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Being completely unable to cope with the election of a mild-mannered Queensland Christian to the highest political office in the land, Greg has apparently boarded a rickety craft, fled across the seas, and ended up in a settlement somewhere in Israel.

Having read today’s contribution on the audacity of 16 US national security agencies coming to a consensus that Iran is not a nuclear threat what can one say?

And, might I add, just a single response on his ‘blog’, too? Still, I suppose a token comment is better than nothing.

A few points:

1) If nobody’s responding to Greg’s blog, it’s a fair bet that nobody’s reading Greg’s polemics. In which case his value as an ‘analyst’, or selling newspapers for that matter, seems to be precisely nil. Rupert, please take note. Or the responses have been comprehensively scrubbed.

2) This NIE wasn’t just the CIA being “in semi-open revolt against the Bush administration for years now.”

For Greg’s information, the Estimate was the product of a consensus view between 16 (count ’em!) agencies, doing what they were formed to do, i.e. providing actual intelligence assessments based on evidence and debate instead of political interference.

Yet La Sheridan suggests it shouldn’t be released because the narrative didn’t fit in with George Bush’s world view and it might embarrass him?

3) I don’t think Greg Sheridan is any more of a foreign-policy expert than my pet Staffie. It’s all about ideology and not independent analysis.

About time, I’d say, the Oz gave him a pink slip and a handsome payout so he can collect various pensions from the Sydney Institute and the Australia-America Association in the guise of speaking fees.

Sheridan’s so far past his use-by date he makes Bob Menzies look like a junkie.


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19 comments on “Guest post by Christine Keeler
  1. David says:

    The best thing is, the sole comment reminded him (in the kindest way) that he’s an idiot.

    I also attempted to leave a (less kind) comment yesterday, but the GG’s website was having some kind of technical issue.

  2. David says:

    Oops. No longer GG, but OG.

  3. philiptravers says:

    One of the reasons I dont read the Australian has been Sheridan.Shit!He has been around a long time.How did he manage not to cop being number one target for bile!?And most Australians are not anti-American but the most pleasant way of saying it maybe…but extremely critical of Geo.W.Bush etc.

  4. The Doctor says:

    Its amazing how few responses a lot the OG’s opinion blog pieces get – with the honorable exceptions of the late, much lamented, Matt Price and George Megalogenis. Both of them seemed to allow near free-for-alls, and responded to comments.

  5. MikeM says:

    Tim Dunlop gets a fair ration of responses but many of the OG’s opinionistas probably think he’s looking at the wrong page in the songbook.

  6. Enemy Combatant says:

    Even Harry gets more blog action than Greg Sheridan these days which is reason enough for Shill Sheridan to take a spot of extended R&R, apart from the fact that The Shillster’s assertions are dingbat crazy.
    The NIE report than Iran wasn’t even close to weaponizing nookuler rockets for potential ballistic dispatch to regions west of I-Ran and east of the Mediterranean, was a most unexpected and devastating spot of Friendly Fire for hardcore Team Imbecile supporters. Even those domiciled downunder, like Shillster Sheridan.

    The Company have effectively knee-capped the Imbecile-In-Chief from being able to unleash the dogs of war upon Iran. Interesting, because the CIA of which the NIE is a subsidiary, are directly answerable to the White House if my memory serves. With the Congress just voting to ban water-boaring, there may even be a whiff of impeachment in the wind.
    A diplomat like John Bolton might accurately describe the NIE’s action thus: “With a great deal of respect of course, Mr. President, but Fuck You, Sir!” Which is wonderful, because it decreases the prospect of the USA whacking Iran. There have been three aircraft-carrier battle groups in the Persian Gulf region for about a year now, and the flyboys and flygirls at Diego Garcia are on 24/7 gee-up just itchin’ for a taste of “real-life” shock and awe action. Too bad for the sky pilots and cruise missile crankers, great news for Iranian civilians.

    Anyway, Sheridan’s an irrelevant Bushpoodle who can’t write and can’t think. Greg’s a Project for a New American Century (PNAC) nitwit, and I’ll wager that the one reply he received on his blog was sock puppeteered.

    [Sheridan’s so far past his use-by date he makes Bob Menzies look like a junkie.]

    Let’s stay in Menzies’ period. Robert Mitchum; check. Lenny Bruce; check. The Man With The Golden Arm; check. But I never made Ming for a schmecker till I saw Greg Sheridan’s recent Oz pic. The man looks demented, totally out of control, beads of perspiration on his upper lip, pinpoint pupils. Absolutely no doubt about it. He’s on the stuff! There is but one merciful choice available to the HR people at Holt St.

    Institutionalization. Preferably before he attempts any further stenography for national broadsheet and online publication.

