. He basically said that I didn’t like her because I was fat and ugly (‘women who don’t like Nicole turn out to be fat and ugly’). That’s what I meant when I said they were threatened by smart and successful women – because if they can’t defeat them with logic (or can’t even give them enough respect to try) SOME men resort to the tried and tested route of denigrating a woman’s appearance.

    Thankfully, I think more and more women are beginning to laugh in derision at such antics rather than develop major complexes. But it does belie a greater belief on behalf of these men that even smart women can be destroyed by hitting them where it’s supposed to really matter – in how attractive they are.

    For the record, I laughed at Cornes.

  16. Vee says:

    I’m constantly amused that this is the story of the day, previously the upcoming story of the week. My response to the whole affair is “So what? Big deal.”

  17. paul walter says:

    ‘Onya, Audrey!
    Don’t forget, Graham used to be a footy star and a much adored peice of blonde beef-cake to set hearts a-fluttering around the margins at Adelaide footy ovals. Some women may have found him attractive, too.
    Are you an Adelaidean, Audrey?
    Nicole, a blonde worthy of gorgeous Graham hiimself was said in the “Mail” to come from a working class background. Some one told me she’d actually ended up doing arts/law as a mature-age student in one of the local unis; if so, nothing was mentioned of this relatively relevent information during the campaign.
    Nicole was a creation of the Adelaide Labor Right, meant to be attractive to the conservative mortgage belt. Had they handled her a bit better, she might have been able to mount a serious challenge. I thought she began to improve as the campaign progressed, but the early gaffes would have been an insurmountable obstacle for Einstein or Mm. Curie, let alone a mere mortal like Nicole Cornes. How Americanised and dumbed down Aussie politics has become!
    Now, off for a little googling re; “Audrey Apple”

  18. Futt Bucker says:

    I love the fact Gillard is acting PM and quite look forward to the day when a female is officially our PM. I suspect we wouldn’t be helping to invade too many countries if so and compassion for all may make a return over the “Feed me the money” type atmosphere cultivated and nurtured by John Winston.

  19. exilemerc says:

    In my house, if we run out of Vegemite, then Promite becomes the Acting Vegemite.

  20. exilemerc says:

    Futt Bucker: “[I] quite look forward to the day when a female is officially our PM. I suspect we wouldn’t be helping to invade too many countries if so and compassion for all may make a return…”

    What sexist garbage. How about Maggie Thatcher, Indira Gandhi & Catherine the Great’s handy war bios?

    And how much compassion did Elizabeth I have for Mary Queen of Scots?

  21. murph the surf says:

    You forgot Golda Meir , exilemerc.

  22. paul walter says:

    cider, cider on the wall,
    have you got no sense at all?
    can’t you se the wall’s
    been plastered,
    Come on down you silly

    ” Ways to be like Britney while still wearing knickers”, eh?
    From a riot grrl, no less..
    methinks we have an academic lurking somewhere beneath the fruity nom de plume.
    Why would you like to be “like Britney” and still have knickers on?
    A question of Law and Audrey, methinks!

  23. kimberella says:

    I see Catallaxy commenters failed to prove my prediction wrong:


  24. kimberella says:

    paul walter, I have no idea at all what your references to Britney and her knickers have to do with this post. Explain the relevance or take it elsewhere, please.

  25. David Rubie says:

    Kimberella wrote:

    Catallaxy commenters failed to prove my prediction wrong

    Good old JC – he’s a special individual.

  26. paul walter says:

    On the subject of tosh, who got to watch Ally McBeal, seat-warming for Kezza, work herself into a lather trying to spiflicate Qld Premier “Captain” Anna Bligh over that gang of misbegotten twerps involved with a group sex incident with a now apparently traumatised ten year old ( either the incident itself or the fuss and disruption since ). The judge or magistrate was alleged to have “gone soft” in not jailing the ( indigenous and largely juvenile/infantile? ) offenders and there is now an awful kerfuffle full of much hot air and little reflection erupting across the universe concerning her sentencing.
    Ally ultimately virtually DEMANDED that Bligh transport Brough’s NT policies. But while a reasonable person can agree that the judge and other magistrates/judges in general now monotonously soft-peddle with hard-crime perps, it’s a bit much for Ally to be storming to the van of a Miranda Devine-style lynch mob intent on reviving the outrages of the “No Sugar” 1920’s.
    No mention from either subject or interviewer during the sterile proceedings of the sorts of dysfunction-creating circumstances that created the preconditions for the situation, of course.
    On the other hand, it’s difficult to beleive that the judge could have been so soft in the head as to not impose ANY sentence of substance, at least on those more responsible for the incident.

