Bloggers, Beer and Melbourne this Thursday

Not sure what the quorum is to call a grog blog but bloggers will be getting together this Thursday night in Melbourne where alcoholic type imbibing will take place.

The venue will be Lane’s Edge from 6:30pm on Thursday, the 13th December. The code word is “the table booked under the name of Tim.” The response from the waitperson should be “this way please.”

If the response is “Oh them. We kicked them out hours ago” then (a) you are a little late and (b) Nabs turned up.

I’ll be there as I’m currently in Melbourne on business and FXH and others from the Melbourne blogging gliterati will also make an appearance.

Don’t be shy as all are welcome. We’ll be the ones with intermittent stoushes breaking out on the fringes of intelligent conversation.

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10 comments on “Bloggers, Beer and Melbourne this Thursday
  1. FDB says:

    “We’ll be the ones with intermittent stoushes breaking out on the fringes of intelligent conversation.”

    Not vice versa?

    I’d love to be there, but it’s my last chance before Meredith to pack for the USA.

    Oh yeah…
    8am Friday: drive to Meredith Music Festival
    8pm Friday-3:50am Sunday: inhale, ingest, imbibe, watch bands, go nuts
    4am Sunday: pack up tent, drive to Tullamarine
    9am Sunday: pass out on transpacific flight

    I’ll be lucky to survive.

    Have a nice drinky-poos though!

  2. Shaun says:

    Maybe so FDB but I hear that Melbournians are cultured types. Have a safe journey.

  3. FDB says:

    Cheers Shaun.

    Oh, I forgot to mention that I won’t be doing the actual driving.

    Or flying.

  4. Carl! says:

    might be my chance to break out of anonymity…

    got the work christmas drinks first but i’ll be sure to *try* and say hello a little later!


  5. TimT says:

    See you all there!

  6. Michael says:

    What time do you all expect to be out until? Might drop by after work….


  7. Helen says:

    I think it’s about 6:30 Michael. You can blame me if you’re the first one there.

  8. Helen says:

    D’oh, just reread the OP. Yes 6:30 it is.

  9. Went off. Was fully sique.

    Unfortunately my attempt to take Cronin S to the container bar in Tattersalls Lane was blocked by an ageist/satorialphobe/bimbo/yobphile/Kray Twin with the old cliche ” Are you on the guest list”.

    Guest list my arse. And I hasten to add if Nabs had been with me we woulda had him for bloody breakfast.And on toast. (well at least verbally)

    So write off Section 8–popup-stores/2006/03/19/1142703219153.html as last year, over rated, enclosed by mesh fence and not even the chutzpah to have maori transvestite door bitches.

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