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  1. Paul Burns says:

    Oh, goodness, is it that time of night! Second, I think. The colour in my TV is playing up, though I can still watch it. Will have to get a new one in January.

  2. Tony D says:

    Hmmmm…. commenting on LP after drinking all night: Lagavulin and … (shudder) Johnny Walker.

    Taste comparison.

    I was scared until my mate turned with a nearly gone bottle of green label that “needs to be drunk before going overseas”… no I didn’t get it either.

    Since it was Green (think it’ll sell to greenies?), it was good. Surprisingly good… until we switched to the Famous Grouse (why drink single malt after your 6th? Can’t understand it)

    So far Saturday is looking good!

  3. mick says:

    Amoeba records in Berkeley is ace. Just thought I’d throw that out there.

  4. As is Lindauer Fraise…

    Work Xmas parties, not so much…


  5. Su says:

    Slackers! The last few ‘Fistrs!’ have been way past midnight. How can I sleep easy at night knowing the level of vigilance on Saturday Salon has sunk so low?

  6. Paul Burns says:

    This ais call for help from those of you who are more technologically minded in rgard to the minds that exist inside modern TVs. Currently my colour TV is a green/orange/black and white sepiua tone. The sound is functioning normally.
    When I put on the blue background I have observed the following phenomenon occurring since yesterday morning.
    1.Vague purple in left hand corner.
    2.Big red blob in middle. Green in top right hand cirner.
    3.Big red blob turns yellow. Green in both top corners. Blue background still visible behind all this.
    4.Big yellow blob turns fuzzy red. Blue background turns green.
    5.Picture on channels remains old fashioned sepia, reminding me of old time movies. Though I am deeply into nostalgia this still does not please me.
    TV is a Deca Colour TV CRN5101 purchased from Harvey Norman’s, Armidale, September 2006.
    Harvey Norman tell me the warranty has run out.
    Is there somne technological wizardry I can perform to get the TV back to normal?
    Is it worth calling in the TV repairman to look at it at the cost of $70?
    Or should I just wait til the end of January 2008 when I can get my annual $500 loan from Centrelink and trade it in on a new one?
    This is for real, not some science fiction fantasy I’ve invented for the entertainment of Saturday Saloners.

  7. Paul Burns says:

    More on the saga of the colour TV.
    Armidale is currently in the midst of a plague of very small ants, because of hopefully drought-breaking rains on the Northern Tablelands. I know this is not just my flat, which is usually insect-free, or at least, as insect-free as any place can be in summer, because quite a few other people I know in Armidale have been vigourously involved in ant-poisoning activity.
    Hence, I suppose there is an unlikely possibility that a very small ant has crawled into one of the vents on the side of the TV and thereby met a gruesome irradiated death.This is also serious, but not as serious as my comment on 7.

  8. anthony says:

    1.Vague purple in left hand corner.
    2.Big red blob in middle. Green in top right hand cirner.
    3.Big red blob turns yellow. Green in both top corners. Blue background still visible behind all this.
    4.Big yellow blob turns fuzzy red. Blue background turns green.

    Sounds like you got the screenplay for a Czechoslovakian cartoon there Paul.

  9. Paul Burns says:

    anthony it has now returned to blue backgtound with a big red blob in the middle.All this takes place over time, and I never quite know what I’m going to see when I turn the TV on. When I switch to the TV channels, there is a ghastly grren tinge actoss parts of the screen. No matter what I watch it has the hue of a verry badly made horror movie. I am now psychologiucally programmed to watch spewing grren yukky stuff as in the Exorcist. With the Exorcist toppping the list of the scariest movie ever made and world news being what it is, that is probably quite appropriate.

  10. Paul Burns says:

    10. Correction – psychologically programmed to watch ABC News announcers spewing green yukky stuff …

  11. Katz says:

    Like a goatskin wearing, locust-eating Old Testament prophet, Christopher Pearson just can’t let go. In an article charmingly titles “Arrest this Abominaton”, he warns:

    It’s not widely understood by the caffe latte crew, but a lot of blue-collar conservatives are young married couples with families. As well, surveys during the past decade suggest Australians’ belief in God has stayed fairly constant, even if what we think we mean in saying so has become less credally specific.

    Yes folks, Christopher Pearson has drawn a bead us caffeine addicts. Seems we’ve threatened civilisation by sitting back impassively while the Ruddster refuses to do anything to prevent the Australian Capital Territory from introducing same-sex civil unions.

    Mind you, Pearson is warning us latte-lovers about this for our own good. There’s a backlash brewing out there in Nescafe Land comrades. The forces of godfearingness, community singing and vengeance of biblical proportions are poised to descend like the Passover Angel upon the land to smite all who are not of the House of Maxwell.

