Lazy (Gaudete) Sunday!

Since we don’t live by politix alone (I sincerely hope), what did people get up to this weekend? Join in, share some tales, regulars and lurkers all!

In case you don’t know, it’s the third Sunday of Advent, also known as Gaudete Sunday… Advent, when we wait for the coming of the Lord, is a penitential season just like Lent. But, since Catholics were never known for wanting to abstain from spiritous liquors, wild dancing, and general shenaniganning, the third Sunday, so named after the opening lines of the Latin Introit for the Mass of the day, is a day of celebration and rejoicing – the translation of the first word in the Introit is “Rejoice!”… so it was a most appropriate day to put up my Christmas tree – which is what I did, with the aid of my best friend and some gin and some chardonnay. I’ve got a bit of a photo essay documenting it over the fold… Gaudete in Domino, iterum dico, gaudete!

mark bahnisch wine

[Hi-res version of photo here.]

This is at the very much “work in progress” stage of decorating the tree…

mark bahnisch decorating christmas tree

mark bahnisch christmas tree

In order to make any progress, it’s necessary to revive oneself on a humid Brisbane afternoon with a gin, lime and tonic.


[Hi res version of photo here.]

more gin please

[Hi-res version of photo here.]

And/or indeed a glass or two of chardy.

mark bahnisch wine

And then it’s necessary to light the Advent candles…

advent candles

[Hi-res version of photo here.]

altar advent candles

[Hi-res version of photo here.]

our lady help of christians pray for us\

Our Lady Help of Christians, pray for us…

mark bahnisch catholic altar

[Hi-res version of photo here.]

But… after an extremely enjoyable couple of hours… you have a Christmas tree!

mark bahnisch christmas tree

mark bahnisch christmas tree

mark bahnisch christmas tree excitement

So it’s time to have a chat to an angel.

mark bahnisch talking to an angel

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23 comments on “Lazy (Gaudete) Sunday!
  1. Carl! says:

    today was my 9th straight day in the studio. and i won’t get paid for this shit before christmas……

  2. kimberella says:

    Heh! Nice! Looks like a grand time was had…

    I see you (most appropriately) matched your shirt to the liturgical colour of the day and the third candle.

  3. wow – i was listening to Phil Cleary tonight and one of the questions on the inquisition was about this very day (Of which, being raised baptist, i’d never heard.)

    I ‘suppose I should do the tree thing soon too, given i have kids and stuff.

  4. Ambigulous says:

    Very best wishes for a good Christmas to all at/near LP; and thanks for several months of tight argument, informative postings, stoushes, chitchat, robust debate… special thanks to many regulars and to those whose viewpoints I don’t share, but whose writing is stimulating (youse know who youse are, the lot of ya). Thanks for many tips about books, films, logic and social analysis.

    To fellow wage slaves: hope you enjoy the break. To retirees and self-employed persons or corporate entities, I trust we working families don’t spoil your favorite beaches or national parks with our teemimg hordes, yearning to be free. It won’t last. Life as you know and enjoy it will resume soon.

    2007, a year to savour. Cheerio!

  5. Helen says:

    Bless! this nearly overcame my curmudgeonly “bah humbug” attitude.


    Careful with those candles, ay. don’t want to read about Young Academic Treated for Smoke Inhalation in tomorrow’s news.

  6. The first pic looks like a scene from Scanners.

  7. David Rubie says:

    We’ve had our first Christmas of the year. Drove to mum’s house on Saturday, younger sister drove down from Brisbane. Re-installed mums old computer which has been sitting at my house with a dead motherboard. She was very grateful to have it back, although with her partners computer we had a conundrum: no networking gear and a requirement to share the ADSL connection. The solution (plug one into the USB port, the other one into the Ethernet port) was an act of desperation. It works though – those little Speedtouch modems act like little network hubs. A flurry of printer sharing later and they had a working network.

    Take-away chinese for dinner and not enough Coopers. Sunday we visited brother-in-laws family after having a quick present handing out session. My sister bought me a very nifty “apres velo” t-shirt I’ve been wanting and it looks very cool. I wore it to brother-in-laws brother house, who has a shed full of Alfa Romeos which made me both drool and be thankful that I’m almost over the obsession of picking up old cars that are “nearly fixable” for hoarding. He does have two beautiful Giulia 105 coupes that he and his wife use (one set up for the race track), but a shed full of half dead/nearly going/completely broken cars. I can now summarily say that I am cured of this particular affliction, as I did not make any cash offers for any of the cars. The last alfa spider I had was such an un-ending disaster I fear I’ll never want another ’70s rustbucket alfa. The newer ones are cheap second hand, better made and so much nicer.

    Drove home through the rain in wife’s incredibly boring old Fairmont – it never lets us down, never leaves us waiting for a shipment of parts from Italy. Sometimes boring is best.

  8. I had a great sleep – which is all I want for xmas (being an athiest any actual presents are a bewildering bonus), went to the skirt and shirt market at Abbotsford, dropped into the hippy market run by FOE in Collingwood, made a calendar for my (buddhist) sister for xmas (go figure), visited a friend and went for a walk, ran into a delightful ex-client and had a good chat, got an email from someone I haven’t seen for over 20 years, talked to the Not Boyfriend who is on a long tour of duty interstate. Oh and saw the scariest ‘god tube’ video called “a letter from hell” (now on my site) which did not endear me towards religious tolerance one little bit!