  7. mick says:

    I love this article. It’s wingnuttery like Sheridan’s that keeps me coming back to TeH Oz. What I love about Greg’s articles is the name dropping. He likes to portray himself as the ultimate insider. Thankfully he delivers in this one as well.

  8. Sheridan doesn’t even get the technical stuff right. Iran’s been making low enriched uranium, the kind you use in power reactors. Nobody’s found any evidence that they’re making the bomb-grade stuff.

  9. clarencegirl says:

    Poor Greg S. He really is away in la la land.
    I love only one comment and I hope it stays that way, because anyone as sad as Greg is bound to keep watch on the comments section.
    Anna/Christine, thanks for reminding us all that this poor soul is still out there spruiking a discredited world view.

  10. CK says:

    I always enjoy seeing Greg Sheridan’s head explode. It happens so often nowadays and remains a constant source of entertainment.

    On the subject of blogs, I’m guessing that the OG still can’t cope with the notion of readers responding in an immediate, frank, and honest fashion that they simply shut the blog down.

    After all, we’ve seen it all before with Shanahan Teh Great, mightiest political correspondent on earth next to Paul Kelly.

    And so we come to the core of Sheridan’s ongoing nervous breakdown.

    Greg’s blather (I hesitate to call refer to it as a thesis or a debate) being this:

    (Ahem) Sixteen independent US intelligence agencies should not have made and published an independent and consensuual analysis of Iran’s nuclear intentions because they may embarrass the dumbest guy in the universe, who Greg Sheridan happens to think is pretty smart.

    Alternatively, we just hand all NIE’s over to Dick Cheney.

    It had such great results last time.

  11. Sir Henry Casingbroke says:

    Now look Christine, Greg Sheridan is the most influential foreign affairs commentator in Australia.

    It is all very well for you disparage him in your blog entry, but remember that he is a veteran of over 30 years in the field.

    He has written five books – how many have you written? And what’s more, he is a frequent commentator on Australian and international radio and television.

    Just wake up to yourself, the lot of you! In today’s Australian newspaper, Dennis asks a very pertinent question: “When are people going to realise that Kevin Rudd didn’t say things just to get elected?” Denis is right behind Mr Rudd, insofar as saying that Rudd is basically carrying on the good work started by John Howard. Next thing, you’ll be saying Denis Shanahan is some sort of opportunistic flake.

    There’s been a lot of knocking of Mr Howard here, and that’s why Frank Devine’s marvellous and thought-provoking article (also in the paper): “Howard deserves pride of place in the Liberal pantheon” (although he’s not quite dead yet) is a timely reminder that Mr Howard ought not to be discarded by the Liberal Party just because he led them to a historic defeat. Plus, on page 12, “Churchill’s cousin had Hitler’s baby”. Quality stuff.

    I am really fed up with your negative attitude, and the kind of people you attract, Bahnisch!

  12. mbahnisch says:

    If I had an earing, should I take it out now, do you think Sir Henry?

  13. Sir Henry Casingbroke says:

    Expecting a leadership coup? Has Mercurius been on the phone to Gummo?

  14. Paul Burns says:

    Re impeachment. Some time ago several individual States moved for impeachment of GWb, but I don’t think they had the constitutional power to do so. Thir hope was it would be taken up by the Democrat controlled House of Reps. So far as I know nothing came of it.
    Even more recently there were noises of impeachment of Cheney, which could still be in the pipeline. I didn’t take a lot of notice because we here were in the middle of getting ready to dispose of the Rodent.
    At least we can be thankful some relatively honest Americans have nobbled any chance GWB has of an excuse for war on Iran. Though the Imbecile is still trying to beat it up, as of yesterday.

  15. GregM says:

    “Re impeachment. Some time ago several individual States moved for impeachment of GWb, but I don’t think they had the constitutional power to do so. Thir hope was it would be taken up by the Democrat controlled House of Reps. So far as I know nothing came of it.”

    Why am I not surprised? Nancy Pelosi ruled out any ideas of impeaching Bush when she became House Speaker in 2006. And why would she not? Impeach Bush and get him convicted by the US Senate on a two thirds majority (which the Democrats are nowhere near) and removed from office then under the US Constitution you get Cheney as President.


  16. Paul Burns says:

    Double shudder!

  17. Katz says:

    Frank Devine’s marvellous and thought-provoking article (also in the paper): “Howard deserves pride of place in the Liberal pantheon” (although he’s not quite dead yet)

    Is this Frank’s subtle way of saying that he wishes Howard was dead?

  18. The Feral Abacus says:

    Greg Sheridan & Alexander Downer – cunningly disguised doppelgangers?

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