  27. kimberella says:

    That’s way off topic. Please post it on the open Saturday Salon thread. And I don’t think referring to someone as “Ally McBeal” is particularly helpful since the topic of the thread is to avoid demeaning women and patronising them even if you don’t agree with their opinions.

  28. paul walter says:

    Great-auntie Kimberella. It is a little joke involving Audrey Apple, letting her know I have discovered her blog site as I said I would in a post above, by quoting subject-matter included there.
    If you are going to get priggish with me, you will have to do the same with naughty Audrey.
    Why not checkout the kitchen table to see if the table cloth covers the legs and in the meantime Audrey herself even, may return for further comment.

  29. kimberella says:

    Ok, sorry, hadn’t read the earlier comment.

  30. paul walter says:

    Great-great auntie kimberella long-skirt.
    I didnt “demean” Ally, she demeaned herself. With her unfair treatment of premier Bligh.
    Please stop wilfully misreading and misrepresenting my posts, as to content.

  31. kimberella says:

    I’m sorry but I’m not your “great-great auntie” and you need to understand that her name is Ali Moore and that while I agree with you on the substance you do no one any favours by using a demeaning nickname for her. I’m not “wilfully misreading”, I’m asking you to play the argument not the woman. That’s not a big ask, but I’m asking. Politely.

  32. kimberella says:

    I’ve also pointed out that Ali Moore and Anna Bligh and tonight’s 7 30 report have nothing whatsoever to do with the topic of this post, which is about Julia Gillard and how men are in the habit of belittling women.

  33. Graham Bell says:

    A bloke would have to be a bit shortchanged somewhere to “feel threatened by a smart and successful woman”. I would feel threatened if she was as thick-as-a-brick or was as crooked-as-a-dog’s-hind-leg; she is manifestly neither so I don’t feel threatened in the least.

    Okay. This the first time we have ever had a female Deputy Prime Minister. Let’s celebrate the event …. even if it is a century or so late in coming.


  34. paul walter says:

    I avoid rightwing prep ‘flying squad’ sites like the plague and Kimberella’s Catallaxy link above demonstrates why.
    I don’t demean women consciously, but I don’t therefore acept that like the Pope they are beyond fallibility or question.
    Particularly when it comes to exploitative journalists out to make a name for themselves through gambits like a rehash of the vile sex-and race-based “Lateline” tabloid campaign of last year, that created the Brough Occupation of the NT.
    Therefore, within topic and no “patronisation”. Or at least nothing more sarcastic in response than would have been applied by any person with brains; male or female, to a figure like say, Glen Milne for example.

  35. mbahnisch says:

    Paul, that’s as may be, but Ali Moore and her line of questioning on the 7 30 Report still has nothing to do with the topic of the thread. Please discuss it on the open thread if you want to do so.

  36. Having a go at gingers (either gender) is rather popular in the UK at the moment, and I’m wondering if it’s spread to Australia. It’s almost as though – once various comedic targets are rendered off limits – people cast about for something else to mock, and gingers fit the bill. Google ‘The Mighty Boosh’ and you’ll get some background on a UK comedy show that’s doing quite a bit of ginger-bashing.

    Just a thought.

  37. paul walter says:

    Gee, it’d be ‘noice’ if some of you would read what a person actually writes rather than what you imagine they write.
    Or is it a fear of honest debate?
    Thank heaven there’s no censorship/ pc/ rigging of presentation of topics to ensure certain ideologically preferred outcomes. None of your Dark Ages arbitrariness or dishonesty here, like those reactionary pratts over at Catallaxy.