    Verily, Christopher saith unto thee. “Repent. Have a chat to your friendly electoral branch-stacker and make sure Rudd kiboshes the ACT. Else there will be a great tribulation and the fruits of your latte lusting loins, as barren as they may be, shall be cursed unto the seventh generation.”

  12. philiptravers says:

    And your on Centrelink payments and you can run both a TV. and a computer!?My eyes arent jealous ,by I am.And I am approximately 90 kilometres up north from you.Know anyone with a really cheap laptop,that will accept small amounts of the inflated, Paul!?Eh!Going to upgrade the Teeve if it falters!?No headless nightmares walking the streets lately!?

  13. Angharad says:

    Our old TV made a loud and distressing buzzing noise when red pictures came on the screen. This made it hard to watch things as diverse as Enough Rope (the logo) and even parts of Gardening Australia (bloody grevilleas)! And the footy was a nightmare when watching anything team with a significant amounts of red in their strip. We had to replace it halfway through winter, being Swans fans and all.

  14. Paul Burns says:

    Australia’s belief in God probably has stayed fairly constant. But what precisely does that signify? The longhaired long bearded raging Jehovah of the Old Testament? The Christian God who exxpects us to earn our livi8ng by the sweat of our brow – the justification for capitalism – and have dominion over the earth – the justification for environmrental vandalism and colonialism – or the other Christian God who tells us to love one another – or that other Christian God that somne churchmen claim can’t stop thinking about how wrong sex is ? Or the God of the Trinity? Or the Deist God who created us and left us to get on with our delusions and do what we like for good or ill because he doesn’t give a damn? I’ll bet Pearson hasn’t even thought about it.

  15. GregM says:

    “Is it worth calling in the TV repairman to look at it at the cost of $70?
    Or should I just wait til the end of January 2008 when I can get my annual $500 loan from Centrelink and trade it in on a new one?”

    Don’t waste your money on the TV repairman. Most likely you have a short circuit on a circuit board and the repair cost (shipping a new circuit board in from wherever and installing it) will end up the same as buying a new TV. Wait until the end of January and splurge my taxes on a new TV.

  16. Paul Burns says:

    Greg M,
    Thanks. Thanks for your taxes too. (Actually I give it back to Centrelink over 6 months and then they give the same $500 to someone else. Or maybe its the $500 I originally borrowed. Anyway, it all helps one way or another sooner or later to pay for the medicine that keeps me functioning.

  17. philiptravers says:

    Dont fall for that taxes stuff Paul,he hasnt lived in Armidale! Neither have I.Is there still a recycling of computer system with the local Council…God knows some of the people who visit here must have oodles of good TVs going into their tips.I know the second in command of the SES who works for the Council,easy to get the computer and teev out here because of a school run .Should use personal e-mail,but actually,I wonder how attuned bloggers are here to their local council,because that is hardly mentioned,and they will be continuing to fight for survival under Labor!? Good fellow mentioned,does a tip run or did to a local school and goes to all the dreaded road accidents including the terrible murder that happened,I suspect.If you know of who I am talking about then a TV could show up at the front door.Unless you come from Armadale Vic.

  18. Paul Burns says:

    I don’t fall the taxes stuff, Phil. Before I became ill I paid enough taxes over my life.We do still have the computer recycling scheme.
    Thanks for help.

  19. casey says:

    Casey’s Amazing Discovery for Saturday 15 December 2007

    1. GregM and Tony Abbott make a gorgeous couple.

    Paul, Armidale is its own reward isnt it? I did my undergrad there and have never got over its charms.

  20. joe2 says:

    Paul, keep your eyes peeled, if you are able to get out and about. I picked up a perfectly acceptable Sharp, colour, portable without remote for 15 dollars a month back. Ebay is well worth a look.

    Might I just say GregM that your comment.. “Wait until the end of January and splurge my taxes on a new TV.”…was particularly rude. Nobody can avoid paying tax these days cobber!

  21. Paul Burns says:

    Thanks to all of you for your helpful suggestions.
    Casey, I was probably up here when you did your undergrad. But I did spend a bit of time in Canberra buried in the archives, NLA, AWM in the mid 80s. Armidale is still delightful. Because its a uni town it manages to combine all the benefits of living in the country with few of the disadvantages, and a lot of advantages of the big city, that the uni provides, that seep over into town.

  22. anthony says:

    Actually sounds great Paul, it reminds me of uni when when tried the “Psychedelic Television” which was actually a large piece of cardboard with lots of holes poked in it that you put over the screen and then we all sat around and felt vaguely underwhelmed.