    For all the people out there who feel a fraud for celebrating this wierd festival – greetings, and for those who love it – revel in it for as long as you can 🙂

  9. Paul Burns says:

    Good to see you’re keeping up the Xmas traditions Mark. My father did a lot of this when I was a kid, but he drank Scotch while he was doing it. Now a non-believer I don’t bother, but I respect other peoples’ beliefs and do believe we need a whack of spirituality in our lives to help keep us on track sometimes. For myself, I do my best this time of year to live up to the Roman tradition of Saturnalia.
    Had a busy weekeind chasing up material on the Internet on the Climate Change Conference and sending it off on my mailing list. At the moment the mailing list is managed from Zurich and Bonn, but I’m responsible for most of the stuff on it. I send off general information from Socialist Alliance, Get-up, AAVEZ (which I think is Amnesty International) AUSNEWS,(not everything I receive, just stuff I think people will be interested in and petitions) the local SA and Greens, some local news, like tree-planting, creek-clean ups etc, and any interesting leftwing stuff I find on the net. The links LP provides are frequently very helpful. In between this, and blogging on LP, got into reading a bit of James Walvin’s A Short History of Slavery. I had hoped after the election I wouldn’t be spending so much time on mailing, but this Climate Change thing is too important.
    For those following the saga of my TV on Saturday Salon, the pocture has settled into an intriguing combination of white, green and purple, and looks like it will stay that way til I replace it in January. Will not give any further updates unless something extraordinary happens.

  10. David Rubie says:

    Bad luck about your TV Paul. It seems that some TV’s never die (those ancient fake wood Rank Arena and Pye TV’s seem to last 30 years with just slow deterioration). The electronics repair place in Armidale right behind the music shop are very good and will check things cheaply if you can manhandle said television down there. Personally, I’d be taking up the issue with the local distributor of your TV if I could – perhaps make a consumer affairs complaint that the TV is only two months out of warranty and already broken.

  11. Paul Burns says:

    It was a very cheap TV and bought for me along with a DVD player by a someone who was appalled I had a very small battered TV which lasted for years and and only an old video player.We did not expect it to cark it.It would probably cost as much to repair it as it would to replace it. I’m not sure if I have the energy to go through all the bureaucratic stuff with consumer affairs though will give it some thought.Besides, I’ve forgotten where I put the receipts.(You should see the complexity of my filing system for all my research. I’m probably the only person who can follow it but its lost in there somewhere – you know, the safe place you forget because you think you’ll never need it.)
    Very much appreciate your help.

  12. Jack Robertson says:

    Mark Bahnisch, you daffy sentimental soul, you! I’m sure I’m not the only non Christian LP-er who reckons that your irresistibly likeable photo-liturgical essay hits just the right note, as a kind of all-purpose secular-spiritual articulation of whatever works for each of us at this time of year. (Goodness me, how’s that for PC Xmas madness? B-O-L-T-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y-Y!)

    Seriously, MB, what a small gem of a post. LP: in politics, leftish-of-centre, maybe. In tone and tenor, sui generis. What a great year it’s been for you all. Kudos, and an Ambigulous-ditto to all LP contributors and site maintainers and retainers for extending us commenters the time, space and energy to waffle.

    Safe and happy hols.

  13. Jack Robertson says:

    Ooh, goody, my grav’s finally working, too. Is there no end to the pleasures on offer in these parts…?!

  14. silkworm says:

    AOF, it’s “atheist”, not “athiest”.

    But Merry Xmas anyway.

    The “X” is for “Put a cross through Christ”.

  15. oh sweet silkworm, have a little mercy for us poor dyslexics 🙂

  16. Klaus K says:

    I’m sure I’m missing the point, but I am lingering over the photos with conspicuously book-filled shelves, and not without some envy. That, and the lovely furniture. My own IKEA-laden warren is positively ugly by contrast. Is it very ‘Sydney’ of me to be thinking about the decor?

  17. silkworm says:

    Sorry, AOF, it’s the Scrabble player in me kicking in.

    I enjoyed your videos. You are a super person.

  18. Guido says:

    I went and watched Melbourne Victory’s season go to the dogs after being defeated by Newcastle 😦

  19. Su says:

    My gardening life has really been reinvigorated by Greg Sheridan. Spent Sunday putting all my exotics behind razor wire and revoking their Interstate Plant Quarantine certificates. Got together with a neighbour to arrange hauling ’em all out and planting them on the turkey’s nest dam down the road. I can reassure you, however, that they are all in perfectly good health *cough*. The wisteria put up a bit of a struggle, pulling down half the verandah but that just shows you why you can’t trust the b**stards. Don’t get me started on the limes.

    Back in the real world- the wisteria really is pulling the house down, must have some crinoid genes there somewhere. Not ready for christmas, have no presents, no food, no decorations up and bulk rellies arriving in T minus 36 hours.

  20. anthony says:

    The advent candles remind me of the advent calender. A couple of friends once ripped out all the chocolates and replaced them with pictures of gay porn. Needless to say it was an interesting and long road to christmas.

    Paul Burns, your TV has laready been extraordinary.

  21. Graham Bell says:

    Gaudate indeed! There has been light rain here , no bushfires [yet] and the tiny local church got a bit of a revamp too [and three candles lit] …. ready for all the lapsed members returning to the flock next year [well, that’s the plan, anyway].

    Like your photos.

    Sublime Cowgirl[3]:
    Where did you hear Phil Cleary on the Inquisition? [Had to study it way back in the mists of time so the curiosity remains].

    Jack Robertson [13]:
    I’ve given up on getting a damned gravitar [must have offended them or hit the wrong keys or something].

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