  38. mbahnisch says:

    I think it’s directed at me, skepticlawyer. Paul, you’ve been told several times in the opinion of moderators that your views on Ali Moore (with which I’m sympathetic) are in our opinion not on topic for this thread, and asked politely to take them to a thread where they’d be appropriate. You’ve been asked politely, and no one is trying to stop “honest debate” or engage in “censorship”. Rather we’re just trying to ensure some respect for our space here and the intention of the author of the thread that the discussion be on topic. So I’ll ask you once again to please show us that respect.

  39. Just had to google Ali Moore to find out who she is. What comes from not owning a telly!

    Back on topic, I must admit I don’t like the way Gillard speaks, although she got better through the election campaign. If she had voice coaching or whatever, good on her. I suspect there’s a ‘range’ of voice tones that people find preferable, which probably has a biological basis. ‘Screechy’ women and ‘smoke three packs a day’ men are always going to be on the outer in that regard.

    She’s actually quite pretty so people having a go at her appearance are either using it as a proxy for her speaking voice, or as a proxy for her politics.

    Mind you, my mother (God rest her) was a ginger, so maybe I’m biased.

  40. Enemy Combatant says:

    [I don’t like the way Gillard speaks, although she got better through the election campaign.]

    G’say,SL. Julia’s distinctive proletarian inflections have smoothed noticably in the past six months but I think her voice is one of her greatest national political assets, for the reason that Dolly’s wasn’t widely appreciated outside the Melbourne Club, DFAT digs and the bountiful rolling hills of The Fleurieu. Gillard sounds like who she is and where she came from and that sends a powerful message of empathy, perhaps subconsciously in many cases, to the demographic formerly known as Howard’s battlers, a section that swung heavily to Labor on Nov 24.

    Be fascinating to hear how you sound when you return from Oxbridge,SL.

  41. Katz says:

    Attention Rightists!

    Look at moy. Look at moy. Look at moy!

    You slag off at lefties for their alleged adoption of internationalist sophistication — chardonnay, latte, inner-city alienation from “mainstream Australia”.

    Now you slag off at a leading leftie whose accent closely resembles those of “mainstream Australia”.

    Why do you hate Austraia so much?

  42. Was the ‘Austraia’ intentional, Katz? 😉

    Hawke famously refused to ‘go Oxbridge’ when he was here, while Dolly was partly educated in the UK (on top of being South Australian – and South Aussies do sound different). Regardless of his accent, chronic idiocy is rather difficult to discard, and that he did evince – in spades.

    Oxbridge is only partly an accent, to be fair. It’s as much to do with finishing sentences, and being ‘ironic’ in a peculiarly British sense (less cruel than Australian irony, and more subtle). One thing that is despised here is the Australian tendency to inflect upwards when making a statement. I’ve probably had it knocked out of me already, although whether it will return after spending time in Australia is anyone’s guess.

    I always found Gillard pitched too high, although she fought her pitch down noticeably during the election campaign. She is one leftie who can side-step the ‘chardonnay’ appellation, too, despite being a successful legal beagle in her former life. I’m not sure why that’s the case, but she strikes me as the antithesis of ‘chardonnay’ or ‘latte left’.

    Her policies are far too statist for my liking, although it’s possible hanging around Rudd and Emerson will see those change in due course.

  43. casey says:

    You really have no idea do you? Talk about spades. You should replay that cute little graveyard show “Where are they Now” where you put on a sparkling performance and listen to your own iterminable twang, before you disect Julia Gillard’s.

    To my mind, this is a post which explores the mysoginistic response and sorts sexisms which surround powerful women. I dont actually read the post as a survey on whether her accent is acceptable or not, or indeed, if your accent has improved in your time O/S. Responses which have dealt with her looks, whether she’s “pretty”, if someone would hit it, blah blah confirm the central argument of the post. Women who wield power must contend with sexism and mysoginy as an illogical response. People’s inability to see that this post is not about whether Julia’s accent is ok, or if she is pretty enough or not to warrant the abuse are kind of missing the bleeding obvious.