    Yeah just keep your eyes peeled, it’s a great time to pick up cheap CRT tellies – or you could have a kid and go plasma.

  23. Paul Burns says:

    There’s also the trick about the long knotted garbage bag tied to a coat hanger tied to a light cord over a bucket of water which you light after you turn off the lights …
    Ah, to be young again.

  24. Paul Burns says:

    You will all be pleased to know I have temporariliy -til I replace it – solved the TV problem by turning the colour doown to 0. Hardly a tinge, and I can handle b/w for about a month. At least I won’t miss my favourite shows.

  25. Enemy Combatant says:

    Paul Burns:[Armidale is currently in the midst of a plague of very small ants, because of hopefully drought-breaking rains on the Northern Tablelands. I know this is not just my flat, which is usually insect-free, or at least, as insect-free as any place can be in summer, because quite a few other people I know in Armidale have been vigourously involved in ant-poisoning activity.
    Hence, I suppose there is an unlikely possibility that a very small ant has crawled into one of the vents on the side of the TV and thereby met a gruesome irradiated death. This is also serious…..]

    You bet your blue booties it’s serious, mister!
    Paul, it’s probably best to not mess with Marabunta unless you’re Charlton Heston, Gabriel Garcia Marquez or the Flick Man, as the following cautionary tale reveals:

  26. philiptravers says:

    I dont know what the illness is that plagues you Paul,and I havent helped you yet.Even though some of my computer inputs look like the argentina ants have stuck in the vegemite,surely,a TV set will be yours at the front door by Friday,if the Council has been wondering if someone is saying something pleasant about them.Seeing Christmas is a upon us ,and it isnt the tooth fairy time,a community board user may know a community member who just so happened to etc.And my friend at number two at the SES who is the best Public Relations person I have seen for Armidale,because he is a genuine man with wife and young kid or kids, and real, will probably do just that if someone contacts him.A aboriginal group were recycling the very same beer bottles I placed in fertiliser bags at the our tip here at Tyringham. I consider myself the local Mayor,because I live on a hill and as there is a shortage of knobs of high quality around I fulfill the role.Yes !As I am a real opiniated fellow overlooking a chicane a creek a Moolyd…and a Fireshed big dams with native ducks,and even an unusual color of house at dusk,remember there are people like me around..who dont take thank yous for nothing.It now the Councils duty to perform a miracle for the the likes of Paul.Otherwise I will criticise them about such things a fluorescent light globes going into the waste stream.Other wise the bush telegraph will know that some mean devils have been challenged by the Tyringham knob.

  27. Paul Burns says:

    Thanks, Phil.
    EC, my little fellas a small ‘n’ black and move a bit quicker than Uncle Walt’s ants. (First time I’ve actually watched You-Tube – haven’t got round to getting a sound-card or whatever it is you get for my Windows 98 Computer.)
    Am not up to date with Donald Duck’s status as an agent of American cultural imperialism, but I presume it hasn’t changed since I was a callow youth.

  28. Enemy Combatant says:

    Sure, Donald Duck had a touch of SeppoKultural hegemony about him at times but there is I contend, a touch of Donald and Daisy in us all. Didn’t pick what language the supergraphics were, but somewhere where they “write funny”, somebody had to dig it enough to subtitle it.

  29. philiptravers says:

    Someone is holding back on you Paul,you really need windows 2000 at least.And Enemy Combatant reminds me of Picture magazine,perhaps he has had to read that to find code to talk in,when a certain country he mentions involved in biological warfare cannot adjust from its type of rocket science.In my 1950s style dunny I also noticed the winged jobs.Remember your callow youth with respect otherwise it will turn on you to yellow couth,and only the UN. will save you then.Sound cards,I suppose arent all that expensive if you find them via recycling.Only a few years back Armidale was considered one of the leading places in Australia for computer related expertise,and validly I suspect.Perhaps the rot set in over the last 11 years,and I have to admit not much has happened in my life for that length of time and years and years back.Good to finally opine in a limited sense with someone in Armidale.Next stop Coffs and Grafton,and all places in between.

  30. Paul Burns says:

    EC, I had wondered if he’d been redeemed since Walt’s death. He was funny, but not as good as Tweetie and Sylvester and vsarous other toons from the Warner stable for me – Pepe Le Pew, some Bugs Bunny etc. Nowadays I’m into the Ice Age movies – the possum? with the acorn is a classic. Anyway, thanks for the dun of the clip.

  31. anthony says:

    I donlt know if this is an especially perceptive point but the whole reason for chanson is that you fall in love over an hour and a half.

  32. David Tiley says:

    Paul, you need to make one small alteration to your television. Scrape off the bit on the back that says “Made in China.”

