Well, Kevin 24/7 might want to keep on working all through the festive season, but for some of us lesser mortals it’s been a rather long and intense year and a bit of recreation is in order! So I’m taking a break from blogging until early in the new year. Let me take this opportunity to thank very much all of you for sharing many of its political and other highlights with me in the blogosphere, and for great comradeship and conversations! My wish is that everyone will have a very happy and relaxed festive season and a wonderful year in 2008!

I’ll leave you, as a bit of a counterpoint to the Christmas Baubles of Doom, with some images of Angels over Brisbane I’ve taken over the last few days on Christmas shopping trips to the mall – higher res versions available by clicking on the link.

Look forward to catching up with everyone in 08!

angels over brisbane

angels over brisbane

angels over brisbane

angels over brisbane

angels over brisbane

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19 comments on “Holidays!
  1. Darlene says:

    Until the New Year….regards and happy holidays.

    PS – You sure you will last that long not blogging?

  2. mbahnisch says:

    Yep. In fact this will be my last comment!

  3. Klaus K says:

    Mark will be back before the year is out, I’m sure of it. If nothing else does, I’m sure a theological controversy will arise to draw him in. If not, well happy holidays!

    I have one more article to finish and send to the editor, then I’m finished for the year as well. Except that commenting on blogs is leisure for me, so I’m sure I’ll be buzzing around here for the next few weeks if anybody else is around.

  4. Ken Lovell says:

    I’m still waiting for Mark to take the break he talked about back at the beginning of semester 1 :-).

  5. anthony says:

    Many thanks and much appreciation for the year’s blogging, Mark. And best wishes for the season.

  6. paul walter says:

    A nasty, if junior denizen ‘scaped straight from the House of Torment, as seen on Dr Who or Lord of the Rings. Claws outstretched, it lifts its struggling sinner-victim skywood,its cruel beak at the ready as summons energy for the long one-way journey through grey, smoggy, sulphuric burning mists, to the very darkest corners of the Infernal Place.
    All the best to earnest folk at/of Larva Prod.

  7. Paul Burns says:

    I suppose this thread is as good a lace as any – by some weird process of osmosis my TV is returning to normal. It is now almost back to normal colour with a slight tinger of purple in one spot. The colour bacground is almost back to it normal blue, with a tinge of grren, after having been entirely green for a day – which comes out purple on the channel.
    It is one of those TV where the colour sort of self-adjusts over a 5 min time period. Anyhow, fingers crooseds its internal computer or whatever will complete the repairs.

  8. joe2 says:

    Looks like a bloody miracle PB!

    Look closer and closer into the screen.
    Can you see that nativity scene just on the right?

  9. Paul Burns says:

    When it comes to handing out the visions, joe2, I’ve missed out completely.The occasional prophetic dream that makes no sense at the time that I don’t tell people about, which I knbow has come true when I see it on TV. And its usually something utterly insignificant.
    I did dream of a talking donkey once though, but it wasn’t at Xmas.

  10. Robynne B says:

    Best wishes for the festive season Mark. Over the last twelve months you have truly been a portent of hope, a dissembler of lies and a bloody good commentator.

    Cheers, luvvy!!!

  11. CK says:

    Those angels look like a good cue for someone to start a ‘Worst of Perth in Brisbane’ blog

  12. Tony D says:

    See the Christmas Angel of DOOM as it plans it’s evil christmas rampage through the packed malls…. or something. Argh, I miss Fafnir.

    Happy Solstice for Saturday!

  13. Tim Hollo says:

    Beautiful angels! So much better than ludicrous baubles and silly reindeer…

    Mark, thanks so much for another excellent year of LP! You guys do a tremendous job!

  14. Guy says:

    Merry Xmas Mark, and please do have a good break.

  15. Mindy says:

    Mark, were you being cunning and no. 2 is only your last comment on LP in Exile, but you’ll be back on LP proper?

  16. joe2 says:

    Indeed, Mark, have a great break and thanks so much for your most thoughtful part of this extraordinary blog.

  17. John Greenfield says:


    Party on dude! But I’m putting my money on Klaus K being right. 😉

  18. John Greenfield says:

    p.s. My advice (which of course you are free to disregard) would be to sepnd the time reading Jackie Collins, Rugby League Week, and Hustler.

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