  44. You really have no idea do you? Talk about spades. You should replay that cute little graveyard show “Where are they Now” where you put on a sparkling performance and listen to your own iterminable twang, before you disect Julia Gillard’s.

    I take it from that remark that nasty comments about the accent and appearance of women with whom you disagree is entirely legitimate. Interesting how the feminist principles fly out the window when convenient.

  45. Darlene says:

    Crikey, this has been a colourful thread: Britney’s knickers, “Rangas”, Queensland twangs et al.

    We Queensland broads are known to have a twang. It’s not always pleasant to the ear of southerners, but we like it.

    An interesting question is why do some men still find women like Gillard threatening.

  46. casey says:

    Well, you could take from that remark that standards by which you judge this public figure can be also be applied to you, as a public figure of some sort. The remark was intended to convey the uselessness of critique along these lines, a critique you were engaging in.

    But I apologise for its personal slant. It was a cowardly hit because I know you but you dont know me. Using your performances in the media to argue against you is just not right.

    I withdraw my comment in para one and apologise unreservedly Helen Dale. A bad morning.

  47. Pavlov's Cat says:

    ‘Gillard sounds like who she is and where she came from’

    D’you reckon? Gillard was born in Wales, and brought to Adelaide by her Welsh parents when she was a child. I’m guessing that her accent (given that she was brought up here in Adelaide where as you know we all try to sound British and manage only to sound like rejects from New Zealand) was the kind of camouflage that all clever children unconsciously adopt when they are being viciously slagged by their primary school peers for being different in any way. I think little Julia probably studied the Australian accent and internalised it to the point at which it became her normal voice.

    Just guessing. But I know a number of people who deliberately schooled their voices when they were still pre-adolescent — but mostly to sound more British, not less. Several of them were kids with ten-pound-Pom immigrant families who ditched their parents’ Cockney or Yorkshire or West Country accents in favour of some kind of exaggerated BBC effect — good on Julia for going the other way, I say.

  48. Paul Burns says:

    Maybe while she’s Acting PM Julia can sign off on emission cuts of 25-45% by 2020? I mean, Rudd doesn’t look like he’s going to. Please note this is meant to be a Julia comment, not a climate change comment.

  49. joe2 says:

    I have been looking and wondering about that signal that Red Gilly is giving in the picture, above.

    Obviously when it is reversed to the negative it is some leftist, socialist, feminist call to arms.

    We will probably need Gerry Henderson to fully explain all.

  50. adrian says:

    I don’t think that Gerry will be giving us the benefit of his insight via the SMH for much longer, joe.

  51. joe2 says:

    Oh hell, adrian.

  52. adrian says:

    I know that I’ll be needing fairly intensive therapy to get over it. Plus Virginia Trioli’s no longer gracing us with her presence on morning radio in Sydney. How will I cope?

  53. David Rubie says:

    Obviously when it is reversed to the negative it is some leftist, socialist, feminist call to arms.

    Are you new to the internet?

    It’s pretty obviously: INVISIBLE HAND PUPPET.

  54. joe2 says:

    Mmm.. IHP,s you reckon, David. Thought Asio and the feds already had those bastards on the ropes.

    Adrian, Gerry, will probably get to throw a few barbs at the Red Gillie Communist Revolution, via Aunty. He appears to have a weekly gig on RN mornings as a stand down comedian. Too bad about trigger but she could coach the wallabies.

  55. adrian says:

    I think that trigger has a plan to take over ABC television, starting with Lateline and ending with Spick and Specks via In Conversation With The World’s Greatest Treasurer and Other Assorted Coalition Luminaries. I’m told the pilot was a barrel of laughs, but it didn’t quite take off.
    I guess she could coach the wallabies in her spare time.

  56. joe2 says:

    Thing is, Adrian, trigger could do anything.

    Did anybody mention, on this thread, that we have a women as an acting P.M. at this very moment?

  57. Paul Burns says:

    I thought Invisible Hands had something to do with Adam Smith. Will I dioscover somerhing more interesting rhan the Wealth of Nations of I google it?