    I miss the whining underdog status so much since the election, I think I will turn into a right winger. Could I get on Insiders as “part of a new breed of appalled conservatives who have at last seen the evil direction our society is taking”?

    Seriously though – one effect of cheap Chinese imports is that a lot of stuff doesn’t live very long. You do get what you pay for. In my case, it is a very nice steel insulated double skinned coffee pot that tries to piss hot coffee on my slippers every time I use it in the morning. And a DVD that doesn’t have a usable remote because the batteries flatten in five minutes.

    There is an important topic in here – we have been cushioned against some of the effects of the declining relative value of our wages by the arrival of cheap, cheap toys from the Third World, but there are some attendant consequences in quality, and the complexity of the electronics inside the box. (And yes, I am typing this on a mac made in Malaysia, which goes to prove the question has nothing to do with ethnicity or the kind of economy, and everything to do with quality control).

  33. Enemy Combatant says:

    Yes, Paul, the best Warner Bros catoons of the period were far more sophisticated, penny for pound, than you average Disney ‘toon, however I couldn’t recall any Chuck Jones directed cartoons from Warners that had pitted the essential homo sap (canard ordinaire) against a determined colony of ants. Did you notice how the little bastards messed with Donald’s “wireless”. TV sets for them are too easy.
    Meanwhile, as their never-ending Morals Crusade soldiers on, wowser Liberal Party doners, The Exclusive Bretheren, are exposed as cynically exploiting “entryism”, that’s right folks, “ENTRYISM”, in their Holy War against flesh-mongers, libertines, and Ordinary Australians who seek to upskill their root-ability.,23599,22928838-2,00.html

  34. Paul Burns says:

    Let me say, first, that I’m not that interested in porn. Probably like most blokes I’ve watched a reasonable amnount of it in my time, but after about an hour or so I find it excessively boring, and certainly not worth wasting one’s time or money on.
    However the press report EC has provided raises some very serious questions. It seems the Exclusive Brethren have taken over the role of Fred Nile in attacking what I see as a bsasic freedom of speech/anti-censorship issue.
    Even more disturbing, especially given their refusal to enter the political process, is this plan to stack local councils. I wouldn’t object to this if they believed in voting. After all, the stack is a time honoured part of our political culture.I oprganised a few for the left at uni, and they’re quite fun.
    Yet more disturbing is the funding allegation that appears to amount to bribery. I assume this has been so carefully done that its beyond the purview of ICAC.
    The perils of living in a democracy.

  35. Paul Burns says:

    Bragging rights.
    Socialist Alliance has a press release roundly criticising iemma’s attempt to privatise NSW electricity on Google News, Australia.

  36. Paul Burns says:

    Now more fun stuff.Sort of.
    Yeah, the TV probably is made in China. Its the first time I’ve been a personal victim of our laissez-faire free trade economic policy for quite some time. I suppose it can only get worse.
    Interesting experience this morning, apropos of ants and other creatures hanging round the bush on the edge of Armidale where I live. My Kurri mate next door ran over a baby brown snake with a wheelie bin this morning. He had it lying on the wheelie bin lid, crushed but still alive. Reckoned despite its size it would kill people if it bit them. Then held it up by the tail to show the poor little fella to me in more detail, rathere close. Fortunately snakes are not one of my phobias. I know too many herpetologists.So we both shared the joke.Son’t know if he put it out of its misery.

  37. John Greenfield says:

    Paul Burns

    Are you a socialist, sweetie? As in a real card-carrying socialist? What a hoot. I only know of two others. Do you think Australia would be better off if there were a revolution and the government owned all the property, made all the production, investment, and distribution decisions?

  38. joe2 says:

    Did anybody see the final Spicks and Specks?
    The best part I reckon was when The Choristers lead by Ross Wilson sang out all the changed seats from a recent election.

    Bloody left wing aunty.

    It should go straight to You Tube for endless holiday enjoyment.

  39. mbahnisch says:

    Yep, I saw it, and yep it was heaps of fun!

  40. Zarquon says:

    For worshipers there is Julia Z lovin’ in The Age.

  41. Paul Burns says:

    John Greenfield,
    For the record, I’m a card-carrying democratic socialist. May I suggest you check our platform before displaying your ignorance again.

  42. Paul Burns says:

    Further to John Greenfield,
    You may note in respect to my contributions to this site, in respect for the parameters laid down by the LP Collective I have generally been very wary about expanding on Socialist Alliance policy on this site,, though I may have slipped up once or twice. Socialist Alliance is a big part of my life, and I am very proud to be working in the Party to make the world a better place.

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