  58. paul walter says:

    Am writing this in protest at employment of obscure jargonese and beleive the person responsible should, whatever negative feelings this individual harbours toward mepersonally, be in the end decent enought to respond to this post, asking clarification as to what/ who/ where/ when/ why etc, a “Rangas” is.
    Darlene, are you there?
    Secondly, apart from above request will reiterate that, whatever intense distaste this writer feels toward sado class-traitor, right-wing power-feminist dominatrix control freaks and power-drunk psychotics in skirts, he ADORES Gillard. The harsh, flat accent ( since we are only allowed to discuss Gillard’s accent at this thread )act as envelope for a droll wit and marvellous intelligence. Smart s a whip. And the accent is a pure delirious Grange Hermitage level joy. Any amelioration or sanitisation of it ought to cease forthwith.
    BTW, who recalls a recent doco on ABC narrated by John Clarke about the Aussie accent?
    I dream of a purportive recitation by la Guillard of;
    “Ask the master to pass the banana”; a la Rachel Griffiths.

  59. Tom says:

    Yes we do have a female PM at the moment and she is one smart, attractive lady. I am very chuffed at the fact of it!

    And, heh, who do the Libs have to compare in any way? No one!

  60. Megan says:

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!!!!!!!! Dontcha just love her!!!!!!!!!!! Julia for PM!

  61. Megan says:

    Anyway Julia rejoicing on election night 2007 was a so much better sight than that horrible smug Goebbels Minchin was on election night 2004, gloating about how the government would finally be able to bring its industrial relations reforms out of the closet. It was great to see the smug, smile wiped off his face as the evening of 2007 went on. Honestly apart from the euphoria of the moment when realisation of a Labor victory dawned, Julia was so lovely and unaffected and gracious about it all. No wonder onlookers burst into cheers for her.

  62. paul walter says:

    Here we are, seeking sanctuary from Ally M….. belly-aching from the same hymnal as Christopher, eh, Noel Pearson concerning the QLD Aboriginal “problem”( which musn’t mention further; shhhh!), with the dreaded “passive welfare” as scapegoat ( yet again, yawn; anyone see an agenda? ).
    Because have had an belated afterthought concerning Audrey Apple’s comment regarding Graham Cornes reckoning that women who picked on his wife were fat’n ugly (fugly?).
    Actually , an element of truth, here.
    The local SAdvertiser newspaper reckoned a huge envy factor from women in the electorate against Nicole Cornes was in play. This synergised for me with a comment from an old blue-rinse tart from dear old leafy-green Cumberland Park, who got up and dismissed in a bastardised Home Counties sort of pommy accent, Nicole Cornes as “lacking class” (do you mind!).
    Believe me, some of you from interstate would not guess how antediluvian olde worlde/ nineteenth century parts of Adelaide are as to outlook.

  63. CK says:

    paul walter, it appears that you’re an obscure rambling drug-addled bore who has an obvious problem with women, whether they be powerful or not.

    Can you not just fuck off to some male whinge/hate site or cry into your beer?

    You’re not contributing anything to this celebration.

  64. CK says:

    And, you dipshit, a “ranga” is, for us traditional aussies who possess the secret code, a redhead: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_hair

    You nong.

  65. paul walter says:

    For defending Nicole Cornes against the treatment received from a right wing electorate, I sudenly morph to right wing myself, eh?
    Have you the guts to put your name to your posts so we know a bit about YOU, you gutless troll?
    A gormless authoritarian hiding behind a pair of initials.
    What’s your opinion of the right wing sites where Gillard was bagged, or would that be asking you to adress the thread topic rather than embarking on adhominems.
    Kimberella and Mark appear selective as to who they jump on for imagined breaches of site rules, so I’ll suppose what’s ok in the way of reprimands and rebukes for abusivensess does not necessarily also apply to right- wingers: only pro- democracy types like myself.

  66. adrian says:

    Julia is all class. Who gives a stuff about her accent.

  67. kimberella says:

    only pro- democracy types like myself.

    Maybe some of us have better things to do with our evenings than read all this tedious stuff. This thread is about Julia Gillard being the acting PM, and not her accent, and not Nicole Cornes, and not Ali More. You were asked very nicely to stop posting off topic stuff, and stop patronising women. If you can’t accept that, that’s not my problem. Of course, CK, who is not a right winger, shouldn’t be rude to you either. But get over it, and please respect the rules we lay down for this site. Thanks very much.

  68. jo says:

    Not even 3 weeks since E-day, and we have an unmarried, unbelieving, non-monarchist, left-wing woman in the charge of the country.

    This is greeted with one puff piece after another on the 6 o’clock news. Excellent.

    This is just the second thing after Kyoto, to reveal what an absolute ‘tent show’ Howard was in so many ways.

    All the coalition bluster and subtle threats of fire and brimstone if the country was to verge one inch away from their straight and narrow views……simply blown away.

    The apology to indigenous Australians and the steady withdrawal of troops from Iraq will close the book on Howard’s foremost bogie-men, over before autumn turns to winter. Our first winter of contentment in a decade.

    I also suspect that the personal comments about Gillard will quickly diminish from both sides (!!) – there was a huge amount invested by the Coalition in demonising Gillard in particular, as they correctly viewed her as an enormous threat.

    Only the mad and bad will keep it up in long run. When fluffy brekkie TV is leading the charge – you’re on a loser.

    That is not to say that weak, gutless blokes won’t still go the ‘ugly’ taunt at any woman, at any opportunity. Knowing that they are more than likely going to end up tiresome, tedious, middle-aged replicants with as much style as a Crisco catalogue, is some solace. Ageing has it’s up-sides!!

  69. paul walter says:

    Jeez, you’re DIS-honest, Um-berella!!
    EVERY one else mentions Julia Gillard and her accent, since no comment on anything else is allowed by arbitray fiat of the meglos running things.
    But although I praise Gillard, Greer and any other dinkum outward looking feminist to the rafters out of genuine affection, I am the only one ever bagged as anti woman.
    I’ll wager had I launched an anonymous and gutless ad hominem on ANY other posters, as remotely personal and unrelated to thread content as kc’s on me, I’d have been thrown off by now.
    But because I won’t compare people like Banton and Gillard to gutless other examples; men and women alike, self-absorbed garbage like Packer and Hellicar, I am abused ( rather than debated, as is expected of me ) by posters with the apparent blessing of the moderators.
    Beneath all the literate stuff, you “moderators” are as prejudiced as ANY Hansonist you disdainfully run down, at larva prod.
    They at least have the excuse of ignorance, but I’d LOVE to know the basis for your prejudices and biases. As for the rest of the pathological blokehaters, I can only guess…

  70. kimberella says:

    Onya Jo!

  71. kimberella says:

    Beneath all the literate stuff, you “moderators” are as prejudiced as ANY Hansonist you disdainfully run down, at larva prod.
    They at least have the excuse of ignorance, but I’d LOVE to know the basis for your prejudices and biases. As for the rest of the pathological blokehaters, I can only guess…

    Pathological blokehaters… whatevs.

    Dear Mr Walter – if you can’t realise that your grandstanding and chest puffing on this thread is part of the problem, I am not surprised that you can’t understand my motivations. Instead of the endless bleating and abuse, an alternative would have been to apologise for being off topic in the opinion of the moderators, and for your patronising appellation for Ali Moore. The fact that you are unable to do this suggests you fail to understand both the art of conversation and that of good manners. It’s not all about you, darling. You’re at somebody else’s place, and if you want to have a nice civilised conversation, well and good – that’s what we’re all here for. If you can’t bring yourself to have a tiny bit of humility and make any concessions, then I’m afraid you know where the door is.

    There’s always a big contrast between people who’ll happily accept a polite rebuke (as in the “hit it” boys from earlier on in the thread) and those who react with hostility and bluster and do so again and again despite being asked politely to respect our space. The latter are bores and boors, I’d suggest.

  72. paul walter says:

    I’ll cacept any rebuke provided it is justifiable, objectiverefers to the subject matter being discussed and attempts to be constructive.
    I won’t applaud censorship masked as “moderation” or bad umpiring. Nor will I acept at face value another point of view or more likely prejudice masked as viewpoint just to pander to the prejudices of others.
    I applaud any person, like Julia Gillard, who demonstrates a concern for humanity rather than a self-serving and socially destructive outlook.
    And if the later category includes women and some therefore prefer to see me as somehow misogynistic for pointing it out if thats true, then so be it!

  73. paul walter says:

    As for Ally McBeal, I spit on self-serving racist opportunist and doubly so for her after the last two nights on abc tv.

  74. Enemy Combatant says:

    “D’you reckon?”

    Yep, Julia came from an Adelaide school playground every bit as much as she came from Wales.

  75. Darlene says:

    “Am writing this in protest at employment of obscure jargonese and beleive the person responsible should, whatever negative feelings this individual harbours toward mepersonally, be in the end decent enought to respond to this post, asking clarification as to what/ who/ where/ when/ why etc, a “Rangas” is.
    Darlene, are you there?”

    Sorry for the late reply, unwell for most of yesterday. Ranga was a term that was utilised to great effect during the show Summer Heights High. Yes, a ranga is a redhead. I’m perplexed by your comment, Paul. I don’t harbour negative feelings towards you personally; I don’t know you personally.

  76. FDB says:

    What a strange conversation.

  77. Darlene says:


  78. Wow, that did run a mile. I thought us over at the Cat would win first, second and third prize for wild threads, but this one’s gotta be up there. Interesting, though – and not as off-topic as it looks.

    I’m somewhat reluctantly coming to the conclusion that Australia has a more class-conscious society than England, in part because people are so busily pretending that class doesn’t exist. Over here, class is explicitly invoked through language and education (less often money, a surprising discovery for me). In Australia, the signal to noise ratio is much more confusing on that score, so people cast around looking for other markers.

    I also think PC is dead right about people changing their accents and appearance to fit in. Hawkie refused to do it at Oxford, whereas I’m not so brave – my working-class country Qld twang is well on the way to being supplanted by Oxbridge. I like to be understood first time, I suspect – so ‘dunny’ is replaced with ‘loo’, ‘ranga’ with ‘ginger’, ‘fair dinkum’ with ‘come off it’ and so on. Oh, and never upwardly inflecting a statement…

  79. FDB says:


    I take it “statement” is meant to read with upward inflection?

    It’s becoming more obvious to me that a lot of Aussie-isms reflect an uncertainty, or at least unwillingness to sound definitive.

    “Yeah, nah…”, the whole upward inflection thing, the tendency to apologise to someone who’s just bumped into you, or to a sales attendant whose help you need and whose job it is to give it. So much deference in the language, so out of place with what we seem to actually feel about ourselves. That is to say, I don’t think this reflects an actual cultural cringe or sense of inadequacy, but maybe it came from there originally? Y’know?

  80. Thomarse says:

    Julia is widely know to be very smart ‘mind like a steel trap’ and clearly outclassed Abbot in Health and Hoss Hockey in IR.

    Now, with Sen Faulkner being Cabinet Secretary and Julia as Deputy PM and with Rudd as PM I see we will have have a government that will make very few mistakes! Main problem might be it does not move quick enough on some issues.

    As to the mistakes, with tough smart cookies like Wong and Roxon in Cabinet as well as the above, well we should celebrate the Lovely Labor Ladies! I certainly do!

  81. paul walter says:

    Obviously should have been watching “Summer Heights” must have clashed with 7 30 Report or whatever other mid age antiquated rubbish was watching alternatively.
    “to know me
    is tolove me”.

  82. Paul Burns says:

    The deference is all to do with our convict origins.We are nowhere near as anti-authoritarian as we like to think. But to keep it on thread, Julia is s (secret) Socialist.

  83. paul walter says:

    “Julia is a (secret) socialist”- Paul Burns.
    for God’s sake Paul, don’t say that.
    You’ll have them ( fascists ) coming out of the woodwork for miles around. Yes “them”…

  84. Paul Burns says:

    Just thought I’d throw it